Features include a AMD ryzen, 7, 5, 700u processor, 14, inch, 3×2, 100 S, RGB, touchscreen, 16, gigabytes of memory and 512 gigabytes of storage, wrapped in a lightweight body. Is it still worth buying in early 2023 lets find out Music foreign? The matebook 14 body is made up of aluminum alloy chassis in a space gray. Color not changed from previous models, not a bad thing, as it feels well made Solid to hold in one hand and at 1.45 kilograms or 3.21 pounds has a reassuringly weighty, feel to it. Theres, hardly any Flex on the keyboard deck and the display lid is pretty well protected. Too. Styling is very much a mixture between corporate and MacBook design, cues leading to a premium look theres a chrome effect around the chassis and display sides adding to the classy feel to open the bottom cover unscrew, the 10 T5 screws and pry open the bottom lid. The memory is soldered on so this is not upgradable. However, there is access to change the m.2, SSD storage, the Wi Fi module and the 56 watt hour battery. The display is a 14 inch. Ips 3×2 2160 by 1440 touchscreen by Boe brightness, is rated at 300 nits and color accuracy is at 100 srgb, as the webcam is housed in the keyboard. The 90 screen into body ratio panel has ultra thin bezels connected by a single display hinge. This opens up to a maximum of 150 degrees, giving excellent viewing angles.

You do need to use two hands to open the lid as its fairly rigid. The screen on the matebook 14 is one of the stars of the show its bright exceeding its 300 nits rating colors are vibrant and crisp. Viewing angles are excellent from the IPS panel. The higher resolution leads to more screen area to work on and theres. Also, the bonus of a touchscreen – this was very responsive during daily usage. The one downside is the highly reflective glossy screen it can be used Outdoors, but youll need to find somewhere in the shade to avoid the reflections bouncing off the screen. On the left hand, side we have a USBC 3.2 gen 1 Port charging display port mode, a headphone microphone, 3.5 millimeter stereo Jack and HDMI 1.4 B port on the right. We have two USB type: a 3.2 gen1 ports. The Wi Fi 5 card inside is a Realtek 8822 CE two times two wireless LAN and blue 225 wireless coverage was very good during testing across two rooms and the Bluetooth connection was solid. With the external Mouse and speaker, the matebook 14 has a nicely spaced out keyboard with a handy two level. Backlighting typing on the keyboard is generally very good, accurate and comfortable for long sessions. The one downside is, each key is on the soft side, with a slight spongy key travel. Also dedicated Keys like home and page up and down are missing from the keyboard. You need to hold down the function key in one of the arrow keys to enable these key functions.

The touchpad has a fairly large area for gliding your fingers on Microsoft. Precision drivers provide fast and accurate finger gestures. The glass surface flexes a bit too much for my liking and the integrated buttons could be a bit quieter but thats nitpicking. The audio quality on the matebook 14 is possible at best from the two speakers located on the underside. They can get loud with clear, mids and Highs, but totally lacking in bass, okay, to listen to a few YouTube videos, but if you want decent audio, invest in a Bluetooth headset, instead, similar story can be said for the unique 720p webcam great for privacy, thanks to Activating the webcam by pressing the key to pop it out not so great for the resulting unflattering camera angle, pointing up at your chin and nose. Video quality is average, like most laptop webcams, invest in a decent webcam. If you need to make video calls frequently, this review model has an AMD ryzen. 7 5 700u featuring eight Zen 2 cores clocked out 1.8 gigahertz base speed to 4.3 gigahertz boost TDP is rated at 15 watts. The ryzen 7 5 700u was one of the fastest. U class CPUs in the class of 2021, along with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 3200 in dual Channel mode and 512 gigabytes of nvme pcie 3.0 times 4 m.2, 2280 SSD storage, the matebook 14 flies through general office or college usage, its main target audiences, whether youre working From home typing a report or speaking to colleagues or clients on teams or listening to a Spotify playlist in the background, while working on your dissertation, the matebook 4 14 is quick and responsive.

Benchmarking. Results also show good scores. Cinebench R23 testing produces a score of 9622 multi core and 1257 in single call, 3D marked time. Spy results came in with an overall score of 1196 CPU score 5536 and the graphics score 1051 3dmark time Spike stream overall came in at 613, Graphics, score 536 and CPU score 3356. Pc Mark 10 had an overall score. 5216. geekbench 5.4.5 gave a CPU score 1181. In single core and 6243 multi core and 14 8′ in the compute Benchmark, superposition resulted in score of 2062.. The AMD ryzen 75700 Falls between the Intel, i5, 1240p and inches ahead of the Intel. I7. 1195. G7. The Dual fans keep the matebook cool during General, light to medium workloads with stress testing. We managed over 40 Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit by the vents 38 Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit in the middle of the keyboard. One laptop you can happily use on your lap fan. Noise is also excellent, with near Silent Running at 35 decibels. The majority of the time rising to 38 decibels when under heavy load Graphics, is provided by integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega, 8i GPU. The GPU is based on the Vega architecture and has 8 cus clocked up up to 1 750 megahertz. The GPU would benefit from Dual Channel memory. The RX Vega 8 is not too far behind the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max q and Benchmark results and ahead of the Nvidia Quattro P600 GPU dont expect to play AAA titles on the matebook 14.

. The Vega 8 GPU shows its age playing heavy titles like cyberpunk 2077 in low settings. Only Apex Legends is another example where you would only get 35 frames per second in medium settings, a laptop up to play the occasional lightweight game like Roblox or rocket League inside the matebook 14. We have a 56 watt hour battery working on the document, several web tabs, open, email and music playing in the background. In Balance mode, I managed to get around 7 hours usage before having to charge it. If you run a heavy workload, expect around two hours: theres Quick Charge mode with the 65 watt, USBC power, adapter and theres a decent length in the charging cable. A full recharge of the battery takes just over two hours, The Good, the Bad and the really bad. Superb screen the 3×2 screen is almost perfect for work or school usage, great colors and contrast with a useful touchscreen option too its only let down by the glossy display, which is very reflective in strong light, excellent performance for everyday tasks, theres no complaints from the AMD Ryzen 7, 5, 700u processor, even in early 2023, the 5700u will give you excellent performance. Great pricing huawari have always been great value and heavily discounted devices. Throughout the year for 500 pounds plus taxes, you cant find find a better laptop with a specialist average ports nitpicking, but I wish there was a SD card reader and an additional Thunderbolt 3 USBC Port available.

Otherwise, the three USB ports are adequate one Key webcam. I think its well documented on the web, but the strangely located webcam is a no nose. I mean no, no competition, theres plenty of competition in the everyday 14 inch laptop arena in no particular order here are some to consider HP, Pavilion 14 EC triple zero. Five na Dell, Inspiron 14. Asus Zenbook 14 OLED Acer, Swift, 3 AMD – is the Huawei matebook 14 2021 still worth buying in early 2023. The answer is a big fat. Yes for 500 pounds plus taxes. The maple 14 is a bargain against the competition. Great 3×2 vibrant display, with the added bonus of a touchscreen. You still get excellent performance from the AMD ryzen 7, 5 700u and the generous memory storage, specs, plus the laptop stays silent and cool running. It flies through most working from home or college tasks thrown at it. The keyboard is comfortable to type on, and the battery life lasts nearly a full day before you need to charge it overall. The Huawei matebook 14 2021 is a fantastic Ultrabook for everyday tars. At a bargain price, what do you guys think leave your comments and discuss below hope? You guys enjoyed the review of the Huawei matebook 14 AMD 2021 laptop. Please click on the like button.