Good. Now 34 inch screen boasts a gorgeous ultra wide finish: you’ve got hdr, ready, visuals and a silky smooth 165 hertz refresh rate plus a built in light up. Sound bar for extra snazziness and i’ve been testing out the huawei mate view gt by playing intensive games like doom, eternal and forza horizon, and basically having my ass handed to me over and over and over again you’re, very welcome and for the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe entering that notifications, bell cheers so setting up the huawei mate view. Gt is as simple as you could possibly hope. You, basically just stick that screen onto the arm takes a matter of seconds and you’re, pretty much good to go. That metallic finish is very pleasing on the eye from all angles and the panel itself isn’t too chunky, although you will need a decent bit of desk space in order to accommodate the mid view. Gt that monitor is fully adjustable, so you can raise or lower the panel on its post a few inches at least, and you can also adjust the angle up and down for a comfortable view and you’ve got pretty much all the cables that you’ll need, bundled in The box boring hdmi if you want to get connected up that way, slide off that back cover and you will find a decent selection of ports hidden away. There you’ve got one usbc used solely for power. You’Ve got another uspc which can be used for video, or else you’ve also got your pick of two hdmi 2.

0 ports, as well as a separate display port connection and currently hidden away beneath the huawei mate view. Gt’S display you’ll find a dinky little joystick nub thingy, and this is used to jump into the settings menu and mess around with all the usual bits like brightness levels, contrast and so on. You could also create your own custom. Color outputs you’ve got a an eye. Comfort blue light filter mode which you can mess around with as well, and some gaming stuff, which i’ll touch on in a bit and the actual joystick and nub can be a little bit fiddly, but it is otherwise fine. But of course, one of the highlights of this monitor is the 34 inch curved lcd display this sports respectively, skinny bezels and a 21 by 9 ultrawide design, which is ideal for racing games, and i also appreciated that extra view in space in action. Titles, like doom eternal, so you can see all those sneaky demon creeping up on you from the sides. The wqhd 3440×1440 resolution keeps the visuals nice and crisp and you’ve got supremely sharp contrast as well, with full hdr10 support and it’s more great news on the color side of things as well, because you’ve got very accurate, color reproduction 100 of that srgb gamma is covered Off as well as 85 of the adobe rgb on those default color settings, the delta e score is under two percent, so the one we made view gt monitor is ideal for creators as well as gamers.

If you want to get a bit of photo or video editing on the go and that 165 hertz refresh rate is ideal for gaming on supported, fast paced titles, where split second reactions are essential, so you don’t end up smashing into a friggin wall or whatever. I certainly didn’t notice any screen tearing issues any lag, anything that would detract from the overall gaming experience and my display tests recorded a screen brightness just over 400 nits on the mid view gt as well, so that’s perfect for gaming in any kind of ambient conditions. If you dive back into those monitor settings you’ll find the game assistant mode. This includes the dark field control feature which can brighten up darker scenes, help you spot anyone lurking in those shadows and there’s also a crosshair feature as well. If your aim is a bit crap now built into the stand of the huawei mate view, gt, monitor you’ve also got the added bonus of a stereo sound bar. This packs in dual 5 watt speakers and the audio quality is strong, certainly goes very loud indeed, and produces a fairly respectable stereo effect, although if you are playing a game where danger can come from any angle, i definitely recommend going with a surround sound headset. Just to give you that extra edge and you’ve also got that snazzy rgb light strip as well, which, according to huawei, can produce eight dazzling lighting effects, although thankfully not too dazzling that might be slightly distracting and this light strip is actually touch sensitive as well.

You can slide your finger along that bar to adjust the volume quickly and easily definitely very handy indeed, and also double tap it to mute. You’Ve also got a dual mic arrangement built into that mid view gt as well, with four meter, far field voice, pickup and a bit of background. Active noise cancellation smarts, and this certainly seems to do the job. Absolutely fine for a bit of zoom calling something like that, but if you are going to be gaming again just get a proper headset on the go. Sorry there’s. My final thoughts on the huawei mate view gt gaming, monitor and, as i say, for their first stab at it, it’s definitely a very worthy effort. Sleek design, strong connectivity gorgeous looking visuals and the added bonus, the built in sound bar as well so that’s. My review but be gritty your thoughts down in the comments below and for more on the latest and greatest tech.