As thick as the book looks, it is not as thick as a tablet, its a slim form factor like as any other device, fantastic looks and great tech pack intake, and it comes with the keyboard within the same packaging. So this is, as you can see, its got two of them packaging, so one of them at the bottom is the magnetic keyboard and of course it comes with the m pencil too. So all this were going to tell you everything about it were going to rip this bad boy open. My favorite haircut is like somewhere here, itching through the plastic out, but before i do that, please requested to press the subscribe button on the notification icon if youre watching us on youtube. If youre watching us on facebook, instagram and tick tock, you know what to do. Handle is great. Let me just on the web were on www dot, so were not going to wait anymore. Im sure youve already done what you need to do so were going to rip this bad boy out and see you guys back soon. Dont: go anywhere: Music, Music, Laughter, Music, Laughter, Music, Laughter, Music, Laughter, Music, Music, hello, guys. This is your friend the great lobbyist and im back again and weve. Just finished unboxing. The latest huawei mate pad 2022. Now inside the box uh it so its a its a bigger box, it comes with two different boxes: inside one has a tablet uh with the power adapter and the cable uh.

The second one is the keyboard for the same magnetic keyboard: uh, not magnetic keyboard, its a clamping keyboard, uh, which comes with it, and it has another third box which came with it was the m pencil which has the m pencil and the charging uh dock. For the m pencil as well, because this is an entry level tablet – you dont get the magnetic top like you get in the matpat pro from huawei, but this into bad theyre, beautiful, looking tablet with dual camera setup. As you see in the back um sorry single camera setup with a great sensor at the back and front camera as well, uh beautiful, looking feel uh 10.4 inches of ips touchscreen display, giving you 16.7 million colors and 2 000 by 1200 pixel resolution and 470 nits Of typical brightness, now guys, the display is absolutely fantastic for an entry level. Uh tablet from huawei um its its you know. The 10.4 inches makes it a decent size, portable, easy to carry longer battery life and 16.7 million colors. That means there is no stone left in turn to make sure that the quality of the display is fantastic and at par with every huawei standard, that we look forward to see uh under the hood weve got some decent power with caron 710a, which is the octa Core cpu, which has got four cortex a73 two gigahertz and four cordus, 853 1.7 gigahertz and molle g51 on the gpu thats, a great amount of display and the graphics power put in there to ensure that what you get is fantastic experience should be fantastic, 64 and 128 gb storage options available, but to cover that slot on the lower of the memory.

If youre looking for more, you can add up a micro, uh micro, sd card of up to 5 112 gb, and it operates on harmony. Os 2, which is one of my favorite operating systems. Today it has a great experience. I mean my personal experience of using the matpad pro uh and has been absolutely fantastic um. You know so its its one of my favorite tablets. I use it on daily basis. Uh and it has been great um – 13 megapixel, autofocus uh camera on the rear um. Just in case you want to use it to take some emergency pictures. Normally you can always carry a phone with you for that im sure uh front camera is made megapixel fixed focus to ensure that your communication, your your video calls, are absolutely amazing uh for uh its got 4k pictures taking capabilities. You know so, despite having a 13 megapixel camera, you can still take 4k pictures and videos are at fhd or 1920 by 10, 80 pixels, so not too bad there, either so for for the small form factor, the portability uh and the great battery life with seven. Two: five: zero mah battery and a 10 volt fast uh 2.25, a charger. This tablet can actually last 12 12 hours plus on a standard usage now, which is great isnt it i mean you charge it once and use it for a full day and then maybe youve got to plug it in you still have enough juice.

To last. You half a half of the next day and the charging doesnt take too long as well uh. My station is still dont forget to plug it in in the night, when youre done with the day, and in case your usage is less lets say you use a tablet for three to four hours a day you can easily last for two and a half days Of those kind of usage so which is fantastic, uh, bluetooth, 5.1 and 4g connectivity. That means you can put a sim in and have your connected all the times with some great content. Here you can watch on this because the sound on this is absolutely phenomenal. Its got four audio channels and four speakers making sure that the audio quality on this is fantastic. Dont turn it on in public areas. Then people will get annoyed because it is decently loud, so dont get on watching netflix or having a video call without plugging in the bluetooth uh headphones. If you have those or a wired headphone, if you want those uh three microphones to ensure that the call call the call quality uh that you have is fantastic, so that people can uh, hear you clearly and you can hear them clearly as well. At the same time – and the speakers are tuned by harman, kardon, so thats the reason i said, no public area without the headphones and uh you know uh. So if i was to summarize all these texts, you know if i was to say what are the you know, the the top few things that i loved about uh, the made patch 2022 apart from the portability and the small size, which means you can just no.

You know you can sneak it inside your small backpack or for the ladies, you can jackly snake it into your side in your handbag as well, its small, its beautiful, its tiny, its powerful, and it can do give you a lot of productivity in your work and Personal life and entertainment at the same time, so talking about the few top few things along with the size, is for me what it was a 2k full view display. You know, uh, with with great speaker system m pencil coming at it and multi window uh efficient. Double efficiency, which means you can run multiple apps at the same time and uh super device, collaboration for other huawei devices and a great battery life of 750. Now now this is uh. You know uh great stuff. You know when you look at uh. You know the the key features that it has which which which make you love this more because, along with the great tech specs, which it packs to power all these features, these you know you can use, actually use the touchscreen. Actually, you can use the mouse as well on this, so the bottom deck i thats thats the power of harmony os. You know at the bottom deck it automatically shows you the recent apps and the opened apps at the bottom. So you dont have to really look around them and the moment you take your cursor on top, you can take check out the preview of the app and, of course, typing with the keyboard is always fantastic.

Um multi window for multitasking is another love thing about it. You know four apps can be displayed on screen at the same time, so that means, while youre watching a video of your lecture or attending an online meeting. You can open up the notepad and start taking some notes as well or, if youre, having a video call with your friends planning a holiday dont forget to browse the website. The travel website is on the site, so you can be on the same page and pick up the best destination that you want to spend some great holiday with your friends with app multiplier is another fantastic feature for it to have. You can run two instances of the same app, so normally what happens is that you know if you are lets, say doing an email and you want to go back and refer to another email. You have to close that save that email as a draft and then open it and then open back again, not anymore, with multi app multiplier. You can run the two instances of the same app where you can look at the old email and the new email at the same time: fantastic stuff, isnt, it um and pencil great stuff. Uh. You know im pencil two is uh. You know the design is fantastic. The hexagonal shape uh comfortable to hold, and you know its got the new, transparent, tip design. You know platinum. This is a platinum coated nib to give you that swift, so that every part of the writing experience using the pencil is fantastic 1496 levels of pressure sensitivity to so bring that creativity out and get something amazing with it anytime youll like so you capture, every part Of the center of the screen and experience is going to be fantastic, super device collaboration, you can share the keyboard and mouse resources between the matpad and the huawei laptop.

If you like and mirror and extend the screens as well and to top it all up its all with it made with you in mind, keeping your eyes in mind, so that even longer hours of usage, because it has 12 hours of battery life, its two wee Rain lin, low blue light certification and two we rail and flicker fee certification. So guys do. Let us know what you think. This is a fantastic tablet and we loved it and im sure you do as well. If you have any questions, do let us know, leave us a comment down below and theres some theyre running. Some amazing offers you know uh for even for the price point theyre selling it out theres. Some amazing giveaways, coming with it so dont, miss out, do check out their website and let us know im saying this from my side. You know this is not a paid video by the way, um or or promoted content, so its its do check it out. They do have some great offers running so guys ill see. You guys soon do leave a comment. Dont forget to do the needful of following subscribing liking, sharing and commenting, and we will be happy to give you a nice giveaway end of april ill. See you guys soon. This is your friend.