Following the schedule today, ui announced its next gen tablet. That is the first in the niche to combine the qualcomm snapdragon chip and harmony os. The ui map 11 has a different versions: the 64 gb variant costs 24.99 yuan or 386 dollars. The 128 gb variant is 27.99 yuan or 433 dollars, and the 256 gb model comes at 32.99 yuan and 510. The pre sale has already started, but the tablets will start shipping. On july 15th, now let’s talk about the design and display the ua pad 11 has 10.95 inch lcd screen with 2.5 k resolution of 1600×2560 pixel and a 276 pixel per inch density uses a 7 millimeters narrow frame design with a screen to body ratio of 86 Percent, it also support a massive 120 hertz, refresh rate, which is outstanding not only in the tablet market, but in the mobile phones market as well. It should be ideal for distance learning or online meetings as ui’s. First, tablet that supports 120 hertz refresh rate the ui pad 11 has a smoother operating experience in scenes, such as video games, reading and sliding it has a delay of as low as two milliseconds and supports the second generation ui and pencil styles in the use of Handwritten notes: the uoia maypad 11 also uses a variety of software optimizations in terms of software. The ui may pad 11 has added the pencil engine report. Point prediction algorithm: the latter can predict the user’s handwriting and help optimize.

The writing experience. Qa has also worked with excellent note, taking applications to develop software for the matepad 11.. The ui may pad 11 screen also supports dci, p3 movie level, color gamut display. It has passed the dual certification of tuv rhineland for low blue light, flicker free it has aluminum frame with single camera at the back that support 13 megapixel with f 1.8 aperture and can record 4k video up to 30 frames per second at the front camera. It has 8 megapixel, f, 2.0 full hd. Video recording this tablet is also good at audio experience. There are four speakers tuned by harman kardon, so we can say that its audio visual experience is comparable to professional audio visual playback equipment in terms of battery performance. Ui mate pad 11 has 7 250 milliampere that support 22.5 watts fast charging technology and support reverse charging technology of 5 watts, which is more enough for emergency cases. In terms of configuration, the ui map 11 comes with harmony, os 2 out of the box. This tablet is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 865, with 7 nanometer process, with a clock speed of optical 2.84 gigahertz combined with adreno 650 gpu. The tablet has 6gb of running memory, which can provide extremely strong performance output. At the same time, there are various storage options and this device supports up to one terabyte storage expansion. It supports multi, screen collaboration, smart multi window and other functions as well as parallel vision.

The company has further optimized the keyboard and mouse operation, shortcut keys, in fact, harmony. Os 2 has a number of outstanding features, and it only needs some time to become its arrival to android and ios by the way, the parallel vision function is one of the key selling points of this device, which brings a more complete and efficient large screen. Experience to ordinary applications by allowing multiple levels of applications to be displayed. At the same time, there are already many mainstream learning applications in terms of multi screen collaboration, in addition to interaction with mobile phones. The ui m8 pad 11 can also turn the matebook series notebooks and they view series displays into a stronger productivity tool through harmony os among them, the cross screen, collaboration between ui may pad 11 and pc supports three modes of mirroring expansion and sharing.