So its been a couple of months since we last reviewed the mate pad pro and now that all the glitz and glamour of being new is gone, we can share with you our thoughts on how it is to work with this tablet. Long term, we wont be diving too much into its specs, but if that is what youre looking for you can head over here and kevin, can help you out in this video. But what were going to talk about today is the condition of the matepad pro after weve been using it for a good while now is it faster? Is it slower? Is the battery really enough well be finding out all that and more so lets get to it? Lets work our way from the outside in the mate pad pro, as weve seen before keeps things simple and clean. The design choices are definitely on the safe side, but because of that, its relatively easy to maintain the appearance months in and a quick wipe can make it look all new again. As for durability, id have to say this thing is built well, ive grown used to grabbing this tablet. Whenever we leave the house just in case theres work that needs to be done. Its weight hasnt been an issue for me either and still remains a very portable device. Our matepad pro came with this case and smart magnetic keyboard, which i realized became a big factor in keeping the device in pristine condition.

We were able to keep the screen free of scratches as well, without really even trying having the smart magnetic keyboard works great when youre in a pinch, but i find its really not the most comfortable when working longer hours, youre, probably better off, connecting an external keyboard. Like how we did in this video fun fact, both kevin and i love devices that dont need extra care or extra attention in the months that weve had the matepad pro weve, both loved its durability. We dont toss it around if thats, what youre thinking? No, we just appreciate that its not an extra fragile device – and we can be just a tiny bit careless when handling it for a pro tablet – construction. This mate pad pro ticks most of the boxes. We would love to see. Future versions have gorilla glass protection, but for now having a case seems to do, the job now looks are one thing and performance is another devices, do slow down after a certain period of time and thats completely normal. Its really more of a question of when to put things in perspective. We use the matepad pro mainly as an assistant instead of our main device, our most common tasks, for it include using it as a remote for our camera. Previewing videos, editing photos and getting work done outside the house. The matepad pro has been quite a champ in handling. All of that, of course, as we take up more storage, we start experiencing performance drops, but nothing a little.

Software cleanup and maintenance cant fix the kirin processor, really shows its power here with consistently snappy performance across all sorts of tasks, whether its content, creation focused or just for entertainment, theres enough power. Here and more importantly, it hasnt waned over time. We just wish this one had sim card support, so we could have data wherever we go. That would make it a really great remote working partner. Another use for the matepad pro is for attending zoom calls or meetings the wide angle front. Camera is great and paired with the devices noise cancellation, tech, our voices are always clear and audible. Now lets address the elephant in the room by asking a very common question: can you work without all the google apps, both kevin and i work within the google ecosystem, and that includes our emails cloud storage and more and while the matepad pro doesnt natively support these Apps there are workarounds an example would be switching to the desktop view of websites, so we can gain access to google drive or google docs. Another option would be getting a third party app like this one, which our friend mary suggested in one of our videos. So the main takeaway here is that you are not locked out of these services and there are relatively easy ways to get around it. The matepad pros oled screen remains to be one of our favorite things about this device. The size is spacious and just right for all the things we need to do, along with the productivity features of harmony os.

You can get work done fast and easy. Now, of course, were not working all the time and when we need to wind down the matepad pro still finds its place were still sad about it being limited to sd or standard definition when streaming video, but the visuals and colors sort of work to offset it. In addition to the case and keyboard, we also have the m pencil, which we found to be useful but not necessary. I personally love having it because im more comfortable writing down my tasks and reminders for the day, but if youre used to typing and tapping you might not need it for artists, though its definitely a must have the stylus retains the same performance as we first got. It pressure sensitivity is consistent and we havent had problems with connections either being a portable device, while we equipped the matepad pro with a large 10 050 milliamp hour. Battery on a full charge were able to use a tablet for more than a day. But of course, when we use power, heavy apps, the battery is quicker to drain its battery. Life is more than adequate and we rarely found ourselves needing more from this device. We love that it comes bundled with a 40 watt charger that can quickly top up the device, even if we forget to charge plugging in for just 30 minutes already gave us about 30 of juice, which is usually just enough to get the necessities done.

The matepad pro 12.6 also supports wireless charging, but we werent able to test this out since we didnt have the compatible charger. The big battery is also combined with reverse wireless charging, which is great for topping up other devices on the go and its that part of the video where we pick out a special feature of the device that makes it worth getting its creature feature and for the Matepad pro 12.6, it would still have to be its large oled screen over the last few months. The oled screen is still a joy to use, especially in our line of work, its looking to be pretty durable as well as we havent seen instances of burning or ghosting just yet, and this is in using the device almost every day. So back to our point. After months of using it for all kinds of tasks, does the matepad pro hold up? There is a lot to love about this device, its screen its size and even the intuitive os, but its not without its shortcomings, which, for most people, would be the lack of google support, but as for our needs as content creators, its definitely a tablet worth getting. It has a powerful processor that consistently handles our resource, heavy tasks, a large beautiful screen for previewing and a long lasting battery to boot. So after using it almost all the time, we can safely say that the matepad pro 12.6 is one pretty awesome, tablet sure it has its shortcomings, but luckily for us its enough for what we need, maybe its enough for you too and thats all we have for This video thank you for staying until the end and if you liked it, why not subscribe to our channel and hit that bell icon, so you can be notified when we upload new videos and, as always, please do visit our website and our other social media channels.