That said, that model was so famous that even some compared it with apple’s macbook pros this year. Huawei have upgraded the matebook d14 and the matebook d15 before we dive in deeper. If you guys are new to this channel, then make sure to be subscribed to login the tech guy youtube channel. My youtube videos consist of infographic tech, comparison, laptop videos and voiceover laptop comparison. Videos too, which i will be doing for the matebook d15 t14, and also the matebook x pro 2021 version. I had my hands on on these latest arrivals from huawei be sure to be subscribed for that speaking of tag. I also do tech review videos and sometime, if i have some time to spare, i will cover the science and engineering topics too. With that said, let’s get started, as always in all the videos. Let’S start with the price standpoint. The 2091 version of the huawei mate book d15 comes approximately 980 dollars for the i7 models. With that price point, the huawei matebook d15 2021 version comes with a 15.6 inch display which is top notch and befitting of the price, with a full hd ips panel. The laptop also has a screen to body ratio of 87, which is pretty good. The screen comes with 16 by 9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1920 by 1080p. The 29 version of the matebook d15 has a flicker free and a reduced blue light certification from tuv railin for better eye comfort during use with the thin bezels huawei manages to fit in the large screen without making the matebook d15 heavier or bulkier, but they come At a cost, a webcam that’s, barely usable with no room for conventional size.

Camera sensor, in top display bezel huawei, has opted to place 720p webcam in a hidden pop up button in the keyboard between the f5 and f6 keys, and it pops up with the touch where your fingers block it. While you are typing with this webcam feature, you can pop the camera down into the keyboard when it’s not in use to thwart webcam hackers from spying on you. But the real nuisance is when you use it while typing during zoom classes, it will actually block your camera view as far as parts and connectors go. The 1.56 kg laptop comes with two usb 3.1 connectors on the right side, along with a 3.5 mm jack. The left side holds a single usb type c port that doubles as a laptop’s charging port. It also supports reverse charging in a powered off state, along with another, usb 3.1 connectors and a full size, hdmi port. The only thing that i don’t, like with the port layout, is that you lose a type c port when the laptop is plugging and taking power, though the upside here is that you can use a power bank if it’s powerful enough to touch the mate book. D15. 2081 version, if you can’t, find a wall socket to plug into unlike the 2020 version, where the chipsets were from amd ryzen chips. This year, the matebook d15 comes with latest cutting edge, intel’s 11 generation processor, with the 16 gigabytes of memory and up to 512 gigabytes of ssd.

Those are some significant upgrades from the 2020 version of the d15 11th generation chip managed to beat the ryzen 5. 3. 500? U that was in previous model, but fails to put significant distance between it and the ryzen 5. 4. 600 h on the matebook 14 2021 version. In fact, the core i5 1135 g7 was beaten by the ryzen 5 4 600 h in almost every metric. In our synthetic benchmark test, the only appreciable win that the core i5 1135 g7 had over the technically older processor of the amd was in the graphical performance, which translated into better pc mark 10, 3d mark and geekbench 5 computer scores where the gpu performance is put At a premium, the matebook d15 is designed for portable work for students and working professionals who aren’t graphic designers or video editors and it’s more than lives up to that part, this all thanks to the inclusion of intel’s new iris xc, integrated graphics in the chip, though The better graphical score, doesn’t necessarily translate to better performance gaming, wise, the huawei matebook, d15 2021 version, doesn’t have discrete graphics, and while you are technically getting better graphical performance versus slasher model, you are getting a few additional frames at best with more mainstream games like cs. Go and valerian now for some asian countries other than china. I got a news from huawei representatives saying that the models will only come in intel’s i5 models, not sure why huawei did that, but maybe later in the year, they might include the i7 models for that.

Huawei has built an effective thermal dual fan system on this device, but it’s dubbed as shock fin that keeps this machine cool and i can avoid for its performance. Even if you keep on into those quiet night time, don’t be bothered by the annoying fan noise. The ultra twin 0.2 millimeter huawei shark fin fan improved heat dissipation by 24 to keep things cooler all that, while remaining quiet as a mouse for the battery life, which isn’t anything to write home about with the 42 watt hour rated battery capacity. The youtube battery drain. On the laptop test recorded a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes with the better battery preset turn on this included with 65 watt hours, charging bit also tops up the machine from 0 to 100 ranges under 2 hours, like huawei’s other mate books. The 2021 version of the d15 also has huawei share the quick and convenient sharing system that allows you to quickly transfer files from your phone to pc. Take note that the use of this feature you will need to have huawei phone that runs em ui. One touch all access is what huawei calls this laptop. Your finger is your passport to fully access huawei mate book d15 press, the fingerprint power button at the top right of the keyboard, and it will read your fingerprint to power on and lock you in instantly the faster and more secure way to start up. The touchpad is equipped with a huawei shell, where you can place your huawei phone to activate it.

The trackpad is nice and big and makes a satisfying click when you press on it. The mate book, d15 2021 version uses the island style keys that span the width of the laptop stasis. The matebook d1521 has an excellent key travel and is very tactile which makes typing on them a breeze note that the keyboard is not backlit and the hinge opening is up to 145 degrees angle. Only the laptop comes with dual speakers and dual microphone, which makes online class experience good, huawei, mate book d15 rewrites the rulebook when it comes to sound its custom, audio algorithm, provides truly pristine, surround sound that washes over you, like a cool breathtaking wave, forget laptop sound. This is made book sound. This laptop comes with wi fi 6, which is a revolution to enjoy network speeds up to 2.7 times faster than the previous generation. That means you will get to upload and download files up to incredible 2.4 gigabytes per second move into a faster internet future now huawei says – and it also comes with the bluetooth 5.1. Now, before i jump into the pros and the cons of the huawei mate book – d15 2021 version – if you like what you’re watching a sub to this channel, will be massively appreciated. I also have made the review of the latest 2021 version of the huawei mate book x pro you can find it up here and if you want to see the review, video or the comparison, video between huawei, matebook, d14, d15 and macbook x, pro then make sure To be subscribed that video is coming in the coming weeks for the pros of the huawei mate book: d15 2021 version.

It comes with sleek design and it comes with integrated fingerprint scanner. It comes with updated 11th gen, cpu and gpu. It has a decent battery life and it comes with fast ssds. Well for the console, the huawei mate book, d15 2021 version. It has an awkward webcam placement since last year, and it comes with the huawei shell, which requires you to have huawei mobiles, to use it with the full functionality and it’s more expensive than the model it replaces, which is the 2020 version. Huawei has refreshed the excellent 15 inch matebook d15 for 2021.. The new model now comes with the intense cut and serve as good alternative to the amd powered models unveiled last year. If you are okay with the webcam placement, then this 2021 version of the d15 makes it suitable for studying or office usage, a notebook for all. Before i end this video, this video is made based on my hands on usage on the 2021 version of the huawei matebook d15. The views pros and the cons were made based on my usage on the laptop there’s, no compensation and no copy approval provided by the manufacturers to me, and certainly no any early previews of this video were given to huawei logan the tag guy works for the viewers And not the brand manufacturers that’s it for this review of the huawei mate book d15 2021 version, which is versatile and both on upper hand on its own. Are you impressed with this laptop? Do let me know in the comments i’m coming out with the reviews of the d14 2021 version and i’ve also do the tech comparison.

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