What i have in my hand here is actually the huawei mate pad 11, and i personally think that this is one of the most underrated tablets of 2021.. Now the reason why i say that is because a lot of people when they think of just buying tablets, they always go to the default brand of that particular fruit. But actually there are actually quite a fair bit of fun stuff that you can get from huawei. On its midpad 11 right here, so in todays, video im going to be sharing with you. My experience after using this tablet here for quite a bit of time now why i think its actually a pretty good tablet and also the reasons that you should also consider. If you are looking to buy a new tablet now before, i do that first and foremost, lets talk a little bit about the price, and this huawei mate pad 11 is going for rm1999 here in malaysia, and that gives you the basic spec of six gigabytes of Ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. Now, if you have a slightly higher budget, you can go all the way up to two three nine nine, and that gives you two five six gigabytes of internal memory, so its mainly a difference in memory, but the ram amount is the same. The best part here is occasionally huawei, do carry out promotions and campaigns. Meanwhile, on the other hand, brands like apple charge, much more money for their ipad air, with lower storage and, worse still, when you add in the apple, pencil and keyboard, the price for these accessories are almost equivalent to the tablet itself.

As you can see here, this is just way too expensive. Now what i really like about this tablet here after using it for a couple of weeks now i would say, is that it has a really nice design and texture. So, on most tablets, you always find that it is the standard, aluminium kind of texture which is always cold to touch. You know when you get it up from the morning. Some of you guys like that me personally, i like this kind of materials on the back. It is sort of like a rubberish or a fox leather kind of thing, but it feels really nice to touch and its always like not super cool to hold. So i do find it a little bit more grippy and easier to hold compared to something like an aluminium back panel, but overall, i think it just looks awesome here. I do happen to have two versions: uh. We have one in this black, which is actually a smooth back aluminum back, and i also have this green version here that actually feels so much more nicer to touch on the back here, very nice stuff. Apart from that, we also have this really slim edges all over the device itself, so its a very slim tablet here and its not too heavy as well. For those of you who like to use one handed all right. So, apart from that lets talk a little bit about the displays uh.

We do have a couple of nice specifications here. Im gon na go through the specifications straight away. All at one go and then well talk about the more important stuff of how does it actually feel like to use a huawei mate pad 11, so right off the bat in terms of specifications? Yes, we do get an 11 inch lcd display at the front here. It is an ips panel and the good news here is that it refreshes at 120hz. So that means that everything is buttery smooth for a price of under 2000 ringgit here in malaysia youre getting one of the best displays here, although it is not an amoled panel but the colors the contrast levels. Everything is great and awesome to look at so thats in terms of the display. Apart from that, in terms of the power, we are getting a snapdragon 865 here paired with the six gigabytes of ram that i mentioned earlier on now. Just for your perspective, this networking 865, although it is not the latest snapdragon 800 series processor, but bear in mind this – is still stronger than the latest mid range snapdragon processor, which is the 778. So in terms of power, it is adequately sufficient for all your common needs, so thats what we get inside here, uh in terms of the memory like i mentioned earlier on, you have 128. You also have 256 gigabytes, depending on your budget now moving on, we also have a single firing camera at the back here.

This is a 13 megapixel uh rear facing camera, and at the front here we do have an 8 megapixel selfie camera. For those of you guys who want to take video calls on your tablet itself now. Last but not least, we also have a fairly large battery at the back, its 7000 plus mah. It supports quick charge and all that, but yeah overall im able to get a few days of battery life on one single charge under heavy use on the huawei mate pad 11.. Now now that weve got all the specifications out of the way, i just want to talk about the experience using the midpad 11.. Basically, for me, when i use a tablet, i use it for two main purposes and the first one here is definitely in terms of the entertainment and thats, where i think this midpad 11 definitely excels exceedingly now. What i mean by that is, first and foremost, i do a lot of netflix im, not sure about you guys, but if you do watch a lot of netflix and im, i mean quite a fair bit. You would be very surprised at the quality of this display right here. You are able to play netflix videos all in high definition. So that means that everything that you watch on the tablet here is crystal clear and the best part. The even better part here is mainly about the four speakers that we have all over the device.

The speakers just sounds amazing. You have to really try it out in person. If you ever go to a huawei store, go check, it out, try out the speakers and youll get what i mean. The speakers is just amazing. I do not have to plug in any speakers to the tablet itself when i am watching like movies or listening to music, its just great on the tablet itself, so amazing stuff there. Apart from that, if you do a lot of youtube uh. Similarly, like video stuff, you can actually watch a lot of great movies on this tablet right here, because again, it is a great display. Contrast level is great. Saturation level is great and pep with their amazing speakers, its bound to give you an awesome, entertainment experience now. Moving on to the second point right here in terms of entertainment, i also play games lightly on a tablet. More often than not, i prefer to play it on my phone, for example uh yeah. I do have my phone right here, but if you do want to play a couple of games on the midpad 11 here, you can do that. Obviously, like i mentioned earlier on, we have the snapdragon 865. That means you are able to play most of the games very smoothly on this midpad 11.. Now, im gon na move on to the next point and talk a little bit about the productivity side of things, because i know some of you guys.

You buy the tablets to actually do a little bit more of your work on the tablet itself. So before i start that, yes, i do have the keyboard over here, its really easy to attach on – and you have a full blown keyboard here again very easy to use, and the midpad 11 also supports the m pencil 2.0. That means that it is a less latency and very, very smooth to write on on this display itself. So lets talk a little bit about that in terms of productivity. Now. The first thing i want to highlight here is, if you do a lot of like lets, say uh documents, powerpoints and excel sheets. You can actually use the app in the huawei mate 1011 itself, and the easy part here is that, combined with the multitasking capabilities of the midpad 11, you can drag and drop from apps very easily to put in pictures into your documents and vice versa. Its very easy to do that and the best part here again with this easy connection to the smart keyboard over here. You can do that very seamlessly now. Moving on to the next point here, yes, lets talk a little bit about the m pencil. I know a lot of you guys actually like to draw stuff on your tablet. So again, with this m pencil 2.0 latency is down is reduced. I wont say its super smooth, just like a pencil one to one, but it is actually very close to that.

So, im going to show you guys a very quick drawing that i was able to do on the midpad 11. So you can see roughly how the latency is like. How does it feel like to actually draw pictures on a tablet like the mate pad 11.? So thats that now moving on, of course, if you are the kind of person who takes up a lot of video calls, but the good news here is that again we do have that eight megapixel selfie camera im going to show you a quick clip and we Do have four built in microphones. That means that all the audio that you are conveying through the video camera is going to be very crystal clear, all right testing out the audio on the huawei mate pad 11.. This is shot using the front facing camera, which is right in the middle over there. Yep hope all of you are having a great day. This is how it sounds like im about an arms length, distance from the tablet itself, so yeah. This is how it sounds. Like – and this is how it looks like lets – return to the video all right guys, so those are the couple of things that you can actually do with your midpad 11. Personally again, i think that for the price of just rm 1999 again here in malaysia, it is a very affordable or decent price point for the mate pad 11.. You do get very decent specs.

You also get an awesome display and the best part here again. I think a lot of you guys would want to watch movies on your tablet here, so the support for hd and netflix and paired with those awesome speakers. It gives you an amazing entertainment experience. Of course, if you also want to do your productivity stuff, like i mentioned, the apps is now a word pdf. You know powerpoint excel and all that you can also just pair it with the keyboard so easily and get that seamless integration, all right, guys thats it for todays video. Let me know what you think about the huawei mate pad 11. Is this something that you might consider do you still have any more questions about this device feel free to leave them down in the comment section below, of course, if you support the channel, dont forget to drop a like sub to the channel and see more content.