So, first of all some context, as you may know, Ive done a full review on the Huawei MacBook X. Pro and Ive actually sold that laptop for this one, because I wanted to say a slightly different, slightly more modern and just trying something different really, and I must say it is a fantastic decision. Ive made. This is absolutely stunning. It doesnt have these floors and a few setbacks, but overall this is fantastic. It has all the power. You need a study and display a great set of speakers, maybe slightly weaker battery life as well. However, lets get into it in my full review. So lets start with the design and with the design becomes a few setbacks. My main criticism of this device is the lack of ports, an actual connections. You can actually make the only Port you have on this. Is the headphone jack and the charging type c port and thats it thats a massive oversight and a massive disappointment. Another disappointment is how much the fingerprints show up on the back plate of this device. However, I must say its fantastic to hold and offers loads of grip. The device is quick to rotate in any orientation, and it shows off this fantastic OLED screen. Thats super bright super punctury with over 1 billion, colors and 600 bits of brightness, and it offers a fantastic user experience which is helped Along by Windows 11, which, as you can see here in the specs, runs fantastically on this device.

I would have liked to see an Intel i7 version of this. However, Ive got the Intel i5 version with 512 gigs of RAM, and I must say it runs fantastically for those day to day tasks. Of course, if you want a gaming machine, youre going to want to sync with better um processor, better graphics card and something a bit more orientated towards gaming, however, for an overall user of generic programs and genetic web based tasks, this is fantastic to talking a bit About Windows 11.: I cant do a full review on this tablet without discussing it, as it does offer some fantastic features and overall, I think it is a massive Improvement on the previous version of Windows, which would really started to updated and cluttered, so they have made Some sort of effort to improve this, however, they do have a still long way to go. In my opinion, on the surface things look great. When you dive deeper, you can still find old traces of Windows. They really need updating, but there is attachable keyboard and mouse that come with this device. However, I have found this to be of not the same quality as the tablet, which is such a shame. Although the keys give you precise feedback, I find them a slightly poor quality and they move around too much for my liking. Also, the material is made of its very nice to the touch, however, Im really not a fan of how it comes together.

At the end, I find a cheap feeling and almost sort of cheap looking as well. So that is a massive disappointment. There is also no backlighting here, which would be much appreciated and essential for a keyboard in 2022. There is no USB a port here which would have also been nice to see the camera comes equipped with a 12 Mavericks or rear facing camera, and that does a fantastic job of capturing those essential pictures that you might need. However, its not a camera oriented device, of course, the webcam on this device is also clear, with fantastic audio pickup and does a job for those Skype calls when needed. Battery life on this device is a slight weak point. I found around three hours of heavy use resorts in a complete battery drain and will need charging charging speed, however, is fantastic. With its 66 watt charger in the Box, I get a full charge in around 50 minutes. Of course, this sacrifice Im willing to make when the screen is this bright and this nice to use. You know edit in Word, documents edit in photos watching YouTube. Videos has never looked so good on any sort of tablet or laptop. In my opinion, couple is fantastic design and Sleek design with a custom, keyboard and custom Mouse, and you really have got yourself a modern, looking, well specked and really versatile and usable workstation. No matter where you go. Audio was also a massive Plus on this tablet, with fantastic quad speakers tuned by Harden Kardon.

You get fantastic bass for any device of this size and some really clear highs, as well as some mids and thats surprising, on a device that is this size. I must admit I was extremely impressed with the speakers on this device, so its going to cut through a new background noise, no problem at all for security. You also have a really well positioned and really quick and responsive fingerprint scanner, so Im really trying to push the channel at the moment. So please tap that like button and hit that subscribe button, it makes a massive difference. It really helps play into that YouTube algorithm. So if you like, what you see please like comment and subscribe below Im trying to new editing Styles, some new filming angles, its um different equipment.