Should you pick so this is the purpose of this video I'm going to go over the differences between them. My first impressions as well between the mate 30 and the mate 30 Pro, and why I, like the other and my reasons behind that so it's, just not as simple choice really when you look at it, because this phone that mate 30, has a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack the mate 30 Pro does not, but it has a larger battery. This one has secured 3d unlocking, but it has a wider, larger notch which a lot of people aren't into as well as, of course, the waterfall screen with the dramatic curved edges and we've got a flat screen on the mate 30, and it has two deep face: Unlocking and the differences between the battery you've got four thousand two hundred million powers in four thousand five hundred million hours. I managed to squeeze in under mate 30 Pro. Both of these have the Karon 990, both have 8 gigabytes of RAM and both have UF s3 storage, which is 128 gigabytes, both running Android 10, so let's find out which one I like the best and which one is best for you, so both of the phones. They weigh approximately 198 grams, as you can see here. Maybe one gram here we 199 with the pro now the pro is also thicker, this one's 9 millimeters. This is 8.6 with the mate 30, so the materials on the back of both of these phones that the glass they have used is slippery.

Now there is a matte glass that's, probably a lot better for that now to point out too. They both have super fast charging, okay, so 40 watts in just 15 minutes, you're gon na get about 25 percent battery life and in only one hour, you'll have the mate fairly fully charged just over one hour: okay, just a fraction over and about now or 10 Minutes for the mate 30 pro, so that is amazing performance there and, of course, we've got the 25. What wireless charging as well, which is faster than must funds charge with a cable, okay, so let's start out here with the screens first up because that's one of the most important things in a mobile phone. So we had a flat screen, of course, on the mate 30, which I do like. I think I like it a little bit more than the over the top curvature, whether we do have now with the mate 30 Pro. You can see that colors do shift out and it's quite an extreme curve. You can see there and they put the power button slightly off centered here now. I can still get to it. Fine that's, not an issue, and we don't have the hardware volume buttons either with this screen, so I'll show you how it works. You have to double tap here on the side of the screen and then just slide your finger up and down that then controls the volume you can do it from any side too.

So I'll just show you on the other side. If I just double tap here and I'm able to tweak that and move that up and down as well, but it doesn't always seem to work, as you can see, probably because I'm getting some miss touching, although miss touches with the their phone. Having and accidental touches on the edges is quite good. The software seems to handle that now in hand. This one actually feels a little bit better to me because of the curvature it's slightly more narrow and the phone. As you can see now, we've got a maximum brightness of 480 Lux on them. 830. That makes 30 Pro has 520 slightly brighter. Now, both of these screens, I think for 2019 flagships lacking a little bit in terms of maximum brightness, because you take a look at the zenfone 6 and then the game Republic of gamers 2 phone that's got a thousand Lux maximum brightness. So double these ones right here, but very good panels. Nonetheless, these are still really good panels and I'll just quickly show you that the gamma on them isn't too bad. It is a little bit out just go into display tester here, which I like to use. So gamma and you'll see here it's a bit hard to make out on the camera because of the current brightness sitting on the screen. It'S just gone up so just lock it down a little for you and you'll see that we're.

Looking at about 2.3 here on the mate 30 Pro and this one about 2.4 and mate 30, so that's a little off there, but it's still really ok for a mobile phone, both very nice screens. Now, when you look at the rear of them, they are very similar to mobiles here, but got a little bit more of a curvature to the mate 30, as you can see, and the fact that this one's a little bit more narrow but they're very similar there. With the cameras now the cameras I'm not going to go into detail here, because I have a caramel comparison coming up, just to say that there is a difference between them in terms of electronic image, stabilisation and even some of the the crop you get with the Different sensors and lenses there were the front facing cameras as well, so it does stick out a little bit, the camera on both of them and that's, not too much of an issue: middle frame, very good, build quality and, of course, with the mate. This is one of the big reasons where a lot of people will go for it. We'Ve got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack yay. Now both of these phones do also support huawei's stylus, which is the IMP in which is great. So this is probably why they've phased out the mate 30x, which doesn't exist yet unless they announce it later on, I would love to still see that phone if it is going to come out.

Okay, so we'll test now the face unlocking so both of them lock. They'Ve got the race to wake feature, so you just simply lift them out, look at it and you can see both of them unlock I'll. Do that one more time, but really you'd expect this to be the same with the same chipset. Okay. So it looked like. I might have been a little bit faster, actually just then on the mate 30. Now fingerprint reader also demonstrate that to end screen, fingerprint readers let's just tap first and go one two three about the same. You can't expect that so it's, just as fast as the p30 Pro, which I also happen to own now, notice that the speed of the ROM and both of these phones seems to be identical. Okay and it seems very similar to the keren 980. So if you've got a mate 20 Pro, if you've got a qualm AP 30 Pro, then you're not going to really see any improvement in performance to me so they're both running Android 10. Here we don't have Google Play Store. Okay, you probably know all about that. Not great, of course, there was a method to install it, which, unfortunately, now is not working, so you have to manually find all the apk files you want, so full screen gestures on both of them, which is working well for me, I'm, not getting any lag or Anything like that I'll just bring this up.

I want to clear both of those just do a very quick little speed test here. So what I'll do is just launch pub G at the same time see which one loads. First now, when you look at ethic benchmarks, which I will show, you you'll see that okay it's pulled through there faster on the make 30 Pro you'd expect that okay, so let's just get out of this it's got to do this twice, of course, so performance. I won't go into any more speed testing stuff like that, because it's really kind of pointless, but I wanted to point out a couple of things that camera2 api support, that it is limited in fact, it's not look that it's, not loading it won't load on the P30 pro for some reason and drm info on both of them, we don't have Widevine level one set so that's, no Netflix in Full HD, no Amazon, Prime in Full, HD, okay, even it's going to be standard definition. This is another downfall of the fact that they're not getting along with Google, of course, so that is a bit of a problem there, so let's go into some benchmarks now here that I have taken with this. So first up is wireless speeds. Here now, you'd expect this okay identical performance, pretty much the same Wireless that I'm connected up to, which is 600 megabits upgraded. My line here, yee haa got some super speeds, and here we look at the internal storage.

You can see our difference here now, they're both using ufs 3.0, but I didn't expect to see the sequential reads are much higher, so about 1700 megabytes per second on the mate 30 Pro and then 1400, more or less. Fourteen hundred and fifty sequential reads on the mate 30 so a bit of a difference there and that's, probably why pub G loaded up just a fraction quicker there. Now, when you look at the CPU scores very similar, the difference is with you X and then the GPU is. The GPU is quite a bit faster there now in terms of how that compares to the older gen chipset, which is the carried 980 here. It is in my p, 30 Pro I just ignore that flickering that's happening right now. That is only on camera it's, just something to do with the AMOLED panels. Here you can see it's not really that much of a difference. So the CPU we know is just a tweak of clocks and the GPU has those extra core so I'm, not really too sure why the mate 30 here didn't perform as expected. But this is why also when using these phones, that it doesn't feel any faster to me in general use then Mike Huawei p30. Pro brings me on to GPS, so both for them block on to 34 satellites here and four meters of accuracy. Again. This is all to be expected when we are looking at the exact same chipset, so the same hardware to with GPS.

So we have a look at. This is just a carrier test here. So 4G, no problems with the coverage and no issues did all. I have noticed that the speeds seem to be about the same again expected alright. So what about the core quality? Now we've got a normal ear piece on the mate 30. You can see the grill just right at the top here, and it sounds like any other phone would now. It still sounds. Fine. The mate 30 Pro is like the p30 Pro and what we have is the earpiece below the glass below the screen, and it just sounds not quite as clear so I'd say: there's about a 15 loss. If you're really into your voice call quality on the earpiece, then you get the mate 30. Vir brings me on to the loudspeakers. They sound to me exactly the same as the p30 pro, so they must be using the same hardware. In fact, there's no point me actually giving you a sample here, because I'll just be repeating the same exact, loudness and sounding speaker. So he'll just take my word for it. Okay, all sound the same, the lattice is fine. There will be sample in my review of both the mate 3830 Pro okay. Now, just before I get to my little recap here. At the end, I wanted to point out the curvature of the screen again that you can see it does shift out, see how it's brighter now and depending on what angry.

As you look there now, it is dimmer so you're either going to love that or hate that. But when you look at the phone front on it makes it look like there is almost no side bezel, although you can see the black there, either side it's. Just all down to preference, I don't particularly like the direction we're heading with these wraparound displays on the edges, making phones a lot more fragile, so that's. Another probably good reason to go, then, for the mate 30, with its flat screen, I think, will be a lot more durable if dropped that screen should survive. I think more Falls or drops depending on the angle compared to the mate 30 Pro. So you get the mate 30 for the flat screen, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, the hardware up and down volume buttons, in fact that it's cheaper. The fact that you some performance as well, you have an ultra wide camera that fits in more it. Doesn'T quite have the same quality and you get the smaller knotch with the mate 30. Now the reasons to go for the mate 30 Pro in my testing and you'll see in the camera comparison later on. It'S electronic video stabilization both front and rear. For some reason could just be down to software, so far is better than the make 30 here. Okay, so you get slightly better in terms of video performance because of the camera better slow mo as well.

The wider knotch does offer the 3d secure face, unlocking well more secure. Okay, then the 2d you get with the mate video it's. Another reason slightly larger battery will give you maybe about an extra 10 15, better life, even that probably not as too much actually about 10, more so he's above 2 day mobile phones. They both charged super quick and just over one hour, they're, both fully charged. They do get hot when gaming, they do get hot when charging as well a bit rate, and I noticed they also get a very hot bo for them when recording in 4k, especially 60 frames per second. They both also have a bit of a bug worth 4k. 60, that, after about 40 seconds, it doesn't always happen, but it will become extremely choppy. Dropping lots of friends per second, so I'm, a little disappointed with the video quality so far because they pushed it so much with their marketing quawi and really well. I think I'll stay with my P 30 Pro for now, because it's not really offering that much more, not really at all, which is surprising, so performance, wise, they're, really identical face, unlocking identical speeds, fingerprint identical this speakers as well identical earpiece quality for voice calls. No slightly bitter again on the mate 30, so it all depends on your budget. Your price and the biggest hurdle of all, of course, would both of these is the fact that we don't have Google Playstore.

No Google services, the installer that was working, has now been blocked again it's blocked, so we can install anything for now. So we have to wait and see what happens, and that really is what I'm going to say to most people with these phones wait and see. Wait for the software to mature as well, wait and see if Google we finally get it installed, and Google can sort things out with Huawei with the American president and all that sort of stuff, okay with the trade war that's going on. But I hope you like this comparison here. If you are new to the channel, please do like and subscribe for more. I will have the full detailed long reviews of the mate 30 and the mate 30 Pro coming up in the channel, as well as that camera comparison, which I'm currently about to head out and shoot some low light. Video of both of these together to see which one is better than the other so hope to catch it in bye.