What you need to know about it. So, to begin with, this device feels like huawei, have actually thought about portability and function. On first glance, it looks like a tablet, its incredibly thin at around 7.99 millimeters and weighing in and around 709 grams, which makes it easy to use one handed in this form. As well as carry around now, if youve been looking for a windows, 11 laptop thats, ultra portable for work or travel, then i think the matebook e is a serious contender. The tablet form works great with huaweis m pencil, which adds another way of getting the most out of this device for sketching and note taking, and the display on this is an oled huaweis full view display thats, vibrant with its sharp colors and brightness its got an Impressive 90 screen to body ratio and supports a wide p3 color gamut, so changing it into a laptop, is super easy using this case that doubles as a keyboard touchpad and stand system from huawei. I like how thin the case is, despite having a comprehensive keyboard and touchpad incorporated right into it, though, hopefully in the next version id like to see. While we change up the stand to give us more angles, we can adjust it too and also a keyboard that has a backlight. So the huawei mate book e comes powered by intel core processors, with mine being the i5 variant and intel iris, xc graphics, and you can get these 16 gb ram configuration with up to 512 gigabytes of fast ssd storage.

Now its running microsoft, 11 right out of the box and its the first mate book to do so, and i like how both the os and the additional software tweaks are optimized for touch, screen, experiences and huawei also have a number of additional software features that are Really useful for those looking for device management. Huawei are pivoting this device as a three inch screens in one laptop, so youve got both the tablet, the laptop mode, but also a third in the form of a smartphone mode, with a simple tap of your huawei smartphone. On the touchpad, you get what huawei refer to as one super device that allows more control between the different huawei devices, so you get to focus on one screen and use both devices as required with a simple, drag and drop. You can obviously share documents, photos and videos between devices. Whats impressive is that this doesnt require an internet connection, so youre able to get multi screen collaboration and even use files on your phone on the matebook e, like its another folder, its pretty cool, and i think this is going to be really helpful for a whole Range of productivity and entertainment scenarios, so talking of entertainment, the huawei mate book e also features an impressive pair of speakers that give you a multi dimensional audio experience. Thanks to this high bandwidth of the quad speakers and theres also a front and rear hd cameras and four microphones, along with useful ai noise cancellation.

So all of this will help clearer and better quality. Video calls on the device now battery life. Experience has been a little mix. For me. It features a 42 watt battery and huawei include a 65 watt portable charger, its very small. This gives you about 50 charge from zero. In around 30 minutes. I was able to get around four to five hours worth of heavy use and testing, while using the matebook e. But, as always, you know more battery life is welcome, but battery life will also depend heavily on how you use your pc individually. So something to be aware of look all in all. I think the huawei mate book e is certainly a serious contender, a laptop for those of you that are keen on portability and functionality. With this three in one screens, youve got good software tweaks and obviously its running windows 11 as well ill. Be posting pricing, information and availability in the comments below.