This is called the mate book. It is a 12 inch very slim tablet and it is powered by a core M processor. They got a couple different configurations that I will talk about in a minute as well as some accessories you can get with it also really attractive device. It will be putting it through its paces here very shortly. I do want to mention, though, in the interest of full disclosure. This is on loan from Huawei, so when I’m done with this, I pack it up and send it back to them all. The opinions you’re about to hear, therefore, are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. Alright, so let’s take a closer look at the hardware now this is probably the nicest looking and feeling Windows tablet. I have seen here on the channel it’s very nicely constructed it feels as nice as it looks very solid feeling. It’S got very nice glass on the front metal on the back. I really feel solid and reminds me a lot of an iPad actually it’s about the same size as the iPad pro the big one. Twelve inch display on this 120 160 by 1440 display. So a high DPI display nice viewing angles on it. The brightness looks a little subdued here under my studio lights, but I’ve been quite pleased with how nice it looks in normal environments when reading and web browsing and whatnot so overall, just a beautifully constructed device here.

That really is only as thick as its headphone jack is it’s, a very, very slim device. Yet it’s got a lot of horsepower under the hood now this is the m5 version it’s powered by that Intel Core m5 there’s also an Intel Core M 3 version, which will be slightly slower than what you’re about to see here. This one cost about 1000. As you see it, but I’m seeing the m3 version, with four gigs of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage for about 400 on Amazon at the time that I’m recording this video, that might be a closeout or a clearance price. But if you can get at it go for it, it seems like a pretty good deal for a tablet this nice. Now this one has got the m5 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage 1000 as configured and there’s a bunch of other configurations. You can get at as well very lightweight about 1.4 pounds on its own that’s 640 grams. There is a keyboard dock, you can add into the mix if you wish and I’ll show you how that looks and works in just a second on the bottom. Here you got some pogo plugs for that keyboard. Adapter on this side, there’s only a single port on this one, which might remind you of another brands product. So you will need to get some port replicators if you need to get more ports. They’Ve got one here that they sell, it’s got Ethernet USB and additional power for about an extra hundred dollars, or so it supports VGA and HDMI also, but other third party USB type c mini docks will also work with this, because it is a standard.

Usb type c dock and they also put a fingerprint reader here right on the side in between the volume buttons. So if you look on the side here, it’s that little pad right in between the buttons right there. So I can just go ahead and put my finger on there and you can see it automatically unlocks really nice fingerprint reader location and it seems to be working. Pretty accurately, your speakers are here on the top very loud and pretty decent actually for a tablet about what you’d expect out of something like this, not spectacular, but certainly more than enough for web conferencing and video watching and whatnot. There is a camera on the front, but not on the back, so you can do your web conferencing, but you will not be taking photos with this out and about I’ve. Never really wanted to do that. I know a lot of people do but you’re not going to get a rear camera on this one and of course there is the obligatory folio keyboard that you can get as an add on I’m, seeing prices of this one range from about 50 to 80 dollars, Depending on where you’re looking for it and it’s got a click pad down here and a full size keyboard, normally I like very deep travel keys, but this one I’m not crazy about because I’m, finding that my fingers are often kind of getting caught in between the Push down key and the ones next to it, it really doesn’t allow it look, really good finger travel here between keys, as you can see, you kind of get stuck with it, so those take some getting used to, even though the keys are a nice size, but I do think the surface keyboard is a little better.

The trackpad, though, does feel pretty nice to me. They have a nice magnetic system here. So all you have to do is get the device closed and it will kind of latch on and get itself going. There, then, you can fold up the back here to prop up the device on a desk, and you can see it works pretty well as a laptop as a result, so not too bad on that front. I did find, though, that when you are using it on your lap, like I’m about to do here, it has the same issues that a lot of these other devices tend to have, which is that it doesn’t. You know flops around a little bit. It doesn’t feel as stable as it might on as a regular laptop might, but the only angle of the screen you’re going to is what you see here, so you can’t get it down any lower without the portfolio kind of falling apart on use. I would have liked to had a little bit more flexibility as to where I could place the screen, but this is pretty much it and, for me, I’d like to get down just a little bit further on the screen. Maybe just something like this depending on my particular situation, so that was the one thing I was disappointed about was the inability to position the screen, but it does fold up very nicely, as you can see here, so you get a very nice thin portfolio that gives You a keyboard, along with a protective case for the device when you’re walking around with it really nice and very professional and doesn’t, add all that much weight to the package and for another 60 bucks you can buy a stylus that pairs up with this device and It’S got the pressure sensitivity which is pretty nice, so you can see.

Use you push down harder. You get varying degrees of pressure on the brush here. It also has good risk detection. So, as I’m writing things out here, it doesn’t see my wrist as I’m doing it so that’s nice to see two buttons here on the stylus, so you can have an eraser pop up or you can do a selection so very similar to what you might get On the surface, also like the surface as you get closer to the screen, it begins tracking your position as well so very similar in almost every way to what I found with the surface stylist earlier. This one also has lasers on it: there’s a laser pointer built into the top of the pen, so you can scare your animals with it or get them to chase it. If you want, you charge it up via USB microUSB, interestingly, not USB type c, but it charges up pretty quickly and in some ways reminds me of the Apple pencil in that you can just plug it into USB for a few minutes, get enough power and then Keep writing with it. So let’s take a look now and see how this thing performs. We’Ll begin on my youtube channel with a 1080p 60 video file. By the way this has wireless AC built in so you’ll get decent performance on web browsing and other things that will use the internet so no issues there. Everything does seem to spring up very quickly and the video here is playing back smoothly.

It really looks nice too, on this display a nice contrast ratio to the display very crisp and sharp and clear a lot better, of course, than many other lower cost devices. We’Ve, looked at and I’ll tell you what, if you can find this for 400 bucks on the m3 version, you’re going to get a very good deal, because this display looks really really nice I’ll go to another website here, just to see how well you can do Some more basic web browsing and, as you can see, pages pop up very quickly, I can click on a link here and go through the website here and see things happen very very quickly, so you will get a very good web performance out of it. I also like to run the octane benchmark test in Google Chrome to kind of look at a numeric example as to how well these computers stack up against each other. And on that test we got a score of 25 thousand 477 and that compares very favorably to the Dell XPS 12, which is powered by the very same processor that this one has at the moment so decent performance. Out of that, I also want to point your attention towards the score. I got on the Microsoft Surface 3 that one came in at 8016 9, which is much lower because the surface 3 is powered by a Atom processor, which is a lot slower, but the Atom processor does give you much better battery life than you’re going to get Out of this one so battery life on this one, unfortunately is only about 4 hours or so just doing basic stuff like web browsing and word processing I’m, not getting anywhere near the all day, battery life that they’re kind of touting in the specifications.

So maybe, if you turn the display way down and really don’t push it all that hard, you can squeeze more out of it, but battery life on here is not so good, even though you get all this great performance, so you always have a trade off performance Or battery life, they went with performance on this one. So if you are not close to a power outlet, you might have some issues. I also found the battery charged very slowly too, and I don’t think it’s pushing all that much volt or amperage over its USB port here. So you’ll definitely want to plan ahead or have an extra battery with you in your bag. If you’re going to be away from an outlet for some time and as expected, it also does very well at other tasks like word processing, so we have our big word template here and you can see it renders very quickly on screen. I can take the image here and move it around and get the text to reflow very quickly as well, so not a bad experience for doing word, processing and all the other kinds of stuff that you might want to do on a tablet and again because this Is a Windows tablet, you get the full Windows versions of whatever you’re running, so you will be able to run most of your windows software on here at a pretty decent performance rate, which is quite nice to see now let’s take a look at some gaming and See how well it might be able to entertain you all right, so let’s start off as usual, with Minecraft and we’re getting frame rates above 30 frames per second here, even at its native 2160 by 1440 resolution.

This is the Java version of mine minecraft. So if you had the Windows, 10 version you’ll probably get better performance than this, so not too bad on here at all. You will see some thermal throttling on this particular device because it is so thin there’s, not a lot of areas to dissipate heat and certainly no fans. So there are times – and I ran a few little stress tests and 3dmark on this device, and there are some times when it will throttle back down a bit on you. So you will see some performance irregularities as you’re using games with it. But by and large I think, it’ll be a good casual gaming experience and some of the games that I think work best on. This are a lot of those independent games you might find on Steam. So a lot of the 2d platformers like shovel knight and things like that – should work really really well on here, as well as other games like Minecraft let’s, take a look at one that’s, a little more strenuous counter strike go alright, so here we are with counter Strike go. I turned down the resolution just about all of the settings also to give us the best chance of getting something playable on here. It’S, always tough on these low powered processors to get that. But here we go we’re getting about anywhere from like 15 to 20 frames per second, along with some little silliness in the video rendering here too so not the best counter strike experience and again, I don’t think this is going to be a triple a game playing Machine this is really better suited for a lot of the more casual stuff like Minecraft and a few of the other games that I mentioned, and on the 3dmark cloud gate test.

We got a score of 3000 9 82, which is actually a little better than what we saw out of the lenovo x1, as well as the dell XPS 12, very similar tablets with the same processors. So the graphics performance is slightly better on this, even though it might thermal throttle as those devices will as well, so not bad, but still not a triple a gaming device. So let’s take a look now at some movie watching we’ve got Kodi loaded up here. We’Re going to look at our 4k h.265 HEV C file, and you can see here, it’s able to get that rendered up here without any drop frames or issues and that’s, something that a lot of these Intel chips do quite well and I’ve also got a blu Ray MKV here playing back as well, and that is also running very nicely so movie watching for sure your stuff or things you download from service providers out there should not have any problems playing back on here and you’ll have a very good viewing experience, especially given Just how nice this display looks on here, so over all a spectacular little tablet, at least in so far as its design and performance is concerned. The big issue you’re going to run into though, of course with it, as I mentioned, is battery life, so that’s. The only issue I found here. It really is a really solid device overall, very nicely constructed again. I’Ve looked at a lot of tablets this year, and this is probably the nicest Windows tablet, at least from a industrial design, standpoint and I’ve seen all year.

I wish the keyboard folio was a little better, but overall, I think this is a pretty good device, especially if you want a handheld tablet that runs Windows 10 at a decent rate of performance and want some nice aesthetics too. I think this is a pretty good choice and right now you might be able to get a pretty good deal on one. This is LAN sideband thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as 1 a month head over to LAN TV, slash patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.