It was released April of last year and it has aged well and its still actually one of the best laptops that you can buy in the market right now. So Im talking about none other than the Huawei mate book. T15. 2022.. In this video well talk about the features that makes the laptop a standout even in the year 2023. So before we get into the list of the features Id like to. Thank you all Geeks for actually been with us since the start, and if youre new to the Channel, please give us some love by Smashing that subscribe button or hitting the thumbs up for this video so without further Ado. Lets dive in lets go foreign Music, D15 and by its moniker. You would know that this is a 15 inch laptop and by laptop standards. This is big enough to accommodate all the tasks that were doing with a Computing machine, and this is not just a laptop with big screen. Its display is optimized to be used with multiple apps running side by side, for example, youre working with a document through a Microsoft Word on the side, and then you are opening a browser for cross referencing on the lap side, which is technically my working setup by The way another thing is the three sided trim down bezel, which is very slim. It actually makes the display even more expansive. I also love the fact that the panel has a third brain land, low blue light and flicker free certification.

So you know me when Im not on my phone Im in front of my laptop, so this feature is really a great help in keeping my eyes fresh and sharp all day long. The number two feature of the matebook p15 that Im thrilled to have even up to this day, is its design for a minimalist guy. Like me, this piece of tech is like a luxury item. I always carry this around when Im in a coffee, shop or Im in a library, also a travel lab. So aside from the cleanest edits, the matebook D15 only weighs 1.6 kilograms, so I always slide it in my bag. Whenever I go so technically, I dont have to have a separate bag for the laptop. I can just slide it in my travel bag and thats very convenient to have, especially when Im traveling with lighter baggage. Of course, it has a very generous set of ports um. It has one USB port, one HDMI port in case you need to hook it up for an external monitor, two USB, a 2.0 ports, One USB 3.2 gen 1 Port and get this it has a headphone jack and did I also mention that you can hide the Actual camera of the laptop – this is something else very often when Im in conference call – and I dont want to show my face in the camera view, so I physically shot the camera down and whenever I accidentally pressed the camera function in my conference.

App Im. Still quite sure that I wont be registered in the camera because physically recessed, okay, before we continue how about you guys comment down below your favorite feature in a laptop or what tasks do you do mostly with your laptop Im, quite interested to know? Okay, the third one is the processing power. The matebook T15 may be a light laptop, but that does not take away its capability in efficiently handling tasks. On paper, my laptop is powered by 11th gen Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Iris XE Graphics. So I really appreciate the fact that Im not spending much time in loading apps and even if I multitask Im not experiencing app crashes and of course I would also like to mention that, even if its a powerful device, its still a very quiet, laptop Im, really Not sure how Huawei is this part, but I think it has something to do with the 0.2 millimeter Huawei shark fin fan technology. I also do gaming with the Huawei matebook D15, my favorite card graphic game. The legends of rentera runs very well with the matebook T15. Its very engaging on a large screen and if situated properly on a desk, the hit build up, is quite manageable. Of course, I love streaming shows in Netflix or Disney, plus so with the matebook, d15s large screen and capable speakers. This is my goal to entertainment device, especially when Im on the go or when Im not in my home office.

So up next is the laptops. Wi Fi sex capability, Wi Fi 6, has been a very essential innovation in the past few years and it will definitely continue to dominate this 2023. good thing. The Huawei matebook D15 has a Wi Fi sex technology when connected with a Wi Fi 6 router. I take advantage of a wider coverage, stronger signal and faster Wi Fi speed. Even if I have several devices connected on my network in turn, I dont have to worry about slow internet, its really a great thing that, while a feature proof this device with Wi Fi 6. for the number 5 feature – or I guess, features tied in the number 5 position are the software and Battery. As for the software, the matebook D15 boots with Windows 11 home. One thing I like owning multiple Huawei devices is their seamless inter device connectivity, the Huawei, mate books, D15 drag and drop multi screen collaboration has been very useful since I use a Huawei phone in taking photos and videos, you can also open at most free phone apps In your laptop for better multitasking or even access your phones files from the laptop on top of that, you can simply transfer calls from your phone to your laptop battery wise. The Huawei matebook D15 2022 is packed with 56 watt hour battery capability. This could last a considerable amount of time away from the wall outlet. In my own experience, I last 5 6 hours in a working day.

Charging it from 0 to 100 would only take me roughly one and a half hours due to the 60 watt supercharged support. Well, if youre thinking of getting a Huawei matebook, D15 2022 laptop, this could be the best chance to have one Huawei is having a New Year. Sale were in, you can get up to 6 000 pesos off of Huawei devices and up to 13 900 98 pesos worth of freebies. For example, the 8 gig 512 gig variant of the Huawei matebook D15 is only priced at 37, 999., its down from its original price of ‘ 999.. If youre interested, you can always check out Huawei online stores or their brick and mortar stores near you, okay, to wrap everything up. Im telling you this guys the Huawei matebook D15 2022 with 11th gen Intel Core processor is still one of the most best value laptops. Today I mean this year of 2023 is still one of the best laptops that you can buy right now, with its stunning display simple, yet minimalist design, Wi Fi, 6 connectivity and 11th gen Intel Core processor. This device is still worth considering during this 2023, so I guess thats all for me Geeks.