These days is getting an actual desktop experience on a tablet: aka getting a windows tablet like the matebook e, a good idea. What are the pros and cons associated with picking one up lets find out in todays video, hey guys ash here from c4etech and if you do end up liking. What you see here thumbs up subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that bell icon and lets get started. Starting with the pros first up, the display, the matebookkey has an amazing one, its a 12.6 inch panel 16×10 oled its supposed to have a 600 net peak brightness. So plenty bright, ive been using this for a few weeks now and i got ta say the viewing experience has been excellent. The resolution here is 2560 by 1600 pixels making for a 240 pixels per inch. Pixel density now thats right up there with the tab. Ultra is in the ipad pros, text appears crisp and its also pretty color accurate with 100 dc ip3 coverage, so photoshop, for example, works great for it. The second generation m pencil support also comes in more than handy here. The latency is just two milliseconds, so if you finally cut something sketch or take down notes, this is pretty useful. Now it pairs and charges we are being placed on top of the tablet. It has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and there are a couple of tip options to see what works best for you. Initially, i was worried about palm rejection.

These bezels theyre, just so damn thin, but huawei has done really good. I could hold it like this or even jot down notes with my palm on screen in it caused no issues whatsoever. Now talking about bezels lets talk, form factor the matebook e, the tablet, at least its got a 90 screen to body ratio, its just eight millimeters thick and weighs in a little more than 700 grams, now thats lesser than some of the handle consoles. I own, of course, its not going to be great if you want to constantly hold it in hand. 700 grams is still too heavy for that, but occasionally pick it up and do something its not really cumbersome. Now the build quality is also a major plus. Here we have glass to both the front and back with metal all around and thats kind of curved, so as to not cut into the pump well on that topic, let me quickly show you whats on the sides in the landscape orientation to the right. We have a usb type c port. This is thunderbolt 4. With display out you can connect the matebookkey to an external, monitor or say any gpu and play actual aaa games up top. We have the volume keys and heres where the pencil charges now to the left. You have a fingerprint scanner thats built into the power button. It works with windows, hello and its pretty quick theres, also a 3.5 millimeter combo jack here and finally to the bottom.

You get the pogo pins for that keyboard expansion. I really like how theres no notch or cutout for the selfie camera the matebookie 8 megapixel selfie shooter thats, better than what you generally see on windows laptops right next to it is a privacy indicator led to show you when that camera is on this camera can Do full hd video at up to 60 fps and its pretty clear another advantage are the microphones. There are four and well. Let me just cut to a sample to show you guys better. This is 1080p footage captured via the matebook e and its the inbuilt microphones. That are picking this up sounds pretty good. This is weird zoom in when shooting 1080 60.. I have no idea why this happens. It isnt any software. I can zoom in this much via software. I cant really zoom out. So this is something thats, quite confusing, to be honest, theres also, a 13 megapixel camera to the back. The fact that you get a rear camera on windows apparently makes its way to the pros column. Barely talking about baron is sneaking. Its way on to pros is performance, i say sneaking because you dont get the latest 12 gen intel here, but you do get 11 gen core i3 i5 and i7 options. My unit here is the 1130 g7. The i5 ive spent enough time with the i7 on a different product. These are good cpus and they are more than sufficient for regular work.

You know browsing spreadsheets, taking down notes, putting together presentations. Huawei also happens to have done well with the cooling. There is a not too noisy fan on the inside now this is the main bookkey under full load. They have vents here and they are pretty well hidden now this is a windows machine with laptop internals. After all, so it does get hot if youre running at full throttle. But for me, if im gon na, be you doing something intense, then im gon na probably have it in this setup with the keyboard and all that. But when i hold it in hand with almost all my use cases, it never got hot enough to be uncomfortable, also the quad speakers here, even at about 50 percent, they can more than drown out any fan noise. The media experience is actually quite excellent and, with that said and done its time to talk cons, the glass back is cool and all but heres the issue weve always given it a matte finish and its a fingerprint magnet its almost impossible to keep it clean. Now, if youre thinking uh shut up, you can just throw a case on it. Well, you cant do that enough. Can you because this is the way it slots in with the keyboard, so you need to place the tablet so that the pogo pins actually connect and having a case will hinder it. So youre gon na have to use it naked whenever you use it as a tablet.

Now here i really love samsung solution having the back part separate from the keyboard, so that you dont, you know when you need the keyboard cool, but if youre just going to use it as a tablet, you still get a stand to prop it up and also Some protection for the back extra grip and all that now the next con on this list. I feel this is the biggest one, the i o or the lacquer off. Now. Of course, you dont get into a windows tablet and expect type, a ports, hdmi or ethernet, and talking about which you dont actually need ethernet with this one, because you have wi fi 6 support and its a good chip. I usually got more than gigabit speeds wirelessly, but microsd would have been nice or, at the very least, having an extra type c port so that i didnt find myself having to choose between storage and charging. Now, given the form factor, the storage is not swappable. Thats understandable, so you choose between 128 256 and 512 gigs of storage 816 gigs of ram when you buy it and thats what youre gon na have to live with. So wanting to add, a portable drive makes sense, but you cant do that when youre charging i mean you can, but then youre gon na have to get yourself a dongle or a dock, which is not very convenient, and you usually choose something like this. For the convenience factor, so i would have really loved to see an extra type c port.

At the very least now this would have been a less of an issue if the battery life was great. This is not a knock on way. The battery life is actually good here for a windows tablet, but the keyword is windows. Tablet, windows, isnt as power efficient as android or ipad os, so youre gon na have to reach for that charger more often than not, with typical day to day use. I found myself getting four to six hours with mixed kind of usage and thats, where this whole issue comes up now. The next issue is again not specific to the mate bookkey, but in general, with keyboard case, add on form factors and like with the laptop. The top is what is heavy here, so you need an actual flat surface to type on keeping it on your lap. Doesnt. Really work, the keyboard itself is actually pretty cool, the keys are well spaced out and it has 1.3 millimeters travel. Personally, i would have loved to see a backlight on this, but its still very usable, no complaints. So these are basically all the pros and cons of the matebook e. It starts at 26.99 aed and for that price, what huawei has on offer does make sense. But the big question is: do you need a windows hybrid and the answer to that? Sadly, with most people – probably not because if your workload is light enough, then youd probably be better off with an android tablet or an ipad.

You get better portability battery life, but if your workload is heavy, then youre gon na you know say, for example, youre gon na want to do a lot of video, editing or game. Then the power available, the limited storage in the i o would mean a proper laptop would work better. But if your requirements are just right, your workload is heavier than what you can get out of a mobile os, but its not heavy enough to warrant going all out laptop. You would like the convenience, the form factor here then the matebook key is an excellent option to consider, and that is my take on it. What do you think about the mate bookkey and windows tablets in general? Let me know in the comments below and with that we are at the end of this video thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it. Subscribe turn on notifications hit that bell icon, if you havent yet, and thanks a lot for watching until next time. My name is ash. Youve been watching c4 tech and im signing off. For now.