So this is the huawei matepad pro 11. im sure youve seen this one. If you visited my website its an 11 inch tablet. I know there are a lot of made pads already in the market. This one is the matepad pro 11.. Okay, aside from the 11 inch display, you can see that in here its really good, the colors are really nice. Its an oled display the bezels. You can see its really thin theres the selfie camera over here and yeah. I actually like the display of this one. This one is meant for creators for those people who loves to draw along with the new m pencil. As you can see in here, this one is a new m pencil. We havent seen this one before and i actually like the latency of this one, its it has improved and uh the color of uh well, when im drawing on this one, its really really nice and it feels more natural than before. And yes, you could um stick that one at the top of the display of the notebook of the tablet. Rather, as you can see in here, we got here the keyboard right, theres, the keyboard, but this one, like the other mate pads, you can attach the keyboard of this one, but we still have the kickstand there we go, so you can use this one on a Table with different angles, which is perfect for those people who loves to draw for those people that are using different applications, so they can have a more comfortable angle whenever theyre drawing on the matepad pro 11.

. There we go just stick it like this. There we go. This protective cover thats the keyboard also – and yes, you could also use this one like this. Unfortunately, it isnt the same with the magic keyboard of apple, then, where you could use it at different angles, but yeah this one would be just fine yeah, as you can see in here, the keyboard layout is pretty much the same, no touch pads just the keys Over here and yes, there are no um charging ports for this one, unlike the matpad 10.4 that we have just reviewed earlier. Okay, going back at the back of the tablet, theres the slot for the m pencil over here. If you want to uh place them pens, if you dont, want it to get lost and, of course, theres the dual lens camera of this one, it now comes with an ultra wide camera, and that is pretty cool. Actually that um they have a dual uh camera. On this one i mean i barely use the dual lens camera of other tablets, but still still nice to have that feature on the tablet. Of course, we still got here the different features, including the huawei super device, and where you can connect your other huawei devices, so you can have you know a seamless ecosystem, seamless connection on the matpad pro 11. So if you have a huawei phone, you can connect to this one and you know control it if you wanted to, and if you have a huawei laptop, you can use the mate by pro as your external monitor and going back to the display.

I just want to emphasize this one. I think this one this this tablet is made for those people, aside from creators for those people who wants to have you know a better uh media consumption. I mean if you want to watch movies, we got here the huawei sound. The colors of this one is really good. Its an oled display, again 120 hertz, refresh rate, which is also perfect for those uh who wants to play games. It also comes with a snapdragon processor inside, so you know if you want to play emulators just like me, i love emulators. That wont be a problem on the matepad pro another cool feature of this one is this: one is really really slim and its really really light. So this one is without the case, as you can see in here its on 449 grams. It is really light. One of the lightest tablets that we have seen and this one comes with a 5.9 millimeters thickness, actually im surprised that this one is at 5.9 mm its really thin its really good, and one of the one of the thinnest laptops a tablet, rather that we have Seen before, lastly, theres the harmony os 3, basically, this one still relies on app gallery for its applications, and the ui is very optimized for tablets. Of course, you can have the shortcuts, when you do it like that, and a lot of applications in here. We got here the group for the uh different applications.

We got here some different applications, including petal, clip and, of course, some other entertainment applications, lazada. Basically, everything that you need on a tablet. We also got here the wps office. Of course, you could use the m pencil for this one. If you want to draw and again the latency of this one is really good its one of the best actually uh display that ive seen on the tablet. The latency is really good, so yeah its perfect for creator. So if you want to get one be sure that the application that youre going to use will be um able to run on this, one is harmony, os, basically its its like android, so yeah no problems at all with the apk. I believe and yeah its perfect for creators and also for office workers and if you have a huawei laptop its a great companion to your huawei notebook. So i guess thats it for our hands on of the huawei mate by pro 11. And if you like. This video dont forget to give us thumbs up and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click the subscribe button, along with that bell button to get notified of my latest videos here in my youtube channel. So once again, im jump jam