This is just going to be my final video of this phone. Now I just uploaded a camera comparison as well. If you are interested between the mean nine, which is here in the background and the p30 Pro now, a lot of people are asking me in my review. Why do you keep comparing it to the me 9 and your Samsung Galaxy S 9, plus and it's? Very simple: why I'm doing that, and that is because they are the only two flagship phones I have. This – is the only 2019 snapdragon 855 mower have at the moment, because the vivo IQ, oh, oh, I had to send that one back. There was just a lone unit, so I can only compare to it to what I have. I mean if I was a large chick tick channel and I had a lot of money. Unfortunately, I don't, I could then just keep buying all these funds and keep them, but I cannot, I got ta, sell them so battery life is super super good. If there was a reason for me to keep this phone, it would probably be this so battery life. Really really good, oh, you can see I've done some gaming, a lot of Twitter YouTube pub G and not many voice calls. I think I only hit at about five minutes of voice calls, or so so you can see here is the hardware power, consumption and screen on time. Nine thousand thirteen minutes now, if that was my current when I'm, using at the moment, which I want to upgrade my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus, I would probably only have about four hours of screen on time here, five with the same kind of use.

It is really quite bad at the moment since the one you ie the Android 9 update. I have not been happy with the phone, so very good here. Ok first course was only 5 minutes now I wanted to mention to voice calls, because a few people have been asking me again. What is it like? The earpiece behind the screen, no it's resonating through the screen – and I didn't mention it – that no it's, not the SEC, same quality you'd expect, for example, like my samsung galaxy s, 9 plus, or the mean 9 it's, just a little tiny bit worse off. But really, I think most people are going to be perfectly fine with the fact that the earpiece is behind her and you kind of forget about it. So it's not really that much of an issue, but it would've been good to have up the top an earpiece as a secondary loudspeaker. So, according to GCM battery monitor I had 9 hours and 13 minutes of screen on time is a bit of a difference there. I don't know why that is, but very, very good battery life now the charge times again. I missed it when I charged it, it was about, I would say approximately one hour: 15. 20 minutes. I think it was it's very quick. It charges that four thousand two hundred million power battery without any problems there, so I wanted to just give you a quick roundup, of course, to what I think my overall opinion of this phone now is that, yes, the hardware is very nice.

It has a very nice, build quality and I will say it again: it is very much like a Samsung phone. I said that would that make twenty pros well, because the way they have the rounded curved screen the edges and just the middle frame around the outside of it. It is also a shame that they didn't go with a 1440p screen, because for me I think they should have gone for one, because a lot of make xx owners make xx. Pro owners have been asking me in the review video they've said to me: okay, what about the screen is, or should I upgrade, and I don't believe that mate xx Pro users should upgrade it all to this phone because it's not really an upgrade. I would say the cameras are more or less the same. Perhaps this one's a little bit better in low light, and if you do need that five times fixed optical zoom, okay, then maybe go for it now to talk about the camera that I still stand by. What I was saying before that I think it's a little bit: overhyped it's just getting too much hype. Yes, that is amazing that they've got a periscope in there and they're pushing forward with this technology. Don'T get me wrong, it's great, to have that option. It'S. The first phone with the five times optical, but I noticed that a lot of situations here. This is not an effort iseman for McDonald's.

It just happened to be indoors and I think a lot of the times the camera doesn't take an amazing shot. You have to remember that it's actually an 8 megapixel sensor, yet it produces 10 megapixel photos to match the other 40 megapixel sensor sensor, interpolated images so it's a little bit digital then, and you often see sometimes a bit of a digital look to it. Now, in low light, it is really really good. If you see my camera comparison yeah, it is a very good phone at low light photography, and so the other thing too, or that no, that does irritate me a little bit with the camera is. It is quite a hit and miss camera I find is that sometimes the times you take of take three photos to get one good photo and I believe it's because of the focus the auto exposure, and I do have a couple of good examples here. I'Ve been taking a lot of pictures with this camera, of course, and there's a few now there's one I'm, now just showing you on screen. So what happened here is that it got the exposure completely wrong and I just pointed and shot a photo now you normally, you would like tap on the screen. You have to actually do that worth the hard way. As I find, is you got a tap on the screen for it to get the exposure, get the focus then, but it's still a little bit hit and miss camera, and yes, it does take very good photos.

The colors are much more towards what I would call true, colors, the more accurate and that's the good thing about it. The video quality I pointed out to I'll just give you a sample now that we did get with that update. We got Ultron image stabilization now, with the five times fixed optical zoom, so here's a sample of that okay. So, yes, we now have electronic image stabilization working with the five times fixed optical zoom. There you go I'm gon na hold a very skinny doesn't blow me over. So yes, a lot of wind noise. Sorry about that just happens to be windy all of the time recently, and you can see that the electronic image stabilization is great. Unfortunately, Huawei has not improved the overall quality. Okay, so it's still a very low bitrate, though audio is fine. I feel it's just the bitrate slow and you get this stuttering when you pan it around so it's not entirely smooth there and when you go on with the five times optical to me, this is not proper okay. This is 1440p up scout. I believe it is. I can't prove it. How do you Iowa will know the truth there, but it's an 8 megapixel sensor? It takes 10 megapixel photos, interpolated and I think they're doing the same with the video that it's really actually a lower resolution, just upscaled to 4k, which is a look at disappointing. So the wide angled transition isn't quite perfect with the exposure.

So not only did they add the electronic image stabilization with the last firmware update to the 5 x camera you can see now our front facing camera has electronic image stabilization and it works really. Well nice, steady footage, so it's much more usable. We have a little bit more of a crop now, of course, because of the EIS okay Evernote here 5 drain overnight. So what this is referring to is the standby battery drain, which 5 over the space of about 10 hours or so is actually not too bad. Not the best I've seen, but not bad at all, so this is a very efficient chipset in that regard and a much better standby battery drain. Then, for example, this shall me me 9, which I have right here. Of course, that is a phone. That is a lot cheaper but I'm having some weight, lock issues with that one very poor standby battery life. At the moment, I just posted a recent video on that talking about five things I dislike about the phone, while some issues with the software really but anyway, the performance of the p30 pro is very, very good. So this is where this phone shines is a performance. Okay, maybe the GPU is not the most powerful now because we do have across the audrina 640 that's in the snapdragon 855, which takes the crown now for Android devices, but it's going to play all the games out. There really really good, really fine, but you might see a little few little stutters that possibly you won't get with the Snapdragon 855, but the performance is very good and really I'm happy in that regard.

Better life is fantastic, very good battery life, so that's. If I was to keep this phone, I think it would be more for that and in hand feels very good, a little little slimmer. Of course, the way they've gone with the design of the phone. Another couple of things I wanted to comment on to that people were being asking me about: is the audio quality? Definitely one that, with an adapter 3.5 millimeter, I think it's good and again, I can only compare it to what I currently have any use and I would say that it's not quite as good as the me 9 that's, one area that Xiaomi seems to have mastered As their audio output from their devices, so the other thing with the video that I showed you that sample. I still think that it looks too soft now. This is either their electronic image stabilization because of their cropping. But when you take a look at that, especially that five times lens, I think it's only shooting in about 1440p and it's upscaling it. It just looks too soft to be 4k to me, that's my own personal opinion. Please don't go wild and kill me in the comments and you guys got a little bit worked up about the fact that I posted the shaky footage with the older firmware they got. But you have to remember that I picked up a retail version. So if you bought this in the store which I did, I got it delivered to me and that's exactly how it was out of the box, and I reviewed devices like that and there's.

So many stupid comments that people were saying that you need to wait. A couple of weeks, a month three weeks for manufacturers to fix the bugs, and then you can review it, but how does that make sense? I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't go. Oh okay, hang on they're about to fix this in this bug. In a four days time so I'll hold off, I don't have this information. I mean I don't have a contact with quite a way that could tell me that, and so you just have to take it as it. As my videos are like that, I post what it is I mean in a perfect world: you'd have to actually do a whole new review for every single firmware, released and well tech reviewers would go insane would have too much work because they could be pumping out. Maybe three or four patches in the space of two months or something like that so I'm not going to keep reviewing it for that, so any leg and the full gestures. That was another comment that was there no leg and full gestures and overall, I think, it's a very good phone it's. Just to me, I know better life. Amazing, yes, will I keep it I'm? Not sure I think I might go for the Samsung is 10 plus, but I really hate that pill notch at the top and the fact that they put it down so low.

I was having a look at one in the store the other day again, and this screen on it is very, very nice. The build looks good and I think the cameras probably suit more I'd take youtubers needs because you can plug in an external mic, and you do of course have I think, sharper video quality, better video quality. There may be the stabilization on there and Samsung's, not as good so I'm really undecided, but over. I think, if you're picking up one of these – and you got it for the price I got, which was eight hundred forty nine euros and you're gon na get the GT active, smartwatches, well free and if you can sell, they get a little bit of cash back Or something thing: that's not a bad deal. Overall I mean the cameras very, very useful, the zoom, but will you use it all the time I think it's more for sightseeing traveling, so you can zoom in to that statue over the other side you can get. So, look at that boat across the river that's, where it'll be handy, but for me personally, I don't think I'd be going to be using it much in overall good phone living up to the hype. Ah yeah, I don't think it really is. I think I've talked enough now, so thank you so much for watching this follow up hands on again with the Huawei P 30 Pro and make sure you check out my full review.