Portable tablets are back in the spotlight before the pandemic. Most of us didnt even care about alternatives to the expensive apple ipad series, but in 2021 we see that players like xiaomi and huawei are refocusing on their tablet. Product lines and new entrants, like realme, are also expected to bring big surprises. Even lenovo, a veteran player in the industry returned to the battleground with their affordable yoga tablets and xiaoshin pads, which we reviewed a few weeks ago, but today were excited to show you another amazing model: the huawei mate pad 11.. In my limited experience, i have to admit that its even more surprising than the xiaoshin pad pro 2021 and, more importantly, its almost at the same price point as the xiaoshin pad pro. So what exactly does it offer at its sub 500 euro price tag, lets find out welcome to gizmo china, im kiran huaweis mate 11 comes with a 10.95 inch screen, which is more portable than the xaoxin pad pro 2021. The device is as thin as 7.25 millimeters and weighs about 485 grams. It has the compact size of a magazine and can easily fit into a backpack. Even if you are carrying it for long travels, it wont cause you any obvious discomfort. The 11 inch lcd display has a 2k resolution and supports up to 120hz refresh rate, which is rare at such a price point. By far weve only seen the apple ipad pro the samsung galaxy s7 pro and the mate 11 featuring such a high refresh rate of 120 hertz.

But if youve checked out the other twos pricing, you will finally realize how special the matepad 11 is. Although its an lcd panel, the display quality, looks excellent in our internal tests. We found that it covers 98.6 of srgb colors and 91.7 percent of dci p3 gamut compared to the shaoxin pad pro 2021. The mate 11 is more portable, which brings more detailed graphics under the same resolution. The audio was definitely a surprise on the mate 11.. It features four speakers to produce stereo sound which are tuned by harman kardon. It sounds much better than a smartphone and surely better than other tablets that you can buy at this price point. Just listen to the output here. Music dont make us who we are Music Music and look at its appearance. The tablets frame is made of metal while the rear cover uses plastic. However, we can still feel the excellent build quality of the tablet. As for performance, the matepad 11 is powered by the snapdragon 865 chipset, which is the best android chipset from 2020.. Even now, although its a bit weaker than the snapdragon 870 used on the shaoxin pad pro, it is still one of the most powerful chipsets, with excellent thermal design and good power consumption from results on the benchmarks we ran. We can see that the matepad 11 has almost the same performance as the flagship smartphones in 2020, so we are really looking forward to how it performs in heavier games.

Well in our gaming test, pubg mobile didnt create any trouble for the tablet it stably ran at the best level that we could access in the game. However, in heavier games like genji impact in nimi and legend, the tablet didnt look like it was at full strength. Yet but thanks to the relatively conservative gpu strategy, the tablet had an excellent thermal performance, which was much better than most smartphones. Meanwhile, lower power consumption also suggested it might have good battery performance. Later, we will show you more details in shooting games like ace forest, which can run up to 120 fps. The map 11. No doubt is one of the best devices to enjoy the excellent gaming experience and thanks to harmony os, the maypad 11 offers more versatility than a traditional tablet. A tablet used to be a transitional product between a smartphone and a notebook. However, since most tablets ran on a similar software to smartphones, it just made them look like a smartphone with a bigger display. Most brands are simply thinking about how to make their tablets look and feel like a notebook, but on the map, 11 huawei, no doubt was more creative, with its software lets look deeper at the harmony os powering the matepad 11.. The optimized interface is really delightful, especially when you view all the contents for the 120hz display app. Opening speed is also fast with super fluent animations. Some of you worry the compatibility of the harmony us well.

Of course, google apps are not available on maypad 11. For reasons that are well known, however, in addition to huaweis app gallery, you are allowed to install other android apps through apk installation files. Harmony os is currently the best mobile os for multi device collaboration. So its no surprise that the maypad running harmony os is multi device friendly. If you want to connect with a smartphone, users can get a real time projection of the smartphone, with just one click and amazingly, the latency is almost unperceivable. Almost all the smartphone operations are enabled on the matepad and you can even drag files between the two devices. This has highly improved the efficiency of data transfer and has turned the maypad into a data processing center. For example, you can use the connected smartphone to collect data such as capturing or searching for high quality images or even record voices of important people speaking and then you can organize them all on the maypad. You can immediately drag the photo from the phone into the tablets notepad and even use its voice input feature to convert the recording to text. This way you can easily generate a simple report or a work note, but please note that this convenient collaboration feature is only available with huawei phones. If you want the tablet to work with a pc harmony, os creatively offers three working modes for seamless cross platform operation. First, under expansion mode, you can set the tablet as a wireless, expanded screen for the pc or just transform the tablet into a sketchpad by copying the pc screen paired with the huawei m pencil.

You can draw mark and easily share the pc contents onto your tablet. The third mode is the share mode in which the pc and tablet run independently, but share a single set of keyboard and mouse. This mode truly breaks the boundaries between a pc and a tablet. You can use a single set of keyboard and mouse to control. Both your devices and achieve cross system data transfer by freely dragging and dropping files between them any work that has been done on one device can be easily dragged to the other, and users can synchronize work processes on the tablet, no matter from pc to tablet or From tablet to pc to improve multitasking efficiency, huawei has developed a smart multi window feature for the matepad series. With the multi window feature users can open up to four apps at once, using two floating windows and a split screen view. In addition to take full advantage of the landscape display theres another interesting feature: thats called app multiplier. It allows you to open dual tasks within the app, but either of them can be operated independently. Once you get used to the features of multi window and app multiplier, the whole experience is much more delightful than before, especially when youve got tired of working with the tablet due to frequently switching works from one app to another. You must understand how effective and smooth it is to work with multiple apps at once now lets talk about the official stylus, the latest huawei m pencil.

The pencil feels like a true pencil that we use on paper, not just because its lightweight, but also because of the comfortable grip huawei claims that their latest pen kit solution can reduce, write in latency down to two milliseconds. Well, its hard to tell whether this is true or not, but we were satisfied with its low latency. Huawei has also opened up the huawei pen kit to app developers so make sure to check whether your everyday drawing applications support the huawei pen kit, optimization. That said, the m pencil is almost the best low latency stylus that ive used on a non apple tablet about the tablets battery performance, its much better than what we expected, especially when compared to the xiaoshin pad pro 2021. The midpad 11 still has around 20 more power left after running our standard battery life test. In the review of shaoxin pad pro 2021, we predicted that there will be more competitive tablets coming out in the second half of 2021, but we didnt really expect a surprise from hallway. As most tablet, manufacturers are focusing on hardware of the tablets. Huawei stands out as it tries to improve user experience by making the mate pad more like a true tablet and an efficient one at the software level. So on the map 11, although it is running the initial version of the harmony os, we can already see its potential, especially when it comes to multi device collaboration, so thats all about the huawei mate pad 11, which is probably the best tablet that you can find At this price point, what are your thoughts about the matepad11? Do you want us to review other modules of the matepad series? If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to our channel more interesting reviews and comparisons are coming soon.