At the time it had a three to two aspect: ratio in terms of that gorgeous display at a 3000 by 2000 resolution. It was a touch display that was absolutely gorgeous all metal design. It had a very macbook like look to it. It had a very unique webcam in the most unfortunate placement. I just took delivery of the 2021 version. That’S right, the matebook x pro is here in the studio. I got it in the emerald green and when i tell you it’s gorgeous, it is we’re gon na check it out and look at exactly what you’re gon na get with this latest iteration. Hey everybody it’s andrew – and this is the huawei matebook x pro 2021. Coming up Music now, as we take a look at the specs in the interest of transparency and full disclosure i’m not being paid by huawei i’m, not being sponsored by huawei, all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Huawei is not getting copy approval they’re. Seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this review unit was provided by huawei and once this review is done, i’ll be sending it back. It’S available in china and in europe. Pricing will start anywhere between 1’9 and 14.99 euros and supposedly it will be coming to united states as amazon is going to be carrying it that’s. What i’m hearing and i don’t have any specific date as of yet, but if i do hear anything, i will let everybody know as soon as i hear something now for those that can’t wait, you can get it on ebay, although i’m, not the biggest fan of Ebay importing it that way, maybe one option, although it is a little bit inflated the price, as you can see, starting at 16.

95 again just be aware, these are some of the ways you can bring it to the united states right now and with the specs availability And pricing, out of the way, let’s find out what you get inside the box, let’s open it up now, i have to say: packaging is very high, end very premium that’s, just like we saw in the previous versions that i did review of this laptop no exception Here, opening the lid you’re greeted by the unit itself, we’ll get to that in just a little bit. Now it has a 65 watt, usbc power, adapter it’s, the european version, as i expected, and it also comes with the usbc cable. Now this is a very thin and light laptop coming in at 1.33 kilograms or 2.93 pounds it’s, also a beautiful looking laptop. You can get it in space grey or this beautiful emerald green finish. It is simply stunning, in my opinion, something a little bit different. We don’t normally see this in a laptop, and the build construction is first rate with its all metal design. Okay, let’s check out the port selection we’ll start off. On the left side, we get a 3.5 millimeter audio combo jack. You get two thunderbolt 4 ports that do data charge display out. You can do multiple 4k monitors or one ak monitor via those thunderbolt 4 ports. Moving over to the right side is a usba port i’m happy to see a usba port, something you don’t get on a macbook pro, notably missing, no microsd card slot, no ethernet port and no hdmi port.

Now, for those wondering you can open the lid with one finger now, once you do, you have that fingerprint scanner and what i love about it is. It keeps your fingerprints scanned into its memory. That means all you need to do is when you press the button to turn it on. It remembers your fingerprint and it logs you in automatically speeding up the process very convenient, and i, like this feature all right. Let’S talk about the keyboard and i got ta say i really do like it, although it is a bit shallow in terms of key travel, but it does have good tactile feedback and it didn’t feel, like my fingers, were bottoming out comfortable to type on for extended Periods of time now, huawei sent me the british keyboard layout, which is a little bit unusual as i’m used to a us keyboard layout. But nonetheless, you do get used to it very quickly, so not an issue as far as i’m concerned, and it does have a multi stage, backlight, allowing you to get work done in a dark room or a dimly, lit environment, work well and borrowing a page from The macbook it has a very spacious, touchpad and the touchpad is a precision. Touchpad very responsive, two finger scrolling was buttery smooth and all the gestures work as you’d expect. Now, taking a look at the internals, you can see that this has dual fans for cooling. It also has a 56 watt hour battery we’ll, get into battery life and charging times a little bit later in this video, but as far as what’s user upgradeable, the only thing that is user upgradable is the ssd and the one that they give.

You gives you some excellent reads and writes, as you can see here now. My review unit comes with 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x ram, but unfortunately, that ram is soldered into the motherboard. You cannot upgrade it yourself, not a surprise, considering how thin and light this laptop is now. This is wi fi six, along with bluetooth 5.1. Both are working. Well, no complaints on that front. Now, unfortunately, the wi fi card is soldered into the motherboard. You won’t be able to upgrade it down the road. Okay, let’s talk about the display and what we’re looking at here is a 13.9 inch display with a resolution of 3000 by 2000. That means it’s a three to two aspect: ratio and the benefit of a three to two aspect. Ratio, as i’ve mentioned in the past, is the fact that you’ll do less scrolling when it comes to web browsing it’ll be more optimized for productivity using spreadsheets on this or microsoft office. Documents will really be optimized for this now as far as consuming media watching netflix, amazon and youtube is pretty nice on this, although you will notice some black bars on the top and the bottom when you’re consuming media. Now, as far as the display itself is concerned, it’s actually really gorgeous with some really deep blacks, good y points, excellent contrast, and it has a low delta e score of 1.93, making it a pretty color accurate display. It also covers the color gamut really well.

95. Srgb 71 adobe rgb 71 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 65 ntsc, making this a really good choice for content creators who do lightroom, photoshop and, of course, video editing. Now, for those wondering i didn’t notice any pwm on this, so for those that are sensitive to pwm it’s, not here and that’s, always good now, one thing you will notice is that it is a pretty glossy display. That means you’ll notice, reflections and glare in direct sunlight, so that’s, something to keep in mind. You could actually see the reflections here pretty well now. Huawei claims this display will get up to 450 nits in terms of brightness, which is very bright. I actually measured. 475 nits even better now i actually really prefer a really bright display and this doesn’t disappoint that’s for sure now. This is also a touch screen display and i found that it was very responsive, navigating with your finger wasn’t a problem on this touch screen. Nice convenience factor as well, and i really like the thin bezels, giving it a really modern look. It has a 91 screen to body ratio and that i really do like the one of the reasons the bezels are so thin: there’s, no webcam on that top bezel. Like you’d normally find in most laptops, unfortunately, though, the placement of the webcam leaves much to be desired, so, as you can see, this nose cam i mean webcam or chin cam, whatever you want to call it, not a good placement.

720P 30 frames per second uh. I want to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below we saw this on the original version of this. We continue to see it on this it’s, not really a good placement, obviously for doing zoom or skype. You’Ll have to lift it up. On something raise the level, but you really want to get it eye level and that’s what i’m holding it right now but i’m curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comments section below uh, just not a good placement, but the benefit of it. I guess is you can hide it very easily, although most modern laptops have a kill switch now you can see them on hp lenovo. Does it and so do the others but i’m curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below the matebook x pro is running the 11th gen processor from intel it’s. The core i7 1165 g7 we’ve seen this processor before with the integrated iris, xc. Graphics. No longer do you get a discrete gpu like you used to get in the old version of this or the previous models of this. The xc graphics, though i have to say, are really nice improvement over any other integrated solution. I’Ve seen so far, microsoft office, email, web browsing, consuming media watching netflix, amazon and youtube were all a pleasure on this device, and when it comes to gaming, you can definitely get playable frame rates.

If you lower the settings, i found 1080p low to be sort of a sweet spot where you get playable frame rates with popular titles such as gta, 5, the witcher 3 dota, 2 reborn and others. Now. One thing i did notice others in this category had a little bit better playable frame rates than the matebook x pro and that might have to be to the thermal solution they employed here now the m1 chip you find the new macbook air macbook pro actually did Better on the synthetic benchmarks such as the geekbench, 5 single, core and multi core scores, not a big surprise, as we’ve seen, really impressive numbers out of those benchmarks from the m1 max now, if you take a look at the internals of the 2018 version of the Matebook x, pro you’ll notice that it has a single fan for cooling. Looking at the 2021 version, you’ll see that it has two fans for cooling, and that is pretty good and speaking of those fans. When it comes to fan noise, it actually was running pretty quiet. Even under heavy load – and that was pretty impressive and that’s good because you don’t want to contend with loud fans when you’re doing work. But when i ran my prime95 stress test, i would notice that the cpu, with turbo boost to about 2.6 gigahertz with a core temperature of 89 degrees celsius, and that would last for a few seconds. And then it would drop down to 1.

8 gigahertz to maintain a cooler temperature of 68 degrees celsius. Now i didn’t find that the surface temperatures would get really hot, although i noticed by the keyboard would get the hottest when i would put it under heavy load, but overall maintain pretty good surface temperatures. Okay, let’s talk about the battery life and the matebook x. Pro 2021 sports, a 56 watt hour battery a pretty decent size for a thin and light laptop, and it did 10 hours and 31 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 150 nits real world usage you’re, looking at anywhere from 8 to 10 Hours, depending on what you’re doing, and that translates into all day, battery life and that’s, something we like to see so battery life has been good now, if you do need to plug in, they do supply you with a 65 watt power adapter, and it takes about 90 minutes for a full charge and that’s pretty good. The huawei matebook x pro sports quad speakers. Now the original version that i took a look at back in 2018 really had good speakers on that. Really full rich sound rivaling, that of the macbook at the time and one of the best windows laptops when it comes to audio at that time now it has held up really well this time around really good speakers, quad speaker system once again, full rich, sound, good Volume, good mids and decent bass and it’s safe to say you won’t, be disappointed with those quad speakers.

Okay, let’s bring it all home. What do i think about the huawei mate book x pro here for 2021? I absolutely love it, especially that stunning emerald green finish. It looks simply elegant and it looks really sleek. I like the way this laptop comes together with its premium materials with its unibody metal design. Now i, like the three to two aspect: ratio of that display it’s a touch display, very responsive and very bright. It also has really good spacious touch pad, and it also has a very nice keyboard, although a bit on the shallow side, i like the dual thunderbolt 4 ports that you get on this, although you don’t get a micro sd card slot, which would have been nice Now you do get some really nice long battery life and you’ll also get some really good thermals. It didn’t get too hot didn’t overheat, but that came at the cost of the performance, which was a little bit less than what we see normally from an 11th gen core i7. But there are no real deal breakers here. Ladies and gentlemen, i’m, going to give this a score of 93, making the matebook x pro definitely worth your money. So what do you think about the huawei matebook x pro gorgeous emerald green finish, really good stuff with that 11 gen processor under the hood? Although not the fastest in the category, but definitely a looker nonetheless, now i took it out of the studio, gave it some time outside, and people were coming up to me and saying: what is that laptop? Where did you get that color everybody’s going crazy for that emerald green? It does look pretty stunning now i’m curious to know what you think.

Let me know in the comment section below a couple of things that haven’t changed, of course, is that unfortunate placement of the webcam and the webcam is very important nowadays, while we’re working from home during the pandemic, so a premium has been put on the camera. Now the camera itself is good it’s, just not in the right placement, it’s up your nose, it’s a nostril cam, and i was hoping they would have changed that this time around that’s, not the case, but really good battery life. Really nice performance, nonetheless really good stuff out of that integrated iris, xc graphics. You no longer get that dedicated gpu like you got before, but that integrated xc graphics more than make up for it, especially with the performance we’ve been seeing out of those xe graphics but i’m curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below as far as availability is concerned, whether or not you can get in the united states uh rumor is that it will be coming to amazon here in the united states. I don’t have any further information as of yet, but if i do find out, i will certainly let everybody know where to buy it as far as europe and everybody else you can get it there. Link will be in the description below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this video don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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