This is why ways that make book 13 so 13 inch laptop with a very nice screen on it. It'S touch now at the screen. It has a resolution of 20 months 60 by 1440 P. It does look very nice, nice, large trackpad, here, good keyboard, so it's edge to edge power button has incorporated a fingerprint reader on it. We also have always share which is called so. The configuration comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM 20 256 gigabytes of storage or up to 512 it's nvme PCIe storage. I think that using Samsung drives it of course, it's running a Windows 10 home and it is powered by the core. I7. 85. 65, you or the i5 82 65 you so those are whiskey. Lake processors, the bezels on the screen, are very slim, as you can see, and right at the top we've also got the webcam up there, so they didn't have to resort to putting it down the bottom or a pop out. The camera, like the first mate book froze now the keyboard is backlit. It does have good key travel just pressing down really hard. I can't really feel any flicks with that, which is great capacity, is 42 watt hours. So I don't imagine this is going to have an amazing battery life, especially with that resolution that screen and being touch, I would think, probably about 5 to 6 hours and that's, just a guess now for ports, it's pretty slim pickings, so we have two types II: Ports on either side – and you can get it configured with discreet graphics, so in videos, MX, 150 and they're, not using the crippled 15 watt, TDP version it'll be the 25 watt once you get the maximum performance there.

This current model that they have on display is using the Intel: u HD, graphics, 620 bottom. We have an intake vent here, exit vent right here now I can't judge, because it's very loud here, just how that fair noise is going to be I'd, have to get hands on with it, of course, and then to downwards firing. Speakers left and right there don't, particularly like the location we're down with firing speakers, because you muffle them. If you end up using this on your left and on the top, we do have a kwame logo which actually sticks out. It doesn't sit flush with this finish. There'S, a little bit of flex on the top of the lid it's, a matte aluminium bill that they are using, though quality overall, does feel very good, while we're hasn't posted specs on the weight of it. If it does feel quite heavy, I were given an estimated weight of about two kilos. So it's not the lightest said it is the qua way mate book 13. It looks like a great laptop from what I can tell when they first hands on and first impressions here.