This is the set given to me by huawei and we start with the mid pack im an artist with a rusty pen knife. Please do not use rusty pen knife, i dont im, not sure if you guys can see it, but look at this beautiful rose gold embossing its, not really embarrassing, its more of a fall Music, hello guys! Is it a battery? Wait wheres the on button and lets see what else is inside the box. Oh, this dude open the sim card slot. I want this such a big box for just two items. Now we are going to try and open what is this again smart magnetic keyboard? This is the first time ive used something like this ive, never never owned this nice quite heavy theres a weight to it. Music. Like a book, oh its magnetic its net, its snapped. I wasnt expecting that ive never used this before, not even an ipad. Oh it detected. Maybe i should change the camera positioning now wait, but then you will be able to see my face. Finally, the m pencil things i dont read again yeah, i dont know what the qr code is for, but these are different pen, nibs, the different pen, nibs and pencil guys. I must be like the worst reviewer ever im, not actually reviewing its just first look: wow wow that its so light a mini os thats, the os4 huawei right. No, i just want to speak english.

Thank you im, not from the u.s singapore terms of use. Five. Five im sorry, but you guys cant see this not like youre going to come to my place and use my wi fi. I have to create an id Applause: Music Applause, Music, now wheres the drawing app wow. Why is there so many things inside, because so many china games they even have traits together? For me, i want a drawing app whats this. What am i doing? I found out what this is for, so then you can flip it here. Oh, i have you have to put it at a certain angle. Then it will be connected. Ah i get it now. Hey it works pretty well lets try a different app since this is an artists review of the huawei mate pad 11. I will not be going into details on the specification. There are plenty of more detailed reviews and comparison on youtube. You can also read up on the specs online ill leave the link in the description below so lets start. The m pencil is pretty fragile. In my opinion, i accidentally dropped mine and spoke. The sensor. Huawei was nice enough to replace it for me, so im very grateful for that. It was rather easy to draw with the m pencil im currently drawing on the app concept, its free to download on the app store. I, like the part where you can draw solid lines when you angle the end pencil vertically, but if you angle it downwards, you can achieve shading like texture like when you shade with an actual pencil.

You cant do that with the apple pencil, though so its something new. I guess the function is pretty interesting and you need to get used to it its my first time using the m pencil and i kept accidentally activating the shading function when i tilt my pencil while drawing it was quite annoying at first, but i got used to It slowly, i guess, but seriously i kept you can see that i keep redoing and undoing my drawing. While i do this speed painting do. Let me know if this is something that you would find useful. Overall, the huawei mate pad 11 is pretty good. If you are looking for a budget drawing tablet that you can draw with take notes or reply emails, its currently priced at singing dollars – 698 for me, im pretty comfortable with my ipad pro and absolutely love my procreate, app ive been using it for years. So i wont be using a different tablet anytime soon, however, i will still use the huawei mate pad for emails and organizing on notion, since the smart wireless keyboard makes it so portable and easy to use anywhere.