So let’s get started Applause, so let’s talk about a new feature or the new features of huawei petal maps. You can see here i have a version 1.60303 running and it has some new interesting features. So if i go in here and i want to see my current covet yeah situation around me – i can go into the kovit map now, which will load and you can see it will list all the covet cases that are um currently in the world new. All together and people who died because of kovit, and then i can go into a country and go into region just like here. I can go into cologne and it can give me more information about covet here as well. In this case, it is not showing any information, but for your country, it might be the case that it’s showing more information as well. Another new feature of the petal map application is that you now have the possibility to search for a location and add it to your own list. So you can say i want to add it to a list, and here i have now the option to add this. To a list to the standard list, the default list or interesting places, or i can create a new list if i want to – and i can say okay, i want to add it to the interesting places or create a new list and manage. Then my favorites, also under a new list, if i want to the next thing, is something this is why i’m in the car? If i want to go to the cologne cathedral, i can go and – and it will pick out a route for me, i can click on start.

What i can do now is, i can go into uh different views here, like the see the whole track, or this track, or i can go in here – go to settings and choose head up display, because what i do what it does here is this display and It’S used usually for the front screen, so the reflection of the front screen should be visible here from here. It should then reflect up on here, but, as you can see, it is uh like upside down, then what you can have is like project and in project mode. It goes upside down. What we have to do now is full brightness, and then it will probably work. A little bit better, if it’s directly next to the screen, you can maybe see the reflection there and if it’s night time, you can see it more clearly. This is a nice interesting idea. I think for night time, navigation, eventually as a head up display, but currently for daylight, the phones don’t get bright enough for it to work. But, of course, if you want a nice big display for navigation, this is also pretty nice as a head up display. Just put it in and you have a nice big navigation in your car and you don’t need to have the other navigation if you like to have this navigation. So this is basically everything for this petal map version. The new pedal map version six and panel maps is updated, i think every month or so every second month or so so it might be interesting for you to check it out and to see if it has some new options for you that work better for you.

So this is everything for this video. I hope you enjoyed it.