4 and this is uh 4gb with 128gb version, and i have got this bundle with the official cover. Let’S see what exactly inside it. This is from the local service provider. The axiom this is their covering and now here we are with matpat, and you can see it is midnight gray, 128, gb and 4gb version nothing here: okay, okay, the audio has been harman kardon and it is wi fi 635 let’s get along with it. Yes, you can see it is with app gallery no play store. No, the big b is talking with iran for deal, so we hope. Maybe they are talking with china next and we can get google services officially on matpad or other hawaii devices. Is it viewable here? Yes, i think so: okay, okay let’s, see what we have got in the box. This is the literature. Apparently it should be same tray the same, not the sim tray, the sim card ejector, and here it is supposed to be the. Where is the adapter? Maybe in the other box, this is like the wire okay and inside it. Okay here is the adapter and i think nothing else left here. Yes, let’s take the junk out to make some space. Okay, okay and here we have got the camera on the front, and we have got here two speakers on the left side and two speakers on the right side. This is, if you can see here. Yes, okay, it is one of the few models that offer four speakers, usually in this price range.

Only two speakers are available. This is the not the sim tray the memory card entry, because this is wi fi model, and here we have the power button and anything on the top. Okay, it is a microphone, and this is one more okay. This is the volume probably let’s turn it on. The light is giving high reflection. Let me try to reduce it. Okay and it is, it is uh. Um i10, with android 10 let’s get started. We are in so the arabia have to go. They are not taking the proper utilization of the screen space. Only the small portion is working okay next or maybe they want to try this way, okay, but it will not be coming in the screen, so i will be carrying this way next. Yes, i have to read it carefully. Okay, i will skip it for the time being, i think i have to set up. I will pause the video okay, i have connected it to wi, fi and uh entered the huawei id that i created a while ago, and now you can see it is asking for face recognition or password, since there is no fingerprint sensor. So the protection options are screen password or the face recognition. I will skip it for the timing, enhanced services and i’m, not a big fan of enhancing later share analytics later enable location services. Okay, there is maybe for the maps and other services keep your software up to date.

Yes enable and continue ptl search uh. I will see later i have been an android user for quite a long time for the past many years and before that i have been os user, but recently all of my data is in google, so i will set up as a new device. Try gestures, probably ios copy gestures. Okay. I hope it is clear in the video, okay, okay, the standard one good to have these gestures. Yes, that’s, fine. Finally, the setup is finished. Okay, so here we are in the first boot up of the device, and i hope it is readable setting and go to the about what we have got here we have got. This is the model number gpu turbo? Okay, there are two models with one model is with green 810, and this one is screen 820, so be careful when you are getting your one either one. The difference between both is not much in term of processing, but the gpu with the green 820 is comparatively better with as compared to the gpu of green 810. Okay out of 128 in the fresh startup, we get 114 almost 14 gb resolution and security patch level is december. Not so bad. Android 12 is in the preview mode and we can expect this in the public state in few months, so it’s still good to have android, 10 or device based on android 10 to be accurate. I will see these things later.

Let’S see what we have got. This is the gallery top apps. Okay, wps office is available out of the box and i believe others can be added from the gallery app gallery. Okay, there were a lot of privacy related options in the startup. After ending the logging with the id yes i’m in saudi arabia, okay, i have no option other than to agree. Okay. These are their pick, i think, based on the region, but i am not going to install any of these, so i will skip it and even disable auto update. I want it to be manually. Okay, we can update the app gallery and these are the installed apps. I hope i’m not going too fast me time, facetime, huh and me time: okay, camera mode, swipe up and down; okay location tag; okay, hello, all the time for camera; okay, it’s; a tablet and it’s not a preferred device for day to day photography but it’s good To have some decent camera in your tablet, let’s focus here: yes, we can see the the text is readable. Now, okay, this is in the video mode. What options we have got in video, it’s aspect, ratio and other things? Okay, i want to see this one. They have one full hd with 30, not with 60. Okay, if we change, maybe we can get 720 with 60, no still not i’m, not sure. If uh software update will be able to handle this multi window support.

Yes, it is a tablet and is supposed to be a multi vendor sport, okay, and there was something else i was going to check. Yes, efficient video format. I believe this is. It will be recording in h, 265. But beware: s 265 is not supported by all the players, especially in the classic devices. So if you are not targeting those devices, it’s good to have high quality in compressed format – and recently i read that h 266 has also been released. So we hope to get even smaller size and high quality. Okay beauty, mod, okay, let’s go back and see what else we have. I would like to check the sound if they have provided any built in option. Okay, it has gone to the. I will update it later: push notifications now let’s, go to setting and check the ringtones. What they have got see. There is only a plane mode option: okay, sounds and vibration. Yes, the sound is good. Let’S try, the ringtones. If they have any allah. I can clearly feel the stereo effect from the four speakers in harman. Kardon dream it possible. The volume is little bit less for this one let’s try some other one. This one is lower enough Music. So we can see that the speaker is reasonably good. Okay, that’s! All for the unboxing and hands on with the first, however device. I have persuaded many friends and family previously for hubbard devices in the old days when they have good value for money, but recently maybe past two years i have not been in direct contact as a primary user or a secondary user of our devices and with the No google services, it will be a challenge.

Some applications are available, but it is not comparison to the variety available in play store, but still we will see how things go thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos. If you have any question, please feel free to post in the comments.