This 12.6 inch tab converts into a makeshift windows laptop using a snazzy keyboard dock, similar to microsofts surface shenanigans, with full support for huaweis m pencil. Stylus and huawei was kind enough to send me a maid bucky ahead of the official launch, so lets whip it on out of the box, taking a full on two of the hardware and the software and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so weve got the full kit here: the matebook e, the keyboard dock and the stylus pen and goddamn. I wish i had fingernails, ah triumphant, so in the box, youve got the actual tablet itself and you do actually get the uh matebookie keyboard dock, bundled with it as well, but because this is an early review device, this just appears to be an empty box, and This is has actually got the keyboard dock in it. There you go so at least, unlike some rivals, you do actually get the keyboard with the tablet bloody hell, making a meal out of this like, however, i do believe you have to pay extra for the m pencil stylus. If you want a bit of that action and inside the actual tablet box, you get, the matebook youve also got one beefy power, adapter a type c to type c, usb, cable and thats. Basically, it nice and simple so lets check out the tab. So naturally, the main benefit of the huawei mate bucky over traditional windows laptops is the portable design.

That screen is surrounded by incredibly skinny bezels, so very little in the way of bulk added there and its only eight millimeters thick as well. So, just as slender, as a lot of the more premium tablets out there from the likes of samsung and apple, the actual tablet bit of the huawei mate bucky is 709 grams, definitely got a good heft to it. So you will start to feel it in your biceps when youre clutching it for too long. Then, if you also factor in the keyboard dock, this adds another 440 grams to the mere bucky setup, so good job im a big strong boy, then, as for your color options, well, the mirror bucky is available in just this one simple finish: the rather exciting and Thrilling nebula, grey, tasty stuff. I think right about now. My nipples are probably hard enough to cut right through my t shirt. Well, we reckon this is quite a tranquil finish, but im starting to get the heebie jeebies from all the finger grease. That is immediately latching itself onto this back end. We do actually have a couple of light scratches on that arse as well. Im not really sure where lets pick, that up from because ive literally just set this thing up in selection of ports, as you would expect from a tablet style device. Pretty slim pickings here, youve got a thunderbolt 4 port, though, which is great to see this supports. Display port connections, you can get hooked up to a monitor or projector or whatever, and its also used to power up the made bucky.

Meanwhile, over on the opposite edge. Youve got your headphone jack youve also got your power button, which doubles up as a fingerprint sensor. So when you want to turn your mate back here and all you need to do is just press your digits to that power button and there you go a couple of seconds later youre into your desktops. The huawei mate bucky is running the latest freshest windows, 11. Os of course, well dive into some of those features and bonus huawei bits in a bit, but first of all lets check out that gorgeous oled screen its a 12.6 inch panel, so nice and spacious for getting your gaming on the go kicking back with some marvel Action maybe even doing some work, its a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, so not particularly well suited to movies, actually gets a massive letterboxing with more cinematic fare, but still perfectly fine, and it is well suited to browsing the web more creative tasks. Things like that 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution that gives you 240 pixels per inch, so nice crisp, visuals and because its an oled panel, of course, naturally you get some nice poppy visuals. Those colors really shine. Nice sharp contrast as well deep blacks. You got full hdr support and also, if you dive into the display settings, youll find the adaptive color feature. This means that the color temperature can dynamically shift to match the ambient environments or you get less blue light in the evenings.

For instance, your refresh rate does top off at 60 hertz, though theres no 90 or 120 hertz option and no complaints for the brightness levels either on the maximum brightness. This thing hits a peak of around 600 nits and certainly outdoors visibility is fine, even though it is, as you can see, theyre quite a reflective display, theres, no anti glare finish and then, of course, theres the audio and what you have here is a quad speaker Arrangement, the speaker, grilles, are actually housed in this narrow ridge running alongside the edge of the huawei mate book e on the left and right sides and lets see if that sound quality is actually any good. Hello, gorgeous peeps, im chris from texburn and today were going to be checking out the intel, nook 12 x stream, which my cat has just currently revealed for you absolutely planned to the second that was so pretty good thats just on the medium volume settings as well. Not even properly maxed out, and certainly already pretty, damn loud, reasonably clear as well, not quite as crisp as you know, the super premium stuff youll get from like some samsung and apple lets, just bump it all up to the maximum volume out of curiosity and what It is is a charmingly compact, desktop gaming rig or sff if youre into the whole geek lingo and wow yeah, thats, pretty bloody, loud id, say thats easily a match for uh the ipads and all the rest as well.

So, certainly if you are going to be working in a noisy environment quite a lot, you need some powerful speakers to cut through all the background clamor. This should do the job more than nicely and, of course, as i mentioned before, youve got that headphone jack on the side and for bluetooth 5.1 support as well, so in its primary state. If you will the huawei mate book e can be used just as your standard tablet, you can, you know, browse the internet, do whatever you need, you can have a browse of some tech youtube videos. If you want to do a bit of that, oh god, these look so much better than the that i turn out. Ive definitely found in my limited time, with the mere bucky that it is comfortable to clutch as a tablet, despite those really skinny bezels surrounding the screen and thankfully finger and palm intrusion on the display. Doesnt really seem to be an issue. Youve got some really smart touch recognition on here, so that palm flab is basically just disregarded. Now in tablet mode, the huawei m pencil style is sold separately is ideal for creative types. If you want to sketch scribble take notes whatever this second gen stylus weighs naf. All and supports the usual 4096 levels of pressure and theres no noticeable latency whatsoever, so its a very enjoyable experience, pairing the stylus up with the mirrorbook, absolutely piece of piddle, just slap it on the top end.

There theres a magnetic connection that holds it in place and, as you can see there, the m pencil will actually charge up as well when its slapped on that top end wirelessly, so thats quite handy and it seems to recharge really quickly as well. Just a minute and a bit on there and its already powered up an extra nine percent so certainly wont take long to reach full. Oh and you also get a couple of bonus names bundled in the box as well and theres. Another bonus, the huawei m pencil. Apparently, doubles up as an entertaining cats toy the fuzzy little bugger, absolutely loved it now. Windows, 11, obviously isnt an ideal touch interface exactly but at least it does offer some pretty decent multi touch gestures now so, for instance, swipe left or right with three fingers and youll swap between your different apps. You could also swipe down with three fingers in order to minimize everything and get back to your desktops and, of course, at any point, you can convert the mirror bucky into a laptop style device simply by mounting it on the keyboard dock. Like so and then youre instantly ready for action, youve got a good bit of stiff hinge action on here as well. So absolutely no trouble propping up the mate bucky at basically any angle and yeah its a perfectly respectable keyboard dock. Certainly, those that key stretch the full length of the chassis so making the most of that compact limited space and its a comfortable enough type and actually its very shallow travel.

Of course, as you would expect, on a keyboard cover just 1.3 mils. In fact, according to huawei but id be perfectly happy smashing out a script on this thing, only problem being that theres, no backlighting, of course, so good luck using it in the evenings and of course, the only other problem with a two in one form factor like This is that it only really works with the keyboard dock if youve got a flat, stable surface to rest it on like. So if you try using it on your actual lap, well youre kind of either destined to feel or at the very least, just look like a bit of a tit. Now the made book e is one of the first huawei devices to fit neatly into its fresh new super device ecosystem, which had announced out at nwc 2022. Along with this tablet. The whole point of this is it basically takes into device connectivity to a whole new level, which is great news if youre a huawei, fanboy or fangirl fan person, and you have lots of huawei gadgets lying about the place. I wont go into any more detail on the whole huawei super device – shenanigans right here in this video, because weve still got lots of ground to cover, but theres plenty, more information to be found on huaweis website. Now, if youre unfortunate enough to spend a good chunk of your adult existence on the likes of zoom or god forbid, microsoft teams well, youve got 8 megapixel front facing camera, just housed above the display here, and this certainly seems to capture a pretty crisp and detailed Hd image of your mug a little bit too much detail.

If you ask me, boss will be able to clearly pick up on the uh the bags under your eyes, ive been doing all those late night fortnite sessions and when that webcam is in use, youve got this big led flashing on right here. So at least youre. Not caught unawares, you can also shoot full hd video with a front facing camera if you want as well theres also a quad mic arrangement built into the huawei mate bucky, to pick up on your voice. If you are skyping zoom and whatever, without using a headset for whatever reason and for some bloody reason, youve also got a 13 megapixel rear camera here on the huawei matebook e, which ive never really understood why you have rear cams on tablets unless its to appease Those annoying who basically go to gigs and then hold up a tablet record on the whole thing, so no one else can actually see anything. Now. Sadly, you wont find the freshest 12th gen intel core processors stuffed inside the mirbuck e. Instead, youve got a choice of the 11th gen core i3 1110 g4, the core i5 1130 g7 or the core i7 1160 g7. This is backed by the 8 or 16 gigs of ddr4 ram, depending on how much money you throw at huawei and as far as the visuals go, those are handled by the integrated iris graphics. In the case of the core i5 and the core i7 models, its iris xe, to help manage any pesky heat, buildup youve got a single shark fin cooling van packed inside of this chassis.

This just pumps the hot air. Out of these little vents, you can see up top youve also got a super skinny vapor chamber and an eight layer, heat dissipation stack, but all the same dont expect to really push the huawei mate bucky, with intensive creative tasks like video editing, your limits are definitely The likes of photo editing and you can do some lighter gaming as well on more older and more basic titles which pose no problems whatsoever. And, of course, yes, browsing on the likes of google chrome with dozens of tabs open simultaneously, not really an issue either or your standard office tasks and everything, while were mate booker. You can smash through all of that with naria grumble and you look like a bit of a benchmarking fan there so heres some of that hot benchmark action for you, cinebench at release, 20 spaffed out a score of 927, pretty standard for core i5 with iris. Pretty basic stuff youve got geekbench 5 as well single core 862 and multi core 4650. for your networking needs. Youve got full wi fi 6 support on the mirrorbook e, but there is no sim slots. You cant get a bit of lte or 5g action on the go when you are roaming about, and likewise there is no memory card support on here either. So you are stuck with the onboard storage, your options there being a choice between a 128 gig, 256 or 512 gig nvme ssd thats for battery life well been really putting this thing through its paces.

The last few hours doing a bit of benchmark and streaming lots of video playing on general justin. Naturally, and it seems to be ticking down around an average of 20 per hour. So you can expect around five hours of full on use from a single charge. And i mean full on use, but of course, ive literally been using this thing for one day chances are. The battery life may improve after a few days, once its done all the various updates, etc, etc. Thats just a sort of rough early guideline so anyway. That, in a nutshell, is the huawei mate book e with a nifty keyboard doc to turn it from tablet into laptop. So what do you guys recommend? Are your thoughts down in the comments below? Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more hot mwc 2022 action. Theres lots on the go uh today got uh samsung later on. Today, weve got uh poco and real me and all kinds of stuff tomorrow so definitely do not want to miss out on all those hot gadgets. Thingies brian is absolutely scrambled from all of this mwc action, but anyway have yourselves a lovely, bloody rest of the weekend and ill see you on the other side.