Tablets. Are still the best it’s good to know that companies like huawei continue to produce tablets? One of them is the mid range tablet. The mate pad 10.4 continue watching to check out our full review about this device and also to find out if this is the one for you Music. At first glance, the design is very identical to last year’s mate pad 10.4. It still has the all aluminum frame in matte finish, although it still attracts fingerprints, i find it even harder to clean compared to a glossy finish so use a protective case if you are planning to buy this device. It is sturdy, though, and feels like something that won’t bend easily when it comes to color options. You don’t have plenty of choices here, as it only comes in midnight grey. We have an 8 megapixel camera with led flash plays in the back, alongside with a huawei branding in the middle for buttons, when held in landscape orientation. The volume buttons are situated on the top left corner. Alongside with an array of microphones on the left, we have the power, slash, lock button and two speaker grilles, the buttons are plastic, but solid and clicky on the right side. You’Ll find the usb type c port, along with its two more speakers at the bottom, is a slot for the micro sd card. Finally, up front above the display is the 8 megapixel selfie camera with led notification when it comes to the display.

It’S got a 10.4 inches ips lcd panel with a resolution of 2000 by 1200 or 225 ppi. The colors are accurate and natural, with just the right amount of saturation. It may not have amoled, but it has good contrast to produce darker blacks. The bezels are a bit thick, but it prevents us from accidentally touching the display. The screen is just right for many uses. For instance, i find myself reading articles and ebooks more often than on any other device. I also love using the mate pad when i’m watching multimedia content for when i’m at home or traveling outdoor legibility is not as good as we prefer, as we could use some boost in brightness. The map 10.4 2021 squad. Speaker setup is loud enough to fill up the room at maximum volume. It produces ample lows with balance heights and mids. If you are thinking of using your favorite wired headphones, do note that there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, but you can use the 3.5 millimeter to usb type c, dongle included in the box. Just don’t lose it though. The matepad 10.4 2021 has an 8 megapixel rear camera, but it’s unlikely that you would use it as your go to shooter it’s great though, for taking quick snaps for editing or sketching the 8 megapixel front. Camera, on the other hand, is great for video conferences or online classes and yeah, okay, occasional selfies when it comes to its camera, quality don’t expect too much.

It produces noisy images, especially in low light situations. The colors are pale and photos can be muddy in some scenarios. However, we can’t really argue much on this segment because it is a tablet. After all, the same can be said for its front facing camera, but it is enough for zoom meetings. The rear camera can record up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. Unfortunately, the quality is the same as what we have seen when taking photos with this device, and videos can be very shaky, since there is no ois or eis. Yes, the cameras are disappointing from a smartphone perspective, but for creativity and communication uses. These are adequate running on the matepad. 10.4 2021 is huawei’s emui 10.1 based on android 10, and we all know that it doesn’t come with the google mobile services. So instead we have huawei’s proprietary apps like app gallery. The app gallery works fine and has many apps available for download, but you can also use apk, pure or apk, mirror to sideload apps that aren’t available on the app gallery. But if you don’t mind doing some extra steps to sideload google services, we find an easy work around to do that. The app is called dual space and you can download it using the link down in the description box once installed open the app finish. The tutorial video tap, the google play store icon and from there you can input your google account. The matepad 10.

4 2021 is still equipped with huawei’s exclusive software features, which includes multi screen collaboration, multi window, which will help you take advantage of this device’s screen real estate, and it does have stylus support for better note, taking or some sketches using the nebo and my Script, calculator, unfortunately, the edit we have didn’t come with the matpad’s m stylus, so we didn’t have the chance to test out this feature: properly: storage, wise the unit we have has 128 gigs of internal storage with 107.9 gigs of usable storage out of the box. If that isn’t enough, you can bump up its storage for up to 512 gigs. The huawei mate by 10.4 has huawei’s carrying 820 chipset, coupled with a melee g57 gpu, four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage performance wise. It feels snappy when multitasking, when playing games like pubg mobile, genji impact and asphalt 9. To our surprise, we didn’t expect any signs of hiccups when playing games at the highest graphic. Setting. Still, some elements may take some time to load, so we suggest lowering the graphics down to medium for a more optimized gaming experience. It does get a little warm for when gaming for longer periods of time, but it’s nothing out of the normal. We run our usual benchmarking, apps and here’s what we got when it comes to the battery. It has a 7250 milliamp hour capacity which got us two days of casual use in our standard video loop test, which involves playing a 1080p video on loop, 50 brightness and 50 volume.

We got 20 hours and 40 minutes of playback. The huawei mate by 10.4. 2021 comes with a 10 watt charging which took us more than four hours to charge from zero to 100. But when i used my 65 watt pd fast charging adapter, it took us approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, meaning it has faster charging capabilities, but not the full 65 watt. And if your smartphone is running out of juice, you can use the tablet as a power bank, as it supports wide power sharing. Now. To conclude, this video, the huawei mate pad 10.4 2021, is just the same as its 2020 model, except for an updated processor and gpu for the price of 18 199 pesos. You will get a pretty good sounding speakers, long battery life and pencil support and a good performance for its class. However, it can be a bit difficult to recommend to users who are not accustomed to site loading. If you are a first time, buyer of a tablet, we suggest you look at some other brands. But if you are already in the huawei ecosystem, the huawei matepad 10.4 2021 isn’t a bad choice, because you can take advantage of em ui’s features like huawei share screen. Mirroring to a huawei laptop, if you have one and me time which can level up your productivity experience. So what do you guys think about the huawei mate by 10.4 2021? Does it suit your needs for a tablet? Well, let us know in the comment section below and if you enjoyed this video be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon.

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