It has a very nice screen, so 13.9 it's. The resolution is three thousand times. Twelve thousand resolution: one percent srgb color gamut coverage, it's powered by eight generation, whiskey, Lake CPU, so you've got either the core a 785 65 you or the I 580 265. You and storage options of 256 gigabytes right up to one terabyte samsung PM nine, eight one SSDs so they'll be very quick as they built in fingerprint reading the power button, just like the previous model and sadly it still has the camera in the same location. So the pop up camera that looks right up your neck, your chin first oppressions off the screen. It is a very nice screen, of course, edits. The three by two aspect – ratio touch response, seems good and it is a very smooth, very accurate, there's, a glass covered touchpad very large. It supports windows, gestures and does feel good, left and right mouse buttons in there the keyboard to have it a quick type on it, no flex it's, really rock solid. It is backlit as well and feels great so just like the previous model, and it does have discrete graphics so in videos GeForce MX, 250, with 2 gigabytes of ddr4 ram food quality feels really good it's, clad in aluminium. It has a matte gray finish to it. It doesn't seem to pick up fingerprints that much and it is passively cooled so we have to exit vents right here in here.

That is where our hot air is going to come out and for ports. We get a one type: a port, USB 3, which is on the right side and on the left, our 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and two type c ports status LED and ICU the battery capacity. So it is 57 point for what hours they claim up to 12 hours of 1080p video playback, so real world use I'd say mixed use. You are probably looking at half that at about 6 hours, possibly 7, so that is my very quick hands on with the mate book X Pro here at MWC.