All the hype that's been generated about this mobile here, and I want to try and get past that hype and just look at this phone, like it always did with all my reviews, detailed review, not afraid to let you know about any concert I do encounter with This phone – and I can give you a little spoiler here – that yes it's a great phone and it probably has one of the best top three or five or whatever cameras on it, but it's, not quite as perfect as everyone as leading on that. I have discovered a few little things and with the software and a couple of little kind of annoying things like software dimming, the screen dimming that they are doing it's still around and it's a little bit more subtle, but it's still there. So you probably know the specs of this phone, and I do have them listed right up here, for you, spec junkies, out there Karin nine eighty eight gigabytes, Ram 128 gigabytes of storage is my particular version. We'Ve got a thirty four megapixel front facing camera and we have a water drop style notch. So we are missing out on some of the security that we had would say: the mate 20 and the P 20, with the face, unlocking so it's, going to be a little bit more basic here, it's as 2d scanning rear cameras, okay, the main one that everyone Is raving on about is, of course, five times: optical zoom, but it's not actually a zoom it's more like five times magnification, because if it was a zoom lens, it would be able to move and we could have optical times to optical times three.

But in my testing that is digital, they use what's called how their hybrid zone for that never got a 20 megapixel ultra wide, which I absolutely love. Having on my balls of course than me, nine that I recent reviewed does have an ultra wide as well. Very good to have this is what we get inside the box. So you get a Quick Start Guide warranty card, the supercharger, which is 40 Watts, that's 10 volts four amps, which is quite a lot, and we get some earphones here so that's type C and then type C T USB, cable and right here, a SIM tray tool. Now I was half expecting to get a case within this and sadly no no case. The phone weighs 190 grams and is eight point: six millimeters thick that's without the camera bump and whether that brings it up to then nine point. Nine millimeters so start out with the front facing camera. You can see next to the samsung galaxy s 9, plus that it has a slimmer top bezel. Thanks to, of course, the water drop notch that has on here within it we've got a 32 megapixel camera with an F 2.0 aperture. The edges of the screen do have a curve to them so very similar to Samsung screens, which is why this has quite a samsung look to it this phone. For me, it does at least on these sides. Now you notice that we've got the buttons on the edge here that one of them does have red on it.

Just to let you know, that's the power button. Of course, volume up and down, they have a nice feel to them, pressing them in nice and firm, and they do not rat around everything like that. So it is a slim phone when you look at it side on and that's, where it's got that very Samsung. Look to me so the bottom of the phone has a squared off look to it, it's all metal, the frame around it. It feels very solid. It is a slippery phone in hand, of course, being all covered in glass. We have the SIM tray here. That does have a gasket around it that's part of the ip68 water resistance that it has and you'll see that we have a microphone and, in our loudspeaker right here and up top you'll find a secondary mic. That'S used for noise cancellation and in video and an IR transmitter two antenna lines either side, so the color that I opted for, while the one that's actually in stock, I really had. No choice is the black, which almost looks silver and it does have a mirror finish to it so in hand. It feels good. It feels a lot like my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus just so similar. Just like a samsung galaxy s, 10, the is 10 plus in hand, is good, easy access to the buttons. You have to move your hand up a little bit, but I find that it's not too wide.

For me, this is good. This is a good kind of size, perhaps maybe a little bit too tall for some people. You never got a fingerprint reader on here and also face. Unlocking I'll demonstrate that very quickly that it takes about a second to unlock, so you need to wake it first. Then press and hold, and it unlocks you can see that was about a second I'll. Do it one more time so tap about one second or even under a second, I find overall it's good and in my time using the phone I haven't had any issues accuracy. I would say is about 9 out of 10 times it seems about as fast as the one that's in my Xiaomi me, 9, perhaps even a little bit quicker with that on. There I'll show you also the face, unlocking that is even quicker. So most people will probably just use the face. Unlocking, however, remember it's not going to be so secure that you might be able to get a high resolution photo blowing up and fake that and get it to unlock. With your face. A good photo do that one more time and looks really quick. There let's take a look now at the screen in greater detail here, so the maximum brightness tops out at 780 Lux, which is very good. You can see it in sunlight, just fine, and it seems about the same level. I would say we're not quite actually, as my Samsung Galaxy is named plus, I would say that is better in sunlight and just a little bit better or about the same level as Michelle me me, 9.

So the gamma 2.2 is what it should be at and it's about 2.4 here, which is not bad for most phones are about 2.3 2.4. Now, through the settings you do have options to change the white balance, the saturation and by default it's a little oversaturated, and I find that the normal setting is best here and what I've got it on right now. Is that – and I just wanted to show you here, that you see at the top here – you're gon na get a little bit of color shifting with the OLED panel, so at certain angles, it's gon na shift out and look perhaps maybe it with a little bit Of a blue tint to it very minor and it's not really going to be an issue, I believe for most people, because if you look at the display you're normally looking at it directly face on 9 out of 10 times, I don't believe that you gon na, Be looking at it like that, but you can see it shifts out a very tiny bit there and the edges and the top that's the only real thing, but that's, of course, what you get with these displays. So when you look at real world images, yes, they look good it's. A great display. Don'T get me wrong, but I believe that the mate 20 pro screen is better. My Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus screen again better than this one here and I think for the price that quire way come on.

They should have put a 1440p panel in this. It just be a little bit sharper and overall, slightly better if they could have used. One similar to the mate 20 Pro, I think, would have been perfect, but it seems they are reserving those screens for the mate 30. There is another thing with the display. I wanted to point out and it's because of the curvature of the display that sometimes when you're touching the screen, for example, see my finger on the right that it's touching the screen a little. That will register where I was found that with the Samsung phones, they tend to ignore those accidental touches a little bit better there. It really depends on what application you're in stock apps. They seem to detect the missed, touches a lot better on that display on the curvature but it's other ones. Like the third party apps, you install don't Tinto, so you will get the odd occasional accidental touch. Now. The performance of the UI multitasking, everything like that I found for the most part to be very smooth, very good things pop up. Well, fine load times no issues. As you see, that storage is very fast, but when I was sinking Gmail, I just happened to notice that Gmail was sinking pulling through some emails. I got some very bad micro stutter that I saw so when I went to swipe like this. It was all choppy and not the kind of performance you would expect from the phone connealy to me, that's just a software bug.

They need to do some tweaks that when the phone is syncing through messages, emails and things like that, that it just needs to be optimized a little bit better in regards to that, so it does come with quite a bit of bloat where on here we have These top apps, so they install Amazon on there, we've got Facebook that's bloatware. Then you get a few choir where things this is all kind of normal. I mean take a look at, for example, my samsung galaxy s 9, Plus that does have a lot of junky bloat apps on there, that you don't want so it's running Android 9 and it is em UI, which of course, is their own, and this is up To date, at the time of this video yeah, I ran all the updates make sure I'm on the latest version. So your homescreen styles, you can change it. If you don't like what it is, so you can use an apps drawer if you want, instead of having it just to swipe to the left, but you can override the launcher. So this is one thing I could not do on the Chinese version. That really irritated me that the Chinese ones they will not let you've set Nova, launch or Apex Launcher or any third party launcher. They force you onto this one for security reasons, but you can't change it. That is good, so camera API we're getting limited support here.

So on other phones, like the show me me, 9, you get 4 or level 3, and here it's, just limited support, a DRM if people asking about that as well, so it's Darion level, 1 cert. So yes, Netflix and Full HD, not a problem with that. Another thing: with the face: unlocking I wanted to point out that make sure you set it to direct unlocked, otherwise it'll unlock. You still have to swipe it's a bit of a security feature and to stop people peeking. I guess at your notification, so you swipe first. So here's our antutu score very good score, but it was on their performance modes and remember that that's clocking all the cause right up to maximum pushing absolute top performance here and you notice. The the weakness. Probably here is the GPU, so the Adreno, the 640 that's in the snapdragon 855, will get a score of about a hundred and fifty something there. So quite a bit better. But do you notice that difference in games well depends on the game? I'M. Very real high settings – I'll free some gaming later on, you do see maybe a little bit of a difference there. Internal storage speeds very good. So this has u FS to speak. I think in a two point, one and really really fast so almost well 830 reads almost 200 megabytes right and look at the random reads and writes very, very quick, so there's really good performance from that dear.

So this is our 4G and I get on to 4G plus. So that is good and speeds here. It all depends on your carrier, so no problems with the reception signal strength that is all been good. A voice call quality wanted to mention that as well. Okay, we don't have a traditional earpiece in here it's missing and it doesn't sound to me as good as my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus. Is it a deal breaker? I don't think it is it's. Okay, the cool quality, but if you must have the best earpiece call quality make a lot of calls. Then maybe you won't, like it ok Wireless. So I did some testing here, not quite as fast as I expected, but it's still perfectly fine. So when I went over to the other side of the apartment here, of course, the speeds are going to drop off, but as checking that compared to other mobile phones, this is perfectly fine, no complaints with that and GPS. Ok. So here we have the GPS that it does have level 5, so we've got level 1, amp, 2, so it's dual been sorry dual ban and how we can tell this is right here. So you have your CF. So this is the the frequency it's talking about there and we're on frequency level. 5. You can see if you live on five satellites, popping up there and be one as well, so definitely dual band. So it covers that with GPS.

So what does that translate into real world GPS use you're, getting an accuracy about 4 meters? That is really all you're going to get three to four, and that is fine. It follows me around perfectly fine. I don't have any issues at all with on this phone. Okay – and that was just something I wanted to point out about the always on display that it's off by default, but yes, it is there. Is, he probably seen there? It is okay and it does shift around so it's, not gon na burn into that OLED panel. Now there is one area I wanted to talk about too, and that is we're having the issue still with the screen. Dimming, so what's happening certain applications that have white backgrounds, bright backgrounds. The software is toning down the brightness to save on battery very hard. For me to demonstrate this on camera now, because it is such a subtle change in the brightness that you will not actually pick it up. So I have the screen now set to, I think it's 250 Lux and now, if I bring up Chrome and you'll see very ever so slightly, it will start to delve down just a tiny little bit now. I believe that most people won't even see this it's. So minor the adjustment, so it will go from 250 Lux down to then about a 150 so to drop about 100 lux, sometimes about 70 or 50 Lux only.

It really depends on how it feels it wants to adjust that so I don't know what it's using for that, if it's using an ambient light sensor and then it's calculating on the go, what it wants to do for the battery saving but it's just annoying to See this, I don't believe the app Demming it's happening also in Google Play Store as well. I don't believe it's a deal, breaker it's, just an annoyance to me and unlike the Xiaomi, that I have from having no problems with the notifications coming through, they are showing up at the top and they're not disappearing after a while now on to audio qualities. So the type C 2 3.5 millimeter it doesn't – come with an adapter in the box which is kind of odd, but I tested it out and I just have to comment and say that it doesn't quite sound as good as this phone right here that's. My shell me me 9. A me nines output to me sounds better type C, 2, 3.5 millimeter, and does it sound better than the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus? I don't think it does either so it's, not I'm, not saying it's, disappointing it's, just not quite as good that's all to my ears and we have a single downwards firing. Loudspeaker we don't have a secondary one up, the top, which i think is a big mistake. They should have included debt, so I'll give you a sample now off the loudspeaker up against the Samsung Galaxy S.

Nine plus – and let me know in the comments which one you think sounds better Applause, Music, Applause, okay. I think that the actually the p30 Pro sounds. A little bit better, just the single loudspeaker, if I was to block off this top speaker and compare single down with firing to single down with firing, yeah p30 pro gets that one there. But, however, because I'm here in person of course, I can hear that top speaker to me just gives it a little bit more of an edge, especially when you're gaming and things like that that secondary loud speaker really comes into play. Then one of the tricks up. This phones, sleeve, like other Huawei phones as you've, got the desktop mode here so it's, just a single cable, so type C to type C to my VIN pot split monitor now this is 1080p is touch and it's, just working from that which is good. Now you may need additional power if you do something demanding like playing videos or very heavy multitasking, you might find the screen could cut out then, but so far me using it hasn't done that so you've got like a desktop mode. Here you can see. This looks like a a Windows, XP background completely stolen from them. You touch this and it brings up the menu. So you run it like a desktop like a little PC, which is it's really quite handy. So if you travel a lot – and you want to answer your Twitter whatsapp has messages and everything like that, you can do it all from this, with a Bluetooth keyboard or even the on screen keyboard.

As you can see, I can bring that up now. Well, that's. Just the input method, so if I go here into Chrome tap up there, you can see there's the on screen keyboard and you can talk away with it with absolutely no problems here and just load in one of my website. So this would load in as per say, a little Android tablet or something like that, so it's very fast, the scrolling performance as good as you can see, and overall the performance I find to be very good. It gives you basic information down here at the bottom, so you've got a battery percent the time and everything you really need to know and it's just so convenient to have this, and I know a lot of people won't be taking advantage of this, which is a Real shame and now on to gaming. So this is pub G. Obviously, no introduction is really needed, so it is running on the ultra frame rate and on the high settings the highest you can get, which is HDR, so ultra HD not available we're. Getting this massive ugly border, either side so that's, just a software problem that needs to be corrected, and I am getting a few accidental touches with this on each corner. So when you zoom in the frame rate is good no problems, you can see it's keeping up with everything I mean this is top end Hardware. Still it might not be the most powerful GPU and Android now, but it is still really good and no problems.

You will not see any lag slowdown. Nothing like that and in this game here is shadow gun, Legends on 60 frames per second setting and then the very high settings – and you can see you get the occasional little stutter to begin with with just pause. But I was like a loading and textures kind of Android problem that even with this hardware still happening, but I have noticed that I think on the me9, with a snapdragon 855, that this game is just a little bit better. Optimized runs a little smoother, especially when you're in the lobby in your Lobby, and you just look around really quick. You get the occasional little stutter with the karin 980, but the snapdragon 855 doesn't. Do it it's not to say that this performance is bad at all? No, it is very smooth super smooth here, playable it's, just that little bit smoother on the Snapdragon 805. So if you want the absolute best gaming performance, I recommend on Android at least you can see, then some more stutters and another little stutter there. So this definitely runs better this game on stepping 855, so go for, for example, like the me 9 or the black shark, if you're a big gamer or the vivo IQ oo, that I reviewed I've got my review of those phones, of course, in the channel. Okay. So what about thermals? Is it getting warm to the touch? Well, it feels a little warm and, as you can see, 30 degrees, that is, after about 30 minutes of gaming, pub G and Shadowgun 31 flip it over of course check the front of it still got the game running and a little bit cooler.

Actually, on the front there, you can see about 27 degrees, so the longer the play is going to heat up, but it's only gon na get 2. I would say about 33 35 maximum that's about it, okay, so onto the camera, where a lot of you are probably waiting for my opinion on this now I'm, not a professional photographer, but my personal experience with these cameras and with AM 820 Pro, is, I think, It'S, a little overhyped sure they take amazing photos. They take really good photos for social media, especially but there's. A lot of filtering that's being applied there's a lot of post processing there's a lot of sharpening. It even tells you so when you take a photo, it was often say in cow: police hold still sharpening so it's sharpening the photo. So you get the photo onto your PC. 200 crop is, when you see this, so you really have to pixel PPAP things to see that yeah it's, not as quite as good as all the hype in the marketing would tell you so to control our different lenses right down here. Very easy, that's a wide. So the ultra wide your normal wide, and here we have five times so it's a fixed five times, magnification it's, not optical zoom, because if you change it over then here to say I want only three times zoom you find, as you see for my examples. It is digital, and this to me is a little bit disappointing.

I guess I was a little bit miss misled by the marketing and the way the periscope setup work that I thought it could actually be obstacle got a I mode that I would probably never use their master AI flash controls like they're different filters, different settings, video Only 4k 60 no sono, 4k 60, because I find that Kiran 980 really struggles to encode video, and you see in my samples that in low light and even during the daytime, you do get some panning stutters, so right now, I'm shooting in 4k. This is the wide angled lens, and this is great for looking at clouds where they're fixed and things like that. It does look really awesome. I find especially photos, so you can see those clouds really well if, but if sunshine just coming through at the moment, so I swap over now from that ultra wide to our main lens. Now. This one also has optical image, stabilization there's, also optical image. Stabilization on that periscope five times lens, but as you see when I use it, it does a very poor transition. It goes to 10 times digital for a second millisecond and then, as you can see, what I can get nice and close. This is only useful for stills for video, you need a tripod, you need a gimbal, and even then I think you still have a little bit of a shake to it I'm, trying to hold it as steady as possible, but it seems there is no optical or Electronic image stabilization being used at all here, which is a real shame.

Now you can go, do the times 10 mo but it's, just a digital zoom and a mess so I'll go back now to that. One here just demonstrate to you how well this electronic image stabilization works, I'm walking towards the castle. You can see that it's working really well very good, just as good, if not perhaps better than the shell me mean I, which has very, very smooth electronic image stabilization as well. So when I pan around you see, there is a little bit of jerking as some stutter to the panning that's, just a trait of the electronic image. Stabilisation audio seems ok, but we might have a bit of wind noise because it is windy at the moment here. So go back now to the ultra wide and I walk along again and you can see stabilization, even though this only has electronic image stabilization, it's, not optical. Only the main lens and in the periscope has the optical it's, still very good, and you see more stutter though, however, and not quite as sharp on the ultra wide lens. I find the 4k video take a look at that cloud formation above here. It can't even see the mountain ok, so here we are now with the front facing camera. You only get 1080p max. Now I thought there'd be a reason for that. Ok, they're limiting us to 1080p, because they're gon na use electronic image stabilisation with the front facing camera, but sadly no you can see it shakes around a little okay, I'm, exaggerating then, but we don't have it now.

This is something I believe that all flagship should have and a lot of manufacturers aren't doing this. For example, Samsung when you use 1080p, you get electronic image stabilization when the front facing camera. Now it does not have an auto focus on the front facing camera. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, so it depends on what you're looking at you might not have focus, but sometimes with my Samsung. The focus can be a real pain because it will sometimes lose focus or it'll pulse in and out or focus on the background and not focus on your face, which you want so it's optimizing. The exposure for my face, which is good, but you can see the background, especially the sky. There is blowing out but that's not too much of a problem because what's in the picture, wasn't subject, of course, is me, so that is fine it's. Just to me the stabilization, it does need electronic image stabilization differently here and the audio quality it's, not suffering from that problem that the mate 20 and the mate 20x head, but that horrible reverb kind of echo effect it's not happening anymore, so good to see it. Huawei at least queue at that, so here we go. This is a low example. Now rate starts to drop a lot of frames and entity does a terrible job in low light. Video you can see. That'S rough II can barely make out his face.

Rougher yeah not good at all. Now, if I swap over to the wide of course bad, because that lens is not going to let in a lot of light at all so that's to be expected, there's a very difficult conditions, of course. And if you go over to the five times optical at night, so if I can find rougher their ears and you can see no yeah it's, not good at all, it just looks terrible, so I wouldn't be using this camera for low light, video, Music, Music, Music. All right, so I wanted to comment a little bit on the photos, whatever scene. As I pointed out, the video with the five times magnification is disappointing. I don't know why I think I was misled by other videos from other people. I expected it to be very smooth still or at least have some electronic image stabilization, which it's missing. Now there may be some people in the comments telling me yeah that's, because it's not enabled anymore, you didn't enable it it's enabled by default. You cannot disable electronic image stabilization it's either not working I've got a faulty unit, as most people would say, but that's one area where I'm definitely disappointed, because I was hoping I could use that video. I love video. I like taking a lot of video. The fact that I cannot connect and use an external mic still with the Huawei software. You can use it with one open camera, sorry which is okay get around there and you do get stabilization so that's, that's, okay, I can live with that.

So the quality of the photos, low light, definitely very, very good, it's, probably the same kind of level, maybe not quite as good as Google's nitesite, Google camera, of course, with the pixel 3. I don't have one side by side to do a comparison there, but this is what I'm going off it's, definitely better than my samsung galaxy s, 9, plus definitely better than the me 9 very good, low light. Video stability is very good audio better than the me 9 audio is good as well. I didn't notice any problems with that funny reverb that I used to get when recording selfie will vlog video in front to you sometimes got this horrible echo a kind of effect. If it seemed to have finally fixed that it was an issue and still is an issue with the make xx Pro and the make 20x but that's gone, which is really good, so barely life, I don't have full battery life figures here, but it is looking very, Very good, it looks like it's definitely gon na, be, I would say, for most, people are even a 2 day phone before you need to charge so you're gon na get at least one day performance of the ROM very quick and snappy. However, one thing that I did notice is when you have, for example, sync on or it's just gon na sink. I noticed when it syncs Gmail. It will cause some stutter in the UI.

So I went to then swipe across, and I noticed it was all this micro stutter that it wasn't a nice smooth transition. It was just a trigger to Joe, and that brings me to the other issue with the ROM it's, something that they're doing qua with a very aggressive battery saving trying to get that really good, better life for everyone applications screen dimming, you see it that it is Now so gradual before it used to chop down, and you would see the backlight chopping down the brightness, but now they've made it so linear, so the transition so smooth now so subtle that you almost don't see it. But I've picked it up because when you go back into the UI go into different apps, you will notice the brightness will go up a little. You go into chrome, you go into Play, Store, Twitter and you see the brightness drop down now to me. This is quite annoying, but for most people I will say nine out of ten out of there will not even see this and wouldn't even not even notice. This change. You have to be on manual brightness sitting as well. I think for it to happen. I think on auto brightness it's also happening there. Why do they have to do this? I guess they want to say the bare life, but to me it's very annoying that – and it does irritate me, but is it a deal breaker not no, not a deal breaker unless you're super picky and fussy about having exact same brightness, which does of course affect My battery test – normally I say it – 200 lux.

I do my test so now, even if I set 200 lux, we know that when I use Chrome it's actually only going to be about 150 lux it's going to dim it down about 50 to 80, so yeah, it is a problem and I hope they dress. It was software and those bugs their build. Quality is really good. Feels nice and hand are the sliminess of it. I like to like the squid off itches on there they've changed that a little bit. I wish I had the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack missing out on that, which is a shame, but the audio quality is okay. Okay, earpiece, I don't know other people say it's fine to me. I don't I don't, really like it. The AP's quality okay, compared to my samsung right here, is worse. Okay, we don't have a traditional earpiece even than me me, 9. It doesn't sound as good to me. The earpiece it's fine, it's acceptable and again probably most people will not have an issue with that. But this sound, quite if you make a lot of voice calls and you want andor, think tech, traditional sounding earpiece it's, not this one. It sounds good, it sounds fine, it's got it's just lacking, maybe a little bit and the bass I'd say the problem. The highs are there the midst? The lows lows is where it's kind of missing out, so it comes transmits through it, but that's just the way it is okay.

So I have a final video with the battery life. I will probably do a camera comparison. If I have the time – and I can between this one right here, which does show meas me – nine half the price of this phone by the way. So thank you so much for watching this long review. And yes, I know that I am quite strict and picky on things and that's, not just because I paid for this myself. I'M, like that with all of my reviews.