Thank you for coming back to digital reg, and we have a lot of things to talk about today about the new huawei mate book. As you have already known, i already have a huawei mate book pro, which i bought two years ago at the height of the pandemic, now having reviewed mate pads uh for the past couple of years, while he decided to send me the new west huawei mate book And you know see if i would uh if i would like it as well, very similar to its predecessors. Uh see it almost has the same height same wind and uh almost has the same weight but whats new about it are the internals and the software which we are going to discuss in a little while the main pads display is at 10.4 inches. The screen technology used here is ips, not amoled, but its okay and its resolution is two thousand by twelve hundred uh screen is okay uh. I i kind of enjoyed well watching uh watching stream streaming. Videos on the matpat didnt have any uh any issues with it. Like the other 10 inch huawei mate pads, these are uh. These are the type of tablets that can easily slip in into your messenger bag. Its not heavy its uh, its very lightweight, only weighs 450 grams, its not too cumbersome to hold even for a long hours of uh. You know long hours of uh watching or playing uh playing mobile games uh.

This is actually the right size for me and the right the right weight. This one comes in matte gray, so this has a darker shade of color. There are a couple of controls here on the huawei mate pad. You have the power button on the left side of the tablet, and you have the volume control on the upper left. Part of the huawei mate pad underneath is a sim card tray, which means it can accommodate a 4g sim card and a micro sd card slot. For storage expansion, what i like about the vape pad is its speakers. It comes with four way: speakers uh tuned by harman kardon, and they are very loud and clear, so uh, sometimes i dont even have to use my uh, my huawei free buds, because the speakers are already. You know very clear enough for me to listen to, especially when, whenever i stream uh stream, videos on the map, so, unlike the previous huawei mate pad, which i reviewed two years ago, huawei has now sent me a huawei m pencil tube and a huawei smart keyboard. In my previous review, there is no smart keyboard or keyboard folio that is available for the huawei mate pad. What i recommended back then, was to buy a insert party bluetooth keyboard now its a good thing that uh huawei now has decided to come up with a smart keyboard for the uh huawei mate pad for the new huawei mate pad.

Now now the thing is uh. The huawei mate pad doesnt have a magnetic uh doesnt have a magnetic back or sides, unlike the huawei mate pad pro, so this keyboard. So this smart keyboard doesnt have any magnets on it, except for the uh for the base. So you have to attach the huawei mate pad uh, with on these latches and youre good to go now we might worry about these latches because theyre made of plastic uh. You know due to wear and tear for. If you, you know, if you remove and place back the main pad once it uh once in a while, it might break the latches. So you better be careful with that. You just turn on the bluetooth connection and turn on the. What i know, what i realize is the smart keyboard has an on and off button here. So you slide, it uh slide that button and youll be able to pair this with the huawei mate pad now, with the end pencil. The second. This is the second generation of the m pencil uh m pencil ii. In order for you to use the m pencil 2 with the huawei mate pad, youll need to connect the usb cable that came with the uh and pencil charge it for a while. Then youll be able to pair the m pencil with the huawei mate pack um. The newer features are found on the software side and oh, what what you will see here is with m pencil two.

You just have to double tap on the side of the pencil, and two new functions will show up on the pad screen. This would be take snippet and annotate, so take snippets youll be you can select, which part you want to uh. You want to cut and save as an image for reference and the other one is annotate. Where say, if youre browsing a website – and you saw an article that uh that you need that you need to annotate, you just have to double tap on the n pencil select, annotate and then uh write something uh write, something or circle, the the the sentence or The phrase and then write some notes on uh on top of it compared to the compared to other uh tablets with the same functions, i think the the m pencil to uh still is still in its early stages. It still lacks some uh, some features which im already used to with the other brand, so i hope that huawei will be able to develop this more and add some more features to the m pencil too. Aside from the two new options on the huawei mate pencil theres, now a way to write on the matpat which converts your handwriting into into text right, say, for example, youre filling up a web form and you dont want to use your keyboard. You want to use uh your m pencil to want to you want to use your m pencil to write instead write on it and then it will.

You know: change change your scribbles into text, its not perfect, but huawei is getting there. Ive observed uh using this feature. Ive observed that theres some uh some minor errors with the with the with the transcription, but i hope that huawei will be able to improve that uh. Improving that as well now lets talk about the internals of the huawei mate under the hood of the huawei mate pad is a korean 710a processor. Now it is very surprising for me, because the the previous mate patch that ive used, especially the older huawei mate pad, that was what uh that was powered with with the kirin 810 processor, which is you know. Uh just has the right amount of power uh for the for the tablet now the korean 710a processor. This is actually quite an old processor and uh. I remember that the last time uh, i used a huawei mate pack. It was a made by p10. It has this same bronzer. I havent used that baitpad uh made that d10. I know its a bit underpowered, but you know for that price page, its actually good enough for uh. You know for the target market uh i for a cheaper tablet, but in real world usage the huawei mate pad is very usable. Obviously speak is very usable ive been using it for a week for my daily tasks. I use it for blogging. I use it for web browsing use it for streaming.

I use it for video streaming for your forward productivity. The the huawei mate pad can get the job done even with this uh quite old processor, the huawei, the new huawei mate pad now has harmony os 2.. So we have a different interface now with the with a desktop which i actually find prettier compared to my huawei map pro, however, it doesnt have the mui desktop, which ive always used with the huawei matepad pro. Well, i think uh. The reason for this is the huawei mate pad is not a pro uh, its not a pro version, and i believe that f1 will and i believe that only the main battery would have the mui desktop option. So if you would like to have that desktop experience, youll be able to get it with the huawei mate pad, but uh nevertheless still very useful tablet, because you can still multitask. You can still have like two uh two windows. At the same time, you can work on two two apps. At the same time, uh one window on the left, one window on the right you can assign, which apps to uh to work on these two or these two windows. So uh. We can still get some work done, uh, even without the mui desktop now, because this is a new huawei mate pad, which is part of the new line of huawei smart devices. This huawei mate pad can now talk to a huawei mate book.

Now this were my map now this is where my map pro is getting jealous, because, as of today, i am not able to connect my my huawei matepad pro with my huawei mate book uh. Well, my. Why would i believe that uh the reason? I believe that the reason for this is because my huawei matepad pro is not yet on harmony, os and im, not sure if it will ever get a harmony os update, but for the new huawei mate pad its able to connect. Now, with my huawei mate 13., all i did was update the pc manager and the one all i did was i updated my huawei pc manager on the macbook, 13 and uh after upgrading the option now to connect a tablet aside from a huawei smartphone its now, Its now visible, so i was able to pair my my new huawei mate pad with a macbook 13, and i have now have three more options. What is to bear by huaweis maple, turkey to the huawei mate pad or the second one is to extend the screen from from a huawei mate book 13 to a huawei mate pad, or you can simply uh collaborate with each other. So you can transfer files from one device to another, its so awesome, because its now possible to do these uh to do these functions between a between my matebook and my namepad. So, instead of buying an external monitor, i can now use my huawei matepad as an external monitor for my uh huawei mate 13.

. Now, when it comes to gaming, we only tried one game here and that was sketch and impact. You know its one of the most popular games uh around, so i had my east try playing the uh catching it back on the huawei mate. Well, according to her uh, the huawei mate pad was able to run dead impact at the lowest graphics at 30. Frames per second, so, with at 30 frames per second gameplay, was smooth but thats the best that you can get if you go further than uh than the lowest graphics. If you try to go medium, then it would uh, the lags would be. Uh would be evident, and you know it could be frustrating for for you to play the cake. The storage of the huawei mate book is at 128 gigs, with the memory of 4 gigs of ram like but like what i said earlier. There is a micro sd card slot, so we can insert a micro sd card in the sim card tray and store more multimedia files on your expansion card. The battery capacity of the huawei mate pad is at 7250 milliamperes having the size of a battery can help. You last up to uh two days or even three days and uh. The main pad supports 22.5 watt charging. So if you have that kind of charger from zero to one hundred percent, it can charge a vape pack in two and a half hours. So thats a review of the new huawei vape pad.

Unfortunately, we dont have a price of this yet but uh stay tuned to or follow the huawei philippis facebook page as uh im, pretty sure they will update the price of the huawei mate pad in the next few days. So if you like this review, please dont forget to hit the like button and click on the subscribe button as well, and please dont forget to click on the notification bell. So you will be able to know if we have a new video coming thats it for now and well see you in the next video stay safe.