4 in terms of pricing and specifications first of all disclaimer. This is a review unit online from Huawei in this video Im. Just going to present to you my findings so that you can decide whether or not this is worth money – and this is priced at 298, Singapore dollars and this will be available in Singapore from 26 November 2022 onwards. So in this video I am also going to compare this tablet with the mid pad 10.4, which is slightly more expensive all right, just to give you the bottom line up front. This is a good looking tablet, with fantastic, build quality and finishing. There are certainly areas where the tablet doesnt feel as premium compared to the more expensive midpad tablet spot for the price that you pay. This looks good and feels good. The Snapdragon 680 processor in it is uh pretty good for a budget tablet when it comes to navigating opening apps switching between apps, its quite smooth as long as you dont have too many apps open by the way, this review may be a bit long. So if you want to save time, do check out the text review that I have already written on my blog. So when it comes to loading web pages and browsing, Everything feels pretty smooth. There is no Google Play Store, but it is possible to install Google Play Store through this app called g space, which I will show you later on. So, with g space you will be able to install all the Google apps as well as all the apps available from the Google Play Store.

The downside is because all those apps are running within g space. They will take a bit longer to run, but once those apps are up and running, they will be smooth. This tablet can be used for light gaming. The limitation with gaming is, if you play games with intensive 3D Graphics, the tablet is going to lag. The last thing I want to say up front is: if you have a bit more budget, do consider getting the Huawei mate pad 10.4 over the Huawei SE, because this is the better tablet. The Kirin 820 processor is more powerful. The display is brighter. The audio quality is also much better. All right lets take a look at the items included in the box, so its just these items, a 10 watt charger, a USBC to USB a charging cable. The Sim injection tool for the micro SD card slot lets look at the design of the Huawei mate pad. Se versus the Huawei mate pad 10.4. So the design of these two tablets look kinda similar, but there are some difference, so the first difference is at the same brightness levels now its at maximum brightness, the mid pad 10.4 is noticeably brighter from an angled View and also from the front view by the Way if you notice any parallel line patterns thats actually due to the trial version of the OS thats on this review unit, so you can see the highlights here for the waves, the foam its brighter compared to the highlights here and colors on the mid pad.

10.4. Are also more vibrant, both displays are quite reflective because there is no anti reflective coating on them. Both have rounded Corners, thin, uniform bezels. The camera is on the side here, and the LCD also have rounded corners. The mid pad SE is slightly thicker compared to the mid pad 10.4, which is quite thin. On the back of the Mi pad 10.4. There is a camera and a flash on the back of the midpad SC is just this single camera. The surface is matte textured, and this area here on the mid pad SE, is actually plastic and on the front there is this trimming here just outside of the glass. This is plastic, whereas for the mid pad 10.4, its just Glass and Metal throughout, so the build quality of this tablet, actually a few small premium compared to the mid PAD as SE heres a closer look at the plastic trimming that Im talking about its this part. Here between the metal frame and the glass, so this H here is the long piece of plastic that you saw earlier so on this plastic Edge, you can find the volume buttons and the power button and heres a close up on the mid pad 10.4 with the All Glass and Metal construction, so there is no plastic frame between the metal, exterior and the glass for the mid pad 10.4. The volume buttons are on the side and the power button is at the top.

This front facing camera can be used for Face, Unlock Face, Unlock works pretty quickly. Auto rotation takes a bit longer than I expected, but its all right. There is a 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the Huawei mate pad s e, but this is not available on the mepad 10.4. There are four way speakers. The audio quality is all right. It sounds slightly Hollow compared to the mid pad 10.4, which has fantastic audio quality and on this side there is nothing. This side is curved. Actually all the sides are curved and its really nice thats. One thing I really like about the design of Huawei mate pad tablets. The size are curved, which makes it so comfortable to hold with one hand or two hands and at the bottom there is a USBC port, and this is the micro SD card slot. This is the meat pad 10.4. The speakers are wider apart, so you get better stereo effect and speakers here at the bottom as well: thats the USBC Port, the micro SD card slot, for this is on the left side. The resolution on both tablets is the same. Its 1200 by 2000 pixel density is the same. All the visuals look sharp with no noticeable pixelation. You can even see the tiny little icons in this icon folders. Another difference between the mepad SC and the mipad 10.4 is the main pad 10.4 supports the Huawei M pencil 2 for charging. You actually have to get a separate wired charger to attach this to the tablet, so that you can get this paired with the tablet.

You cannot attach the pen to the side of the tablet and meet pad. Sc does not have any pen support, so those are the exterior differences. The Huawei mate pad 10.4 has a brighter display, more vibrant, colors, better build quality, a more premium feel and better audio quality internally. The midpad SE uses Snapdragon 680 and me pad 10.4 users, Kirin 820, which is a more powerful processor, and the base model of the SE only has three gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage. This review unit that I have here actually has four gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage. So there are different RAM and storage options, Im not too worried about storage capacity, because there is a Micro SD card slot for the base model of the mid pad 10.4, its 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage. Again, there is also the micro SD card slot for storage expansion in terms of General performance when it comes to navigating the OS launching web pages scrolling. Its kind of similar for these two tablets so lets maybe load some pages and see the loading speed. So again, pretty similar from the home screen of Harmony OS 3. It is possible to add widgets, which are called service widgets. You can identify apps that can be turned into service widgets by a little bar beneath the icon. Lets turn this calendar into a service widget. There are different widget sizes you can choose from so lets.

Choose this small one and place and place it on top lets. Turn this camera into a service widget as well lets place this here and in addition to the dock at the bottom, with all the apps and the recent apps, you can also have additional shortcuts by swiping from the left or the right side, and all these shortcuts Are customizable so you can add or remove shortcuts lets look at some multitasking features, so these are the apps that I have open. I can tap on this little icon here to turn the folder app into a little floating window, and next I can open up Microsoft, Edge and tap on this floating window and move it into position. So now I have a split screen mode. You can move the floating window by tapping on this bar here and moving it around. You can also push this floating window to the side where it will become a little icon here by the side for gaming purposes. This tablet can use for light gaming, but the tablet will struggle with Graphics, intensive game, so this game by the way is Lara, Croft goal, which I think is not two Graphics intensive, so it actually runs quite smoothly. What is she doing, and this game is stardew Valley, so the graphics for this game isnt that complex, so the gaming performance is very smooth puzzle games should run fine, but for some reason I wasnt able to launch Monument Valley, which Im pretty sure is not a Very Graphics, intensive game.

Anyway, all these games were installed from g space, so you can see the little icon there. The launch time will take a bit longer, but once the game is up and running its going to run smooth, I am not going to show you ganjin impact, because if I launch this game, the tablet will lag so bad that its going to be very difficult For me to even close the game, if you have intention to play lots of games, this is probably not the tablet. I would recommend I would recommend you go with the more powerful tablets, such as the Huawei mate pad 10.4 or the mid pad 11 or the midpad pro, which are all more expensive of course. So this tablet is good for media consumption checking emails, web browsing reading, comics watching YouTube, Netflix Amazon, Prime, its quite enjoyable to watch. Videos on this tablet, because you can get a pretty good size for watching, shows and resolution is good. This is YouTube video playing at 1080p, so all the visuals. They look quite sharp on the tablet at this size. The audio quality would be the downside when it comes to watching videos, because the audio sounds a bit Hollow. The audio doesnt sound as up front compared to other midpad tablets. The last thing I want to say about performance is: if you have too many apps open, the tablet may start to lag now. The type of apps that are open will also matter so right now.

I actually have seven apps open and it works fine, its still quite fluid quite smooth. However, if you open too many apps that were installed using g space, those apps would actually take a bit more resources, so you can open fewer Labs. Sorry, fewer apps compared to those native apps that you install from the Huawei app gallery and speaking of Huawei app gallery lets, take a look so Huawei app gallery is the app store and they usually have this advertisement when you havent launched it for a very long Time so the selection of apps here is good, oh, its actually, a huge selection of apps you can choose from. However, most of the apps that I use are not available from the Huawei App Store. More specifically, the Google apps. It is possible to install Google apps. All you have to do is search for this app called G space, and this app will allow you to install Google Play Store on this tablet. This app is based on a freemium model, which is to say that its free to use, however, its supported by ads. So you have to pay to remove the ads, and I have already installed many of the Google apps, such as YouTube. Google Maps keep calendar photos to install the apps you just have to tap on the icon and that will bring you to the product page of the app which is within Google Play Store. So if you have your Google account, it will be able to restore all the apps that you have including past cases as well.

If you want to buy apps from the Google Play Store, the payment details will be from your Google account. Now I want to talk about Huawei super device, which is basically the Huawei ecosystem, which allows various Huawei devices to work together. For example, here I have a Huawei laptop and while we meet PAD as ESO in theory, I should be able to connect the two and extend my desktop display over to the tablet, but for some reason, Im not able to do so, probably because Im running a Trial version of the OS since the mid pad SE doesnt work Im going to try the 10.4, which does work just to let you see the features and how they actually work. So let me connect so these two devices are now connected and the screen is extended over, but you can see this is in landscape orientation for some reason Im not able to switch it to Portrait orientation. So I actually have to physically turn the tablet here and if I click here, which you probably cannot see – oh okay, its already open here. So all these photos are actually the photos on the tablet. So if I need to transfer files to and from the tablet its going to be, drag and drop copy and paste very simple, very quick. So, even though the mepad SE cannot be used as an extended display or an external display to the laptop, you can always use a third party external display apps to get that feature its just that when you have the feature built into the tablet, its more convenient.

You dont have to install apps and you dont have to figure out the settings anyway. All the tablets that I received from Huawei for review purposes are running on trial versions of how many Os or not all the super device features are available. However, when those devices do work, for example, with the Huawei Mi pad 10.4, that I showed you earlier, all those features are actually quite useful by the way this is the Huawei mid book D16 laptop, which is a pretty good laptop all right. To conclude. For 298 Singapore dollars, I would say that pricing is quite reasonable for the features and the performance you get with this tablet, although, if you have more budget, I would actually recommend you go with the Huawei mate pad 10.4, which was released several months before this tablet. So you can actually find this 10.4, sometimes at prices lower than the mid PAD as e you just have to look out for deals all right. I hope this review is useful.