Now it comes with a stunning 4k display its 28.2 inches visa hdr 400 certified it does support touch and it gives you 10 touch points with this display. Now its got built in speakers 3 in total and its got a cnc machine built to it now its running the ryzen 7 5800h, as its apu with vega, 8 graphics. It does come with 16 gigabytes of ram and dual channel a 512 gigabyte, ssd wi fi. Six and it does support huaweis super device for seamless connectivity between other huawei devices like the mate pad and the mate x2 i have here now. This is what is included with the main station x. You get the keyboard bluetooth more on that soon, a power, cable and a mouse. So this keyboard is a very nice keyboard. I do like it now. Weve got huawei share right here with the shift key thats using nfc. So if you have another huawei device, you hold it over that it will then connect up pair up fingerprint reader right here, and it is bluetooth now typing on this keyboard. Very nice and comfortable its got good travel so its similar to a laptop keyboard. But you gain more travel, its about 1.6, 1.7 or so millimeters of travel there with a good feeling to the keys. Now the keyboard is not backlit, but its of good quality middle frame around it, theres no flex and theres no bounce at all. Coming from this keyboard now, the mouse quality doesnt feel quite as good as the keyboard.

It is quite lightweight plastic and we do have a metal scroll wheel. Third mouse button, when you press it in left and right mouse buttons there and it is using an optical sensor. It just feels a bit cheaper than that keyboard. Thats. The only complaint from me – and i wish the size of it – was a little bit larger. I do find it to be a little small, the size of this mouse, the maidstation x, build quality is top notch. It is excellent, it does have cnc machining its made out of alloy. That does have a matte finish to it. It looks great and you can see the big huawei logo there at the back of it. The bass is very solid, its not going anywhere when you tap on that screen. It does not rock around and you can see where the power plug connects in the back. There so on the right of the stand here, weve got two type: a usb 3.1 and our power on button. Then, on the left side, two type cs: they are usb 3.1 gen one and a 3.5 millimeter combo headphone jack now side on it looks very thin. Now ive got it angled right up the screen. This is the maximum. You can tilt it up. You cannot tilt it down. You cannot adjust the height either and it cannot be swiveled so its a little limited there. However, huawei has optimized it for use on a desk, so i believe the height of it is good.

You just need to adjust your seat height. If you can do so now. Theres no hdmi input with this and theres also no upgrades theres no way to get inside it, which is a shame and onto our display now. So this one is 28.2 inches and its a very vibrant display touch that it does support 4k plus resolution. So the maximum brightness huaweis claim is 500 nits, but im able to achieve 530 sixness, which is over, which is excellent, so the touch response, the accuracy i do find to be very good, no problems at all with it. It does add to the productivity the fact that you can swap over to files folders drag and drop everything and just use your finger on such a nice display, which is excellent. So the color coverage weve got 96 percent of p3 adobe rgb. That is 87 ntsc. Is 85 and then 100 is rgb, so it is a professional grade screen that they do have in this the ips. Now, to my eyes, it does not look fully laminated theres, a slight gap between the touch digitizer glass and then that ips below, but overall its an excellent screen, and i just wish it had hdmi input – is the only thing its lacking, so i could plug in Other devices to enjoy the screen the main station x does ship with windows 11 home its fully activated via a digital license there. So no problems with that and we do have the 16 gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte ssd.

As i mentioned now, the ssd speeds are quick. This is a pcie 3 ssd, so it doesnt support pcie 4 spec, not at this stage, with the 5000 series of the amd chips that all come later with the 6000 series. Of course, they will eventually be upgrading to that now under the device manager. You will see just a couple of things i wanted to point out here: youll see the fingerprint reader under biometrics, and that is a cpc, fingerprint reader and it does seem to work fine thats, the one thats on the keyboard there, of course, and youll see theres Our disk drive, which is a j micron one now i do have an external drive connected up at the moment, thats. Why you also see that listed there so display, of course, is running off the vega, its vega, 8 graphics and the processor is listed that ryzen 7, the 5800h 16 times, because its eight cores 16 threads and ill get onto the performance of that. Just in a second, so wireless is handled by the wi fi ax200. This is a very good chip very fast to get about 1.3 gigabit transfers. It does have bluetooth 5.2 with it and theres really nothing else there of interest uh the network cards. Well, there is no lan port on this either so its just wireless, so they are missing out on that now. The performance of it lets get on to some benchmarks here.

So you can see that it is very capable, very, very quick here with the geekbench 5 score, getting close to 1500 points, multi core score around 8 000, which is pretty standard there for the ryzen, 7, 5, 800 h, and there are a couple of 3dmark benchmarks. I did run even though this does not have a dedicated gpu. The vega graphics actually does okay graphic score, theyre getting close to 3700, and this is the night raid, which is more for integrated graphics. They say to test this one graphic score: getting up, and just over 14 000 points there, which is good and our cinebench score very good. This is excellent, so 1400 single core, and then we have over 11 000 points there for the multi core score. So it is a very quick pc and everythings blazing fast. So no point me going over your standard kind of tasks on a pc like this, because its very quick but youtube 4k performance im going to have a look at now. This is with chrome, so well see how quick it does load in and the performance if its going to drop any frames. So the 4k demo file should show up the one that i normally test out, which is this one sonys 4k demo so well enable our stats here for nerds but ill just set it first to our 4k resolution and ill enable those stats. Now i dont have the best internet connection, but it should hopefully be able to handle, as you can see so far.

Zero dropped frames, which is excellent, ill, just skip ahead a little bit its not dropping any frames, and that is running at full screen. Now no drop frames. I cant seem to resize and move that, but you get the idea that it does handle 4k 30, just fine, but what about 4k 60 with the ryzen 7 5800h, and for this test it is a lg demo file. So three frames have dropped 61 now now that could actually be down to my internet connection. The buffer health is zero, so there we go thats the problem of my internet connection, but when you do have fast enough internet for 4k 60, which im currently lacking right here and then it shouldnt drop any frames either. The vega 8 graphics can handle it and, of course it does support huaweis super device and if you do have a another huawei device, thats logged in with the same id, for example, ive got my mate pad right here and the huawei mate x2. I can then seamlessly drop over files between them and its great for doing that. Multi screen support as well, so i can share the screen. Have it come up on there too, and its excellent for that? Youve also got huawei shear and the driver updates and everything with their own built in software, and then weve got some fantastic audio with this model here. So it does have two full range speakers, but also a sub built in.

So you get a bit of bass too. The volume out of this all in one pc is great and theyve done a very, very good job, with the audio so heres a sample at 100 volume, and this is our webcam quality. What you can expect out of it, so its a hd, webcam, youre, listening to audio thats recorded through the inbuilt microphones, and it does have a status led next to that camera. So it is, i think, the quality here reasonably good its going to be perfect for things like skype, zoom. Your online conference calls whatever you need with an all in one pc like this, and what about gaming performance? Can the vega 8 in this ryzen 7 game? Well, this is the witcher 3 and i do have it set to 720p and im in the town here. This is one of the bigger towns of the game and where it is the most demanding thats why? I always test out this area because theres a lot of npcs a lot to render and we are getting just over 30 frames per second, so even a demanding game like this, i know it is old, but it is just playable on the low settings and as Mentioned 720p, but at least you can do this with the vega 8 graphics, grand theft auto 5. So i do have it set to 1080p normal settings, and you can see out here in the street, are getting around close to 70 frames per second, sometimes, which is very good.

You see the clock, the clock there on the vega 8, so the gpu is holding the 2000 megahertz and it does not throttle down, which is great thats. What we want to see, we dont want to see it throttling due to temperatures and thermals which ill get on to shortly. So performance is looking good in the car a little bit slower here down to just under 60 frames per second, but not bad at all. For an older title, title like gta 5, here, fair noise and thermals are excellent on the mate station x, so it is only getting up to almost 90 degrees celsius with ambient 25 to 24 degree. Temperatures in the room here where im testing and the fan its a silent all in one pc, apart from when you game or do something very demanding, you can just hear the fan, but it is very quiet. So can this ryzen 7 the 5800h hand or something demanding like video editing it can now just basic 4k. Edits is all i have in my timeline right here and the playback resolution. I do have set to a quarter and it does seem quick now, normally with a very detailed in depth kind of review that i do have and if its got a lot of transitions and layers and whatnot, you really do need a dedicated gpu, but the ryzen 7 can handle this just the more basic edits, so lets have a look at the export time now for one minute of footage, and it has just finished up.

That was about 43 seconds, taking into account my delay there with the timer, so thats, quick under one minute is excellent. Now you can access the bios with it, but not a lot. We can do here. Everything is basically locked down theres just some settings here. For example, if you want to turn off the camera, the audio wireless lan bluetooth, things like that, you can do that boot order and bootable devices there. That is it when it comes to our bios settings with the mate station x – and i do have some mostly good news here for linux lovers out there that want to run linux on the makestation x. It works touch is working okay. You can see that i can select things move, that around audio does work. Wireless is working. The only thing is, the brightness control seems to do nothing, so there is a bit of tweaking there with the drivers in order to get that to work, because right now, i think it is running just basically in the absolute top brightness here, which is 530 something Nits all right, then, so what is the final verdict here with the huawei mate station x? I think its a fantastic all in one pc. It comes with windows 11. It has a touch screen its got that anti glare coating, so it doesnt look as bad as you would think it would being glass covered with the touch theres a digitizer on it.

Now its hdr 400, the brightness tops at over 500 nits, which is excellent, but sadly there is no hdmi input on this base at all. So we cannot, for example, decide to play uh playstation through it xbox through connect up other devices. Now you can do it with windows: 11 wirelessly. You can use super device as well. That huawei has so. I can seamlessly connect and work with, for example, my mate pad the mate x2 and transfer files over and even screen sharing, and things like that, which is handy, very, very good to have its just if it did have hdmi input and could be used. Also, as a monitor would have been very good now, theres no upgrade ability either either with it. So you cannot just go along and stick 32 gigabytes of ram on this. You cant add another one terabyte ssd to it, unfortunately, its not an option. What would also been good from huawei is an optional dedicated gpu, even if its just a mobile one, after all its got a mobile part in it. But if we had the option to use or add an rtx, 3050 or 3060 would have been perfect for more serious 3d work for video editing. It would help out. You can do a bit of it. As i showed you, 4k video editing, you can do a little bit of gaming, but if i had a dedicated gpu, you could get even further use out of such a great all in one pc here, so the build quality overall look of it, i think, is Very, very stylish, its fantastic its just.

It has its limitations, as i have pointed out here.