So i got the huawei mate book d13 2020 and i got the version of amd ryzen 7.. There are basically five things now you know, consider constantly buying a laptop, so the first one is the display displaying the laptop second, the portability. Third, the performance, fourth, is the battery and five champion fuel price laptop, the bible enough so well get start reviewing. This laptop lets talk about the design. First, the huawei mate book 13 2020 has 13 inch fhd screen and the design comes into space way and, as you can see, it comes to a minimalist designed by sobrang and to begin with, the display has two by three panel and has 2k resolutions. The colors and saturations, as you can see, are good because marriage from 100 srgb and a 1001 contrast, meaning it is very ideal to people who are into editing like second portability. The huawei mate book 13 is the smallest laptop so far on huawei and it has 1.8 kilograms, so perfect, a perfect shot of parasamanta on traveler Music. Unlike the d14 and d15. It has a one megapixel quality wedding feather for video calls or zoom meeting. If you are working from home and one more thing guys, there is a camera indicator – Music, Music seriously, i was expecting less because i was used to using apple and samsung products, but this huawei has literally changed the game grabe and it has two speakers titusaba one On the left side and the other one among is on the right side, and it has two microphones then third is the performance.

Basically will happen experience, but based on my research, if this laptop is a gaming laptop, i will answer you. Yes, it is for casual gaming and for casual games, parallel games like valorance or triple a games, mejo nikolan kaganda, but try it yourself to cease to believe subbing, because this laptop is more on graphical work and business. For some more students like me and sport is the battery you button is not that good up to five hours with a regular use and it comes with a charger which is a usb type c and pedagogy between your phone and on your the fifth and the Last point that i consider in buying a laptop is the price championship, recall nothing, easy budget. Nothing is nothing laptop for a working student like me, so someone filipino viewers go out there. Another home price for huawei mate. Book 13 is 59 990 pesos, but it depends on survives the people in mo, if bibilan will assume a5 or your intel core 5. It is way more cheaper than i7, which costs i think, 65 000 to 69 000 pesos, but for the people? No, no. No from germany in the bike or laptop car, this laptop from 899 euro to 699 euros so now now 200 euros so compare namansa, macbook air Music, and i think this is a good investment for me. Parasa school risk works. To summarize it all guys. I think you should consider buying the huawei mate book 13 because, as you can see, macbook and it has a minimalistic and sleek design – super slim mirror so branca anya with 1.

3 kilograms anywhere. You want, and somebody named passover, budget cousins and i dont have anything to say at all so brown satisfied also in the biblical laptop right, so i hope not right laptop for you guys and ill see you guys on my next video.