It'S a gon na be a little bit quicker this one, hopefully from me so we've got you can see either side I'm gon na have the audio shown for the different phones in. Let me know in the comments which one you think has the best audio the writer you can see with the front facing camera. Both are limited to 1080p, so which one do you think is better. So me, I think okay we've got more of a crop on the p30 Pro, but I think the colors are a little bit bitter, well, they're, definitely more realistic to me and on the show me it's, also very good to NATPE video. Both of these do 1080p. Video actually quite welfare, so I'm, almost calling this a bit of a draw when it comes to video quality. However, I think the p30 Pro has the edge. There was slightly better audio, so I'm gon na have a look now at the photos, video and low light and photos. A loadout, of course, as well do a comparison here now, when I show my photo comparison: I'm, not gon na actually talk over it I'll. Let you soak up and look at the images side by side and right at the end of this video. I will give you then my thoughts on which one is better in what conditions and what camera, of course, an elephant facing camera so both of them not really good I'd, say it's really hard to tell here, looking at them that I think they're almost about equal Here will lie to the front facing camera.

Okay, so here we have 4k video. Both of them have very good stabilization, but I think the stabilization on the show me me knowing is just a little bit better, maybe because the fact that it doesn't have any optical image stabilization with this sensor. It does what the p30 pro, but it it seems, to eliminate and then, of course, that ISO rock that you see sometimes on video now audio, not the best conditions with the wind. But I have to rate the audio is better on the car way and much much more flexibility, of course, on a p30 pro, the fact that I can swap lenses – something that you cannot do was show me they do not allow this for some reason now, both Of them are suffering from electronic image. Stabilisation, panning, stutter and just I'll show you you can see how both for them it's not super perfect, smooth when I'm panning around here and no it's, not metering. That I'd have to say they both tend to suffer from that about the same level. Now focus we'll have a look at the focus very quickly. I find both of them do have sometimes issues with the focus. I really believe that Samsung does it much better, because okay they've got dual pixel face: detection autofocus with their sensors, those 12 megapixel ones. Neither of these have it we've just got phase detection autofocus and that doesn't make a huge difference, as it tends to work.

Okay, move my hand back and forth seems to get it though for them, but overall I feel video. Definitely the sharpness you getting on the Xiaomi is a little bit better tends to actually look like proper 4k it's. A lot sharp a bit of bitrate as well, but the audio is the issue. So neither really is great here, so I call it a tie. I think with daytime video because get more flexibility on the Huawei and with the lenses better audio, but both of them have average kind of focus, but the video quality definitely looks to me a little bit sharper on the me 9 here and here we have nighttime Video footage so both of them well actually now it's more. The p30 Pro will start to drop frames a little bit which makes syncing the audio in my video comparison, an absolute nightmare, so both of them have quite poor quality. It looks a lot brighter to me on, of course, the p30 Pro which has a much brighter lens too and been a night motor with photos, of course, but you can see that the quality really is not good on both of them. But you have to give the win here for the low light, of course, to the p30 Pro Music Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, alright, so that is my camera comparison there. I hoped you liked it I'll, give you my thoughts now. What I think is the best in certain situations: okay, so we'll start out with front facing camera selfies.

I think we get. Of course we do have the megapixel advantage with the front facing camera on the p30 Pro I'm gon na. Give that one the wind, because to me the colors, look a little bit more accurate now when it comes to rear cameras, I'll fist, that out with video. I think this show me wins. Okay and my reasons behind this decision. I think the stabilization is a little bit better. Video looks a little bit sharper but again it's very close here, because there is an advantage worth the p30 Pro. The fact that the p30 Pro, of course, can use other lenses during video which this chamois cannot and, of course, too. We have different audio on both of them and gain that's a slight edge. I think on the PP, sharpness, video it's, pretty quite good and then when it comes to low light, photography, okay, hands down p30 pro absolutely destroys the me9. And yes guys in the comments use google's camera. Yes, you can get an improvement there, but it will still kill it. I'M. Sorry III, Pro hands down wins in low light, now daytime photos. Okay, very close, I think daytime photos sometimes than me. 9 is Peter sharpness, wise differently and then another time, simplicity Pro definitely has the color advantage being closer to what I would call the natural colors what I'm seeing so for there. I feel it's a bit of a draw ultra wide lens on the p30.

Pro is much sharper. The lens I don't think is a very high quality one that Xiaomi has gone with on the me 9 and then, of course, the 5 times optical. The Xiaomi cannot compete with that there, so both phones, very close trading, blows overall winner very hard for me to pick. Let me know in the comments who do you think wins. Overall, it really depends on what you need.