6. Honestly, it was a beast, but it was a bit over budget for most consumers, especially with the lack of google mobile services. It did have a smaller version, which is the matepad pro 10.8 2021, but it wasnt officially available in the philippines. What you can get your hands on, though, is this matepad 11, which is more affordable than the pro models, but is already ready with huaweis harmony. Os 2.0 plus its compatible with the brands m pen 2 and the smart magnetic keyboard. If you want to know more about it, then just keep on watching Music before anything else lets check out whats inside the box. As we open this white medium sized box were greeted with a tablet right away. Lets remove the plastic there, then, underneath we get two more boxes in this box. Are the paperwork ejector tool, usb type c, cable? Wait. We get some extra m pen tips here, which means yeah. It comes with a second gen m pencil already thats, really nice save some extra packaging as well. Although were not sure if this is the official retail unit, though, if it is, it would be really cool. Meanwhile, in this other box we get the adapter. I guess the only thing missing here is a headphone jack adapter, so youll have to purchase one if you want to use wired headsets for optional accessories. We also get here a matepad 11 folio cover and a smart magnetic keyboard, so the matepad 11 looks like most of huaweis other tablets, most particularly the huawei mate pad and the matepad 10.

4 locally, its only available in this matte gray color, which literally describes its design. Its matte and its grey in an aluminum body it has some huawei in harman kardon branding at the rear, simply accompanied by the protruding vertically aligned camera module for the 13 megapixel camera led flash and a microphone flipping up front. It comes with an 11 inch 2.5 k, ips lcd screen, but to be exact. Its a 10.95 inch display with a 120 hertz refresh rate option, the bezels look decently thick, which is still similar to huaweis previous non pro tablets. So this may not have an oled panel, but it has pretty sharp colors and contrast in landscape mode. We can find the 8 megapixel front camera and led notification at the top bezel maintaining this orientation. We have the volume button up top together with three microphones. Meanwhile, located on the left side is the power button, which has a red accent on it and its accompanied with two loudspeakers here. The other two loudspeakers are located on the right side, and these are all, of course, backed by harman kardon. Here on the right, you can also find the usb type c port at the bottom is a dedicated micro, sd card tray, leaving us no space for a sim card now quickly checking out its accessories. The huawei smart magnetic keyboard can be really useful if youre planning to get any work done on the mate fight 11.. The keyboard itself isnt anything super special, but will definitely be better than typing on the screen.

The whole thing also acts as a protective case for your tablet and attaches with a pretty strong magnet plus. It also allows the matpat pro to be tilted at a variety of angles, but if you dont really need a keyboard, then the folio cover is a pre order, freebie, but it will be available starting september 1.. It also magnetically attaches to the tablet, which is neat. The m pencil 2 is also pretty cool and will be a must have for those who want to do any sort of drawing or note taking just like, with the pro models its easy to store, as it can magnetically attach to the side of the tablet. As for internals, the matepad 11 is powered by a qualcomm snapdragon 865 chipset, accompanied with an adreno 650 gpu, six gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of internal storage and a 7250 milliamp r battery with 22.5 watts fast charging. And, of course, how can we forget? This? Is the first more budget friendly, huawei tablet available locally thats running on harmony, os 2.0, since this operating system is still not currently widely available? Having it in this tablet is a big deal in our previous experience with harmony os 2.0. It solves a lot of user related problems such as being able to download third party apps easily and having google alternatives, such as petal maps, petal search huawei assistant and the app gallery. However, ill say it now that you still cant seamlessly access native google apps.

Unless you use the browser for it, well talk more about it in our full review coming soon, so stay tuned for that when it comes to its price. The matepad 11 has an official tag of 26 999 pesos and you can now pre order from august 6 to august 26th. If youre interested well put the link in the description box, as well as the details on the pre order, freebies that you can get and yeah thats it for now, well use it more in the next couple of days, so again stay tuned for our full review. Now, what do you think about this huawei mate pad 11? Let us know in the comments and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon. So you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit yugatech.com for the latest tech news and reviews.