6 review, but before we start, please support us by pressing the like and subscribe buttons so that we can continue to provide the latest information about gadgets and technology also turn on the bell button to get the latest updates. Your support means a lot to us. Thank you. You are going to hear that it’s, a new dawn for huawei, thanks to the first public release of harmony os and the new mate pad tablets, are supposed to usher, huawei’s products into a harmony era and drop android for good. But underneath all this pr talk, everything boils down to one thing: can harmony operated devices, rival, androids and apples? We have the mediapad pro 12.6 for a review today and that’s what we are going to try and find out just because apple is dominating the tablet market. With its ipads, it doesn’t mean the competition should disappear. On the contrary, we’d love to see more slates, like the galaxy tab, s7 trio and the newly announced mate pad series. The tablet market might appear as a niche one, but it leads to some incredible ui advancements and some of those inevitably make their way onto phones too, and today we are thrilled to meet a new large tablet, with stylus support and a supposedly brand new mobile operating System the huawei mate pad pro 12.6 first let’s, look at the specs. The larger mate pad pro is a premium device for sure, starting with an attractive body with a thin profile.

It has a high res 12.6 inches oled screen with thin bezels a powerful kirin 9000 e5g chipset a trio of snappers on the back and an adequately large 10 050 mah battery with 40 watts fast charging. There are also eight incredibly powerful speakers, a 5g option and you can buy an m pencil stylus for drawing note taking and whatnot the said. Pencil is wirelessly recharged via an integrated magnetic wireless charger on one of the sides. The matepad pro 12.6 runs on harmony, os 2.0, which is based on a forked version, android 10, and you can install and run most of the available android apps, excluding the ones relying on google services. There are lots of huawei default apps to get you started, while app gallery and third party stores should cover the rest using third party. App repositories is unavoidable for the foreseeable future. Here is the complete spec sheet huawei mate pad pro 12.6 2021 specs at a glance body 286.5 by 184.7×6, millimeters 609 grams glass front aluminum frame stylus support magnetic display 12.60 inches oled 2560 by 1600 px resolution 5.63 to 9 aspect ratio, 240p, chipset, kirin, 9000, e5g, 5 nanometers octa core 1×3 13 gigahertz cortex a77 and 3×2 54 gigahertz cortex, a7 and 4 by 2.05, ghc, cortex, a55, mali, g78, mp22 memory, 128 gigabytes, 8, gigabytes, ram, 256 gigabytes, 8 gigabytes ram, ufs 3.1 nm, nano memory up to 256 gigabytes, dedicated slot os software Harmony, os 2.0 rear camera wide main 13 mp, f, 1.

8, half ultra wide angle, 8mp, f, 2.4, depth, tough, 3d front camera, 8mp, f, 2.0 video capture rear camera 4k at 30fps, 1080p at 30fps front camera 1080p at 30fps, battery 105 omr fast, charging 40 watts, reverse Charging 5 watts wireless charging, 27 watts, wireless, reverse charging, 10 watts, miscellaneous accelerometer, gyro proximity compass, the mate pad pro 12 6s2 glaring emissions. There is no high refresh rate support for the screen and there is no fingerprint or 3d face scanning biometric security. The tablet does offer face recognition, but it’s of the least secure type and we won’t feel safe, leaving our bank card info stored on this thing. Splash resistance would have been nice too, but hey. This is a tablet. After all, unboxing the mate pad pro 12.6. The mate pad pro 12.6 arrives packed in a white paper box. Our bundle includes a 40 watts charger, a usb cable and a usb c to 3.5 millimeters adapter huawei says the bundle may vary across different markets. So if you are interested, you may want to check your local huawei website. It would have been nice to see the m pencil bundled with this pro model optional accessories. There are two accessories you can buy for your mate pad pro 12.6. The first one is probably a must have the m pencil it’s like the galaxy tab, s7 s pen, a rechargeable stylus, which can be magnetically attached and recharged on the tablet itself. It is packed with two extra tips, a transparent one and a dark gray.

One, and second, is the smart magnetic keyboard it’s exactly what the name suggests. A magnetically attachable keyboard cover stand, design, build handling. Well, the mate pad pro 12.6 a tablet all right and it isn’t the one to break the mold. The one thing that will probably differentiate this large slab from the recent galaxy and ipad slates as the curved middle frame, which, combined with the rounded corners, makes for a nicely elegant. Look the mate pad pro 12.6 has a flat glass covered front. The rear panel is either glass or plastic. We couldn’t really tell, but what we know is that it has a cool matte finish, making it pleasant to touch and provides enough grip to feel safe in your hands. The frame is aluminum with a matte finish too it’s a bit curved, but this doesn’t affect the grip negatively. The flat sides have become a thing once again, thanks to apple but it’s nice to see huawei, not following this trend. We do like flat sure, but it has become a bit well too. Common let’s circle. Back to the front. The bezels surrounding the 12.6 inches oled screen have matching rounded corners. The bezels are reasonably thin and even across all sides. The oled panel supports hdr 10 and as of high resolution 2560 by 1600 px, but it offers just the standard 60hz refresh rate. There are two things of interest here. Besides the screen, the first one is the 8mp front.

Camera its hole is centered within the top bezels landscape view, and it is one of the tiniest front shooters we’ve seen next to it is hidden a tiny notification led light. It flashes green for notifications and for a fully charged device or red while charging or when the battery is low. You can turn it off if you don’t, like it. Oddly, the huawei mate pad pro 12.6 doesn’t offer any type of biometric security. There is no fingerprint scanner, nor is there a 3d face scanning sensor. You can use a pin, of course, or the much less secure 2d face recognition. A side mounted fingerprint scanner would have been much appreciated, but it is what it is. The rear panel is also flat and, with a matte finish once again, we are not sure whether it’s, glass or plastic, but we are leaning towards the ladder. The tri camera setup is here jutting out a bit around the top right corner. It contains the 13mp primary shooter. There is an amp snapper for ultra wide photos and a 3d tough camera for portraits and some more advanced our features. If or when such become available. There is also a led flash around as well as a mic. The sides of the mate pad pro 12.6 are quite interesting. First, there are a total of eight speakers. Hidden behind four grilles huawei has used one large speaker for low and mid tones and one smaller for high tones, and this combo is repeated four times two.

On each short side, the setup has been tuned by harman kardon and, as per our first impressions, the sound output is outstanding, spoiler alert. This has to be one of the best speaker configurations, we’ve heard from a portable device. Thanks for watching drop a like leave, a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to watch more videos like this. The volume rocker is here and honestly. It took us two days to get used to the fact that this is not the power key.