But i am here again to discuss with you more of this powerful tablet. The huawei mate pad 11 2021. for more details and full review of this product. Just keep on watching so lets, discuss the design and build quality. We all know that huawei is very impressive in creating design and body of their devices, and that is really visible in this tablet. As it has this aluminum finish in matte gray, color that yeah its a fingerprint magnet its minimalistic. That makes the feel of very premium, and i also noticed that its not that heavy compared to other tablet in the market, as it only weighs 485 grams next is the camera. The rear camera is 13 megapixel. F. 1.8. It captures good lighting in your photos, but i just experienced some autofocus problem when using it. The front facing camera of this device is impressive. It has an 8 megapixel f 2.0, which is perfect when we are using it in video conferencing app Music for its processor. This device is powered by harmony, os, a 2.0 qualcomm sm 8250 snapdragon 865 5g in octa core. This processor has a good performance in doing multitasking and power efficiency on your device. Speaking of power efficiency, this tablet has a 7250 milliamp hour battery, which can last a day in heavy and excessive use for the memory. It has a micro sd, dedicated slot and has three internal storage variants, which is 64 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes with six gigabytes of ram, so load everything you need with no hassle.

I tried the heavy gauge with high graphic settings and it performed very well. Another impressive thing about this tablet is the sound quality. Its superb, as this tablet is equipped with hormone cardio technology which make it sounds really good. Look at that cute baby. Thats me elle evans and the smelly less cute baby right next to me, thats my best friend, Music Music. If you are using this tablet as an editing machine or for entertainment consumption, this device will be our best friend, as it has a 120 hertz of refresh rate, so every single detail will be captured. Another cool thing about this tablet is its accessories. Huawei matepad 11 has its own and pencil that you can use to take down, notes, draw or just help you in navigating the screen. Next one is the smart keyboard as an on the go tablet laptop or the smart keyboard will be your best friend to work anywhere without any hassle. Last one is the folio cover to help you secure the tablet from any scratches and damage. Of course, we all know that huawei app gallery does not already have google apps on its system work around install, but the question is: how can we download google apps setting matepad 11. most of the tips on social medias overview? This tablet impressed me if you are a professional, this can help you maximizing your multitasking skills and make this most of your works be done immediately and if you are a student, this tablet will surely make your note taking session more fun in rc, as this is Equipped with the huawei m pencil worry no more, as you can also use this for your online classes.

Whatever lifestyle you are into this huawei mate pad 11 will surely be a great moodle for everyone.