So, a little bit of time ago, we did do a review on one of the previous macbook pros. It was a fantastic laptop, the emerald green edition, and it was great for a little bit of gaming. A little great for a little bit of video, editing and perfect photo editing at a really fantastic screen, and these two laptops here are very, very smaller brothers and sisters as such of those laptops, and i really think they’re great for photo editing. So let’s have a play and see what they do. So we have the matebook 14 inch and the matebook 13 inch here both of these are 2k touch screen displays. The color on these displays is absolutely fantastic for photo editing, we’ve tested these displays ourselves and they’re extremely color accurate and the 2k display is really really pin sharp. So you really can see all those details, they’re quite bright as well, so in those sunny lit days under the hood in the 13 inch we’ve got the intel core i5 and in the 14 we have the ryzen 7.. Now, both of these laptops there’s about 50 pounds difference between them at current prices, down below now, for a little bit of gaming, you can run some of those more cpu based games. More of like your counter strikes your fortnights and so on, and so they’re forth. They run the sims really well, which you know i quite enjoy this things every now and then from time to time, jurassic world evolution they run those games perfectly fine, just don’t expect them to be running anything like your cyberpunks anytime soon.

One thing i do like about the 13 inch model is: it does have this iphone like touch clicker, so it’s like a more like a vibration to it. The 14 inch is more of a traditional big old click. Both feature fingerprint login. The 14 does feature two usb slots on one side: a hdmi port, a usb c port and a headphones jack. The 13 features one usb c on one side and one usb on the other side and a headphones jack now. Don’T expect these to be ultimate kind of powerhouses, of really really advanced editing, but to view your photos on the go to check out things like lightroom to export, batches and stuff they’re, not too bad, they’re really really powerful. And what i love about the most again, is they fit in a rucksack and leave you tons of space? I have a larger, a asus nitro. 5.. Let me grab it. This is my nitro 5, and this thing is massive. This does have an rtx 2060 in it, but the one thing that annoys me about this is: i cannot find a bag out there for lava money. That fits this thing, so i can take it on the go it’s not really designed for video editing it’s. More of a gaming computer, but i still would like a rucksack that this would actually fit in, but unfortunately not so on the go that’s where these guys fit right. In absolutely perfectly, i can do a little bit of light gaming on them.

Um a little bit of video editing more so for photography for me now i cannot stress it enough. The quality of these laptops is absolutely fantastic. It really is that apple esque apple, esque design. It feels really nice. Both these laptops weigh about 1.3 kilograms and 1.5 kilograms, so they are extremely lightweight, whereas my uh rtx nitro 5 is about 2 kilograms, absolutely beefy and you always need to plug in the power supply to be able to get the full whack out of it. The charge is fees as well are really really bag friendly. They are quite flat and low profile, just pop up and go usbc again. The only downside to these laptops really for photography is they have no actual dedicated card sd slot, but something like a simple dongle will do it, so the 14 inch does have a full size hdmi out with the 13 knot. So if you do want to display on another big screen, this is probably the way forward, although you can get a dongle for this one such as this right here, which will allow me to connect it to a full size, hdmi using usbc personal preference. For me, i do like the really really small one um it’s, really nice and lightweight, and will easily leave a lot of room for lots of other things in my bag. I do like the slightly bigger one it’s about 50 pounds more. It has more beef it’s a slightly bigger screen, but with that said, you know they’re both very very comparable.

So what do they sound like it’s, pretty loud it’s, pretty good, going doesn’t have a massive amount of face, but still comfortable enough for me to watch a film with editing on the go. These things are absolutely perfect. I’D, just love to be able to just slip them on my bag. I know i really like to emphasize that with this um to be able to have this quality of screen, this quality of power and the lightweightness with pretty much an all day battery life. I can leave this thing in my bag for a couple of days. I know it’s going to be charged so i’ve had this laptop sat in my bag for a couple of days – and i know it’s always going to have a bit of juice. Currently, it’s been sitting in the bag for about two days. I know it’s got 66 percent left in it. You do have your traditional performance settings, you can have more performance or better battery life generally or it’s, like stuck in the middle four hours and six minutes remaining at 66 percent and generally, when i’m doing some processing as well. You know you’re going to get like four or four or five hours or so just from photo editing itself just from 100 battery and with that said guys, i really hope you enjoyed this review.