join us hi. My name is roderick and welcome to this channel seek right tech reviews. I will be your host narrating. This video seek right. Tech reviews provides consumers like yourself with tech, product knowledge and consumer education on all state of the art tech items that are affordable at budget prices, everything from headphones and earbuds to alexa or echo controlled home entertainment environments from air fryers to desktop computers. If you are looking for an unbiased examination and review of any tech item, then this is the place for you. If you are new to the channel, just sit back and enjoy the video we’ll talk again to you at the end of this video. If you are visiting us again and haven’t joined the srt community, then click that, like button to help with our ratings click that subscribe button and turn zero and that notification bell. So you are alerted to when we put out new content. We post videos on saturdays in this video. We will be reviewing these tablets, the huawei media pad m5 lite and the lenovo yoga smart tablet. We will examine their features, components, security, connectivity pros and cons, and i will render my overall rating and review of each tablet. First up the huawei mediapad and five light Music. The huawei media pad m5 light features a 10.1 inch full high definition display 1080p with 1920×1200 pixel resolution pool always cleary vue technology within the screen enhances the viewing experience with better brightness crisp sharp picture clarity.

This is a touch screen tablet. With the m pen light stylus included. The keyboard is sold separately. Note. I will leave a link down in the description box. The operating system for the huawei m5 lite is android 8.0 oreo plus emu 8.0. The operating system can be upgraded to the latest version: android 10.. The battery life is 12 hours and with a quick charge, cable, enclosed charging is just 2.9 hours to fully recharge the camera in the huawei m5. Light is exceptionally well packaged with quality features 1.. It has an 8 megapixel front facing camera and an 8 megapixel rear camera 2., an assorted array of camera modes, portraits mode panoramic mode, light, painting mode and even customized your shooting mode, highlighting the light painting mode. The light painting mode offers one traffic trails. You can create artistic car trail light photos at night, too, light graffiti, create patterns or write words in front of the camera: 3 silky water capture, waterfalls and river shots and star trails capture, the movement of stars at night, Music. The security package and features in the huawei media pad m5 lighter unheralded yet deserve stella’s exclaim. The security package includes one fingerprint recognition: two enable slash, disable location services. Three private space 4 enable app lock, 5 password vault and 6 user data protection. Fingerprint recognition use a to unlock screen in lieu of using pin codes b access, your private apps and files keep them safe and secure, see you need to set a password note, never disable the lock screen password on your tablet.

If your tablet screen has been locked for three days, you will need to use your password to open your tablet. Then security will revert back to fingerprint security. The password vault feature allows you to save your passwords for apps of your choice then automatically fills in the password to unlock there’s. Also, a private space feature where you can safely hide unlock data, pictures and files of your choice, away from the public and access them with your fingerprint recognition, tech, security, Music, the huawei mediapad m5 is equipped with these components. One who are we kieran? 659 octa core 2.36 gigahertz processor, two three gigabytes ram: three 32 gigabytes: rom hdd, a micro sd card slot is installed to expand your storage up to 256 gigabytes. Note no sim card slot available. Four. The audio system by harman kardon features a quad speaker system, optimized with concert hall, audio effects, more bass and less distortion Music. The huawei mediapad m5 light is equipped with one a 3.5 millimeters audio jack 2.. A usb type c port you’ll need a huawei certified micro. Usb to usb type c adapter or a usb otg cable with a usb type c connector 3., the bluetooth is bluetooth: 5 4.. This is a wi fi only tablet with a wireless type, equals 802.11 a slash b g and can operate on 5g networks. If this is your home internet speed in the mobile hotspot, through your cell phone, the pros for the huawei mediapad m5 litar, one, the android 8 oreo version operating system can be upgraded to android’s tablet operating system version, android 10 2, full high definition, 1080p screen with 1920X1200 pixel resolution three: a superbly advanced camera package, four touchscreen gesture equipped s pen equipped display s pen included 5, a surprisingly excellent security package packed into the media pad m5 lite and 6 very good battery life equals 12 hours.

The cons are 1. The ram is just 3 gigabytes. Industry standard is typically 4 gigabytes, 2. no sim card slot available. This tablet is strictly wi fi only 3. The bluetooth keyboard is sold separately. My overall rating for the huawei mediapad m5 light tablet is b plus. This is a smart. Well thought out: skillfully crafted and designed reliable, durably constructed tablet for the price point at the time of this video of 279 279.95. Truly, a bang for your buck’s device that is multi, faceted and versatile enough to handle all everyday computer needs, whether you are remote and on the go or at your home or office stationery. I recommend this tablet to a families looking for a reliable, durable tablet where multiple family members can be customized to use it for whatever activity and function, desire, b, college students who are seeking an inexpensive tablet to carry to and from class take class notes, write term Papers or so forth, see entrepreneurs, businessmen or women who desire portable, durable, versatile, consistent functioning technology at their fingertips, customizable with apps and programs suitable and serviceable to their growing business in their respective industry. Genre. Next up the lenovo yoga smart tablet, with google assistant the features of the lenovo yoga: smart dab r1, a 10.1 inch full high definition, touchscreen display with 1920×1200 pixel resolution. This is a touchscreen tablet. Both the stylus pen and bluetooth keyboard are sold separately 2.. This tablet is equipped with the latest android operating system version.

Android, 10 3 google assistant comes factory installed and beneficial for hands free voice assistance. The ambient mode features enable smart home hub capability 4.. The camera offers 8 megapixels autofocus front facing camera and a 5 megapixel fixed focus, rear camera, as well as the ability for video recording 5.. The battery life is 10 hours with the usbc cable recharging is completed in under two hours. A power adapter for usbc, cable included, six built in kickstand lets you tilt, stand, hold or hang the tablet. Seven one year warranty eight color iron gray, aluminum, the lenovo yoga. Smart tab is equipped with these components. One. The processor is a qualcomm 2 gigahertz snapdragon processor 2., the graphics, co processor is qualcomm’s, adreno 505 gpu integrated co, processor, 3, 4 gigabytes ram 4, 64 gigabyte m card drive also a micro sd card slot is equipped in this tablet that you can expand your storage Up to 256 gigabytes, 5., dual microphones equipped 6.. The audio system is two speakers equipped with jbl’s hi fi, boosted with power amplifier and optimized by dolby atmos. Now, reference security, new research, didn’t uncover or find any information on any type of advanced security features. For this tablet, which, in my opinion, is truly a bummer and mind you, this is after finding the pdf user’s manual and reviewing it from cover to cover a few times to actually ensure. I don’t overlook this area. No facial or fingerprint recognition security technology enclosed in today’s tech society – this is almost a given.

Now all that is enclosed at the time of purchase is the password and pattern protect options that are standard in the android operating system for device protection. You will have to search the google play store for a competent app for additional security preventive measures. If this is your desire and level of comfortability Music, the lenovo yoga smart tablet offers one bluetooth version: 4.2, 2 wi fi only 802.11, a slash b g n, slash ac. You can connect to your home’s internet service provider for wi fi access and when mobile. If your cell phone provider offers a hotspot capability access, the hotspot 3 usb type c 2.0 slot for 3.5 millimeters headphone slash microphone, combo jack and 4, a micro sd card slot that can upgrade your storage up to 256 gigabytes Music. The pros one good screen size and pixel resolution 2.: the latest android operating system, android 10 factory installed 3. google assistant voice assistant, offering hands free ambient mode capability equipped; 4., a quality, processor and graphic scope processor, both by qualcomm equipped 5.. Decent storage and storage expansion package provided by a micro, sd card slot 6., very good audio system and 3.5 millimeters audio jack port equipped. The cons one no stylus pen included two no advanced security package provided beyond android stock password and pattern screen protection feature three. This tablet does not support a sim card 4. tablet case and bluetooth keyboard sold separately. My overall rating for the lenovo yoga smart tablet is b.

My review points are 1.. This is a very good competent tablet that can be an extremely versatile, portable multi purpose. Device. 2., it is excellent for satisfying any school level educational requirements, a reliable and dependable tablet for the business entrepreneur on the go needing portable resources. They can utilize as they conduct and transact day to day business affairs 3. as a family unit device. This tablet is great for leisurely recreation and relaxation via video gaming live streaming movies or videos 4.. This tablet could have and should have a stylus pen included also, it is very light on personal security features, as opposed to the huawei mediapad m5 lite tablet reviewed previously before this tablet. The price point for this tablet at the time of this video is 269. If you found this video helpful, informative and provided you with effective, useful product knowledge, please hit that, like button click, the subscribe button turn on the notification bell and join the srt community. I post new videos on saturdays don’t, forget to check out the description box for all the links, peripherals and accessories mentioned in this video. Please leave a comment. Let me know what you thought of the video and if there is a tech topic, you would like to see reviewed. Tell us in the comments as well appreciate the love until the next time: i’m roderick, your host and narrator, and this channel is seek right.