4. They are also going to introduce a new desktop pc in malaysia that comes with a ryzen, 5 46g. So, to find out more about the tablet and also the new pc remember to keep watching Music hoi malaysia is releasing an updated version of the matepad 10.4 tablet very soon, although it looks the same as last year’s version, the new model comes with an updated processor. More storage and he has support for faster wi fi six huawei malaysia will provide more details, including its pricing on the 20th of march 2021 and as a comparison. The previous huawei map, 10.4, with 64 gigs of storage, is priced at 1 ‘9 ringgit. The new tablet retains a 10.4 inch 2k full view, ips display that boasts 470 nits of brightness under the hood. It runs on a kirin 820 processor, which is newer than the kirin 810 chip that’s found on the previous model. The new midpad in malaysia is listed to come with 4 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of onboard storage, and, if you need more, you can expand your storage via a microsd card. The tablet also features an 8 megapixel main camera, as well as an 8 megapixel front shooter of the box. It runs on android 10 with emui 10.1 skin. On top, take note that the midpad 10.4 doesn’t come with google apps and services pre installed and you’ll have to discover download apps via the huawei app gallery. Last week there was some confusion on the online vaccine registration via the myself app in the earlier version.

There wasn’t a proper thank you page and some had registered again, assuming that the previous submission didn’t go true, as mentioned by minister of science and technology and innovation, kari jamaluddin, the new interface will be pushed as an update and there is no need to register again. If you accidentally re, registered and noticed that your registration date has been pushed to a later date, don’t panic, my suggester, has just been updated to reflect your first registration date, so you don’t have to worry about being pushed back in the queue as you can see, Alex has registered again on the 4th of march just to test out the new interface now with the latest update. The registered date is now showing 23rd of february the day when online registrations were first made available. If you haven’t, registered, myself is still the easiest way to sign up for the vaccination and it’s available on apple’s app store, google play store and also the huawei app gallery. Alternatively, you can also register, via the official vaccine, kobe19.gov dot my website or call in via 1 800. 888 8288. Apart from smartphones and tablets, huawei has been offering a wide range of amd and intel based laptops for the malaysian market. If you are looking for a desktop computer, the huawei mate station s will go on sale very soon in malaysia. This is the first desktop computer from huawei malaysia, the mid station s features a slim tower that stands at 9 cm wide and 29 cm tall.

It is bundled, with a 23.8 inch huawei ad80 full view monitor, which boasts 90 screen to body ratio from the looks of it. The monitor uses an ips panel that pushes full hd resolution at 60 hertz. The computer itself is powered by an amd ryzen. 5. 4. 600G processor integrated with radeon graphics. According to the product page, the mid station s will come with 8 gigs of ddr4 ram and 256 gigs of ssd storage. The mixed station is priced at 2999 ringgit with the monitor bundle and 248 ringgit. Without the monitor it will go on sale. On the 20th of march 2021. huawei malaysia hasn’t revealed its official availability details just yet, but we think that it could be launched by the end of march 2021. The the desktop is already listed on the official online store with a single space grade option as malaysia recovers from the current pandemic. U mobile has introduced four new unlimited wireless broadband postmate plans for online learning and work from home usage priced from 48 range per month. You’Ll get unlimited data for selected apps, along with a separate quota for everything else. The base wb48 study plan at 48 ringgit per month provides you with unlimited data for zoom and google made along with 20 gigs of data moving up a notch. We have the wb 68 plan, which is priced at 60 ringgit per month, and it provides unlimited data for zoom google made and microsoft office plus 30 gigs of data.

If you need more unlimited perks, the wb88 work and play plan, which is priced at 88 ringgit per month, offers unlimited data for zoom. Google meet microsoft, office, shopee, lazada, mobile legends call of duty and garina free fire for everything else. It also comes bundled with 50 gigs of data for the ultimate option. The wb 128 max plan and 128 ringgit per month provides the same unleaded perks as the work and play plan, but you’ll get a total of 150 gig of data for everything else. Okay, so before we end today’s video let’s react to a comment, so wnf2261rs support 5g. So basically he’s referring to the redmi note 10 series. Well, unfortunately, the redmi note 10 series doesn’t support 5g. So, if you’re looking for a smartphone with 5g connectivity, this might not be the best choice. Alright, so thank you guys so much for watching, remember to like our video if you liked it and subscribe to our youtube channel, if you haven’t already and also click on the notification bell icon. So you can stay updated to our future videos and if you have any comments or anything you want to ask me remember to put them down in the comment section below and i will answer them in the next ichimi alright. So, thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll catch.