by the way dont be confused. No hindi ito young smaller version pro 12.6 inch by the pro series guys affordable, more like under mid, mid range, lineup tablets tablets, its one of the nicest and the cheapest tablet actually lets talk about. First, the pricing and you pre order details yeah so by letting huawei meet pad 11 retails for 26 thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine pesos actually guys for me if you will be pre ordering it so pre order period between august 6 to august 26.. So, if not pre order in huawei mate 11, you will be getting a free made pad and pencil second generation, smart magic keyboard and mate pad 11 sleeve and, of course, a huawei cloud. So thats almost a total value, guys of seventeen to eighteen thousand so yeah. But on other gadgets as well, yumanga freebies that we get during the pre order period, Music now how to find apps through the huawei app gallery. So it says qr code process so opening the box. Of course, you need to scan it company download and find them applications available in the philippines available na color, nandita sequential warranty card. It also comes with the m and pencil 2 details box again, casamato guys, pre order. Of course, extra pencil tips magnetic keyboard, its very straightforward, guys, tablet smart keyboard actually guys. Now, since we are already talking about the keyboard, let me quickly show you young comparison: yeah, the from the 12.

6 inch tablet from huawei chambray, with the bigger um display in america. Attire online meeting online classes, especially if you want a device that is portable, powerful and shampredapat, affordable, Music design, guys protection, although no young device guys it feels sturdy and it doesnt feel cheap. Guys now made of plastic. Young canyon built also indirect, high risk, smartphones and manga tablets, also in backpack. It feels smooth to the touch, although they getting longer. It also has the volume rockers the nasa cannon apart and the speakers power button on top and, of course, the three for the sd card. So yes, guys expandable for young attenuate 11 via micro sd card and not a via nm card, which is, i think, a good news to some and holy moly. Guys me usb type c so to those who are using headphone jacks with iron dedicated headphone ports, rounded corners. That makes the hole a lot easier and indirect hadoop stressful bit better guys and like bigger tablets tablets. It snaps on the keyboard cover with magnets, and it has the right balance, guys possessions keyboard is made of leather, but for me guys it feels more silicone, but anyway, its very grippy, no man, guys and maganda or mr madden. Every time now for the pants on the man guys, it also snaps, on top of the mate pad 11 katura dang me pad pro, and it also charges here. Usa bank display tire guys, which is actually my favorite or one of my favorite nita summate pad 11.

. Actually, 120 hertz of refresh rate for its price merit on 10.95 inches of lcd panel with an aspect ratio of 16 by 10 and a quad hd plus resolution display guys the higher quality may control young color temperatures just manually if color is sensitive when it comes To your work now, when it comes to its refresh rates, settings maranton three modes, dynamic standard Music from its display, a young performance at homemade pad 11 guys it comes with the qualcomm snapdragon 865, which is young flagship, nav dragon chipset named entire guys for last year, 2020, but of course, during 865 it has no 5g connectivity take not long but to sankase, especially in a monday akan its not that important aside from it on 6, a gig of ram number 128 gig of internal storage and again it is expandable via micro, sd Card actually guys know your snapdragon 865 soc appears to perform, as expected, the man with no major complaints on other devices running on the same hardware, but has um performance. It wont disappoint you even when it comes to its antutu score. It really is something else. No signals combined with the snapdragon 865 soc. It still is pretty efficient, specialization battery life. Again, a good chipset can help. You extend your battery life Music, all right. So since we are already talking about the icing battery experience, 11. 7250 milliamp hour device guys, it lasted me for two whole days and despite it having of course, the keyboard and jung and pencil enough to charge on yeah accessories.

That gets power from the device itself. Battery life on this device is better than the other tablets. Ive tried and reviewed in the past charging speed demand. The device is capable in a mature channel, 22.5 watt and actually in the shackability sun. Guys now ill be very honest with you, especially knowing the 7250 milliamp hour, young canyon, battery capacity. So for me experience it took one hour and 55 minutes to fully charge the mate pad 11.. Our screen device guys for 30 minutes from zero to it, gave me around 40 percent of a battery charge and all in all one hour and 45 minutes baggage fully charged to meet 11, which is still not bad for despite its affordable price, huawei was able to Offer a set of four stereo speakers again, two on each side now and as usual, it is tuned by harman kardon and, to be honest, guys, they sound great as usual tablet from the band huawei, which is the huawei matepad pro 12.6 inch very full name base And distortion, so, yes, the tablet is definitely suitable. Yeah. I rarely use earphones or headphones when watching on netflix speakers Music now, for its cameras, very basic, monitor, guys selfie camera 80 megapixels to support 1080p video recording at 13 megapixels, no matter your camera. Actually, young megapixels is enough for document scanning and, of course, video calls for me. I dont really use tablet as merely for taking photos, landscape photos, because we have smartphones for that anyway.

Aside from that guys, simply it doesnt really support that many features compared to smartphones, but again its not really that necessary. Hello, guys its example. Video footage, nothing galling details a front when it comes to meetings and magazine class Music inch. So yes, atomizepad 11 is one of the first huawei devices now officially launched with the latest iteration of the harmony os 2.0 meringue multi window that we can swipe to the left. Pyramus, multiple apps at once in a floating windows, split screen view or a combination of both now for the control panel, swipe down lagna for us to access young manga, wi, fi, bluetooth, brightness and more and for us to access namanda notifications, gmail. And that is because i downloaded it through the g space disclaimer guys. This is my own way like the man of maximizing the tablet Music, some of the apps that i use for productivity and drawing guys i notepad evernote, note shelf j note and many more apps that is again perfect for drawing paranormal mimikyus nathan youre, adding m pencil Too, Music, so for my final verdict, honestly guys when it comes to tablet industry, major conte and voila machado, alternatives especially case if you are in the market and nakahanapkanen, is a compact tablet with a very capable performance and go with the pretty attractive price point telegram To actually get the meatpad 11. feeling what is a dedicated fingerprint scanner and, of course, to some the lack of headphone port, so yeah thats it again.