The fact that it has a huge hurdle to overcome that it does not ship with Google Play services, and you cannot use the Google install anymore to get the App Store on there. You need to find workarounds to use third party app stores or download manually the apk files and install them now, apart from that, this phone does have some fantastic hardware, but the software side, as you'll see in my review, does definitely need some improvements. So I got this phone here from training jin jin and they included also a type CD USB adapter for me and a power plug adapter. Now we get the 40 watt super charger here from Huawei, and this is really quick, so fully charges the phone in just one hour and 10 minutes approximately we get some type C headphones because they obviously realize that a lot of people won't have type C headphones, Which is good that they've included that they're, not particularly high quality ones, and then, of course, our cable. Now the phone does also have in the Box a case for it and it's one of those clear style ones. You can see right here, so it gives you minimal protection, especially with the curved edges. They'Ve got that all open but of course it's better having this, then nothing all right, so let's take a look at the building design of the phone here now this looks like it had a Zeon flash and it did actually fool me when I first saw those Leaked images of the mate 30 Pro the camera bulge.

Ok, this sticks out about 1.5 millimeters, a little you can see when I put it side on and it's okay, you get used to it. It looks a little bit ugly, but really this is just the future of phones and we're. Just gon na have to go with it really. We'Ve got no other choice here, so the curved edges around the back here are very similar to the way the p30 pro is. As you can see right here with maybe 30 Pro they're about the same size, people 30 Pro is just a little tiny fraction narrower now. The weight of this phone is 199 grams. It is approximately 9 millimeters thick, so it's not exactly super thin but that's, because it's housing, the 4500 minute power battery within it. When you take a look at the bottom of the phone here, you'll see here, we've got the SIM tray and your type c port microphone and antenna lines pretty much exactly like the p30 pro they all my identical there, but they've gone with now. This glossy metal frame around the outside, well the finish on it. If we have a look at how this wears, because I wanted to point out that my p3 pro already has a couple of little chips off on the paint job, so that paint job is probably why they went with a different sort of finish on this one. Now, look at the edges of the phone here: we've got a fingerprint reader.

Of course you can see it's very quick. Just do that again, so it's about a second or so to unlock, but look at the edges here, very, very, very curved and okay. It gives it maybe a bit of a bit of feel in hand that's the one positive we get here. The power button is off centered it's, not really an issue. I'Ve got easy access to it like that I can get to it. I can turn it on I'll just demonstrate face unlocking as well while I'm at it, and you can see that takes about a second or so under a second, so it's more secure than the 2d face, unlocking it is really really quick. So we take a look at the screen here. We'Ve got a very good maximum brightness of about 520 lux. Well, I say very good, but it's actually falling behind other flagships, so take a look at the samsung. Galaxy is 10 plus, for example, take a look at also they've. Recently reviewed in the channel Republic of gamers 2 that's got a thousand Lux brightness that's falling behind a little bit there, but the chin at the bottom is very nice and small ugly top notch. That I'm, not a big fan over the 32 megapixel camera right there and we've got no physical volume buttons anymore. So how do you trigger them? It'S very hit and miss I find, especially when you're in an application or you're gaming, so you have to someone said to me: just got a tap and hold oh, that doesn't actually work clear.

You don't have the phone, but you've got a double tap and then slide it up and down to control it. It can be done from both sides of the screen, as you can see, but it's hit and miss there we go okay. Firmware updates will, of course, approve upon that now. Are you getting a lot of accidental touches with having such crazy edges on the screen here? Well, not really: okay, it's, not really too much of an issue. I think the software's doing a good job to help avoid that in terms of screen, quality it's, a step down from the mate 20 pro because it's not 1440p anymore, and I find it similar to my Kwame P. 30 pro. If we take a look very quickly at my samsung galaxy s, 10, I still believe that this one has the far superior panel. Of course it does have a higher resolution. Brightness is better and really look at the sizes there. You can see the thickness slightly thicker. The make 30 Pro here now when we take a look at the gamut of the screen, it's approximately 2.3 or leaning towards a little bit 2.4 there, which is not bad 2.2, is ideal here. But you can see the top shadow that darkness we're getting at the top right on the edge and if I move it and shift it now, you'll see the color is shifting. Well, the brightness of the whites here at the bottom see how this is angled now towards the camera.

It looks lighter so you're going to get a bit of that on the edges. The same thing is happening with my samsung galaxy s – 10, plus, to a certain degree hereness, just something that we're gon na have a course with these OLED panels and the fact they're using the waterfall style edges to me is just pushing the limits a little bit Too much here having such a curvature – and this final course will be a lot more fragile, then say the flat screen we have on the make 30, which I also happen to have right here this one with the flat screen, I think, is there's going to be So much more resistant to drops and a very similar build on this one as well check my video for the comparison of these two phones, okay, so onto the performance of the phone, the ROM. So it is running Android 10 it's on emu 18 as well, and no we do not have Google Play Store. You cannot install it at the moment at the time of this video, hopefully there's going to be a way around this, hopefully later on. Huawei things will ease up relations with the US with Google and then we'll give them permission and they can just push out a firmware update that will include it so hold off on buying this phone. I would say until you can see a sound method of installing that so I've got full screen jesters on at the moment I'm, not seeing any lag or stutters or issues which is great.

So if I just swipe up here and hold that's the way you can multitask, just like other manufacturers using gestures, very smooth performance and really no issues so the toggles from the top typical used to slide down, you can see everything there now because I don't have A physical volume down in up button, I normally take a screenshot screen grab by holding volume down and power at the same time. So I've got to use the toggle here now. For that, so guess it's been handy that it's there there is a gaming mode to which I will show you later on in the gaming review of this video. So let's take a look at a few things so I'm on the latest firmware update at the time of this video remember this is a retail unit it's a Chinese import version. So if this is eventually released in Europe, you have a way more mature firmware. Then what this is right now that I'm currently running one that will fix bugs because I'm, seeing bugs with the camera, even though this did improve the camera performance as you'll see later on, there is an issue of 4k 60 frames per. Second. Video are dropping huge amounts of frames so Play Store. I do have it on this phone, but, as mentioned it's completely blocked out to us now, which is a real shame. There is a bit of bloatware too as well, that is pre installed, and this will vary between the European release and whenever that comes, of course, and the Chinese won't they just cram a little bit more on there for them.

So you're able to hide that ugly notch at the top, if you're not happy with it I'm, not a huge fan of notches at all, and I think that they could have even put an ultra wide camera in here. Since they put such a wide, not shown here but hey we've got the 3d more secure, unlocking there. So you can also hide the edges too, if you're not happy with the curvature of the screen and the way that is, you can see even right now again, as I showed you in the beginning, how the color does shift out and that's not really great, and You can just make it black if you wanted to so Google's play, protect, which is basically like a virus scanner it's not showing here but there's an application called WPS office. It flagged for some reason and that came pre installed on the phone, which was not good to see. I ain't it up, removing it, of course. So why advise level 1 cert is not here, and this means that Netflix Amazon, Prime any video streaming service will now be stuck in standard definition until they sort that out so wireless speeds very, very good here. Ok, my line is 600 megabits per second max, and this was close to the router other maximum speeds. I could get. I move over to the other side of the studio here, I'm still able to get close to 200 megabits per second, which has to be about one of the fastest from that distance.

So very, very good speeds, they're, really happy with that. Same goes for the internal storage, so ufs the respec, which is extremely quick, so much faster than emmc 5.1, and you can see there 1700 reads: sequential, writes, are kind of low but dad's to tell it is with the storage. But the main thing is the read speeds, of course, and your random writes and random reads. They are good to there as well so very quick storage and to do score, not bad at all. It'S not the highest I've, seen because I think it's a snapdragon at 855 plus now that I reviewed is getting scores that are quite a bit higher than this one, but it's a big step up over the previous generation in terms of GPU we're getting about 20000 Or so points more in my comparison, video between the mate 30 and a mate 30 Pro here, you'll see the difference of that and compared to the keren 980. If you're interested in that GPS working really well ok locks onto a huge amount of satellites in news here, you can see 34 Hardware compass. Of course accuracy will stay about 4 meters, which is not the most accurate. I have actually seen I've seen 2 meters, and I think that was on the real me through repro that had very good inaccurate GPS, so the 4G plus speeds here of my carrier. This was orange. I believe it as there was using the sim sim card and yet terrible, not good speed but hey the range.

Sorry. The reception call quality and signal strength all good there. So I didn't have any issues with that. Now there are air gestures. If you are into that sort of thing, you know you can move your hand up and down, and that will scroll and pages and the internet, but to me it's kind of pointless, because if your hands already here scrolling, why can't you touch the screen? I just think it's really just a bit of a gimmick here so that's there, if you're into that, always on display too as well and then our battery life. So I haven't completed fully the better life test here, but this is just an estimate. Like all my videos, ok, I used the screen continually the phone on all the time, so it was set to 200 Lux of brightness, and here is my result. Almost eight hours with 20 left, so most phones were this capacity, now 4000 million hours I'm. Seeing almost with this test around about 1011 hours, I believe that this phone will be able to get about 11 hours of screen on time, maybe even a little more because I was gay, a lot of YouTube and also quite a bit of camera used to which Does really burn through the batteries, especially when recording in 4k 60fps gaming? Now this is shadow gun legends, probably one of the more demanding games you can get on. Androids I've got it set to the very high setting and also have it set to 60 frames per.

Second, I've noticed that it's playing smoother as you'd expect, then my why we preferred approach it's, because it's got the additional cores here with the GPUs it's got sixteen cause now, instead of twelve, that we have in the Karen 980. Now you occasionally see a few little stutters, but the performance is very smooth, very good, but not quite as good as the azouz republic of gamers phone to that. I reviewed that played this game super smooth, really good, so my review wouldn't be complete without a look at pub G it's super smooth with those extra GPU cause. Now I wanted to show you that we've got this mode here, that if you swipe from the left, you've got a gaming mode with this little screen here. So you can sit and configure trigger buttons, which I've already actually done. You'Ve got game acceleration and is also a mode there to prevent accidental touches. So if I just get out of that, I'll show you tapping at the top here. I'Ve got that configured to be my trigger, which works well and when you zoom in a course with the sights very good performance here no lag and every pub G gamer out there, I think, is going to be really pleased with the performance we have now. It just seems to be a little bit better. You do notice that versus say the p30 pro so let's talk about audio quality. Now the voice calls are using an earpiece that's behind the screen.

Now it does sound perfectly fine to me, but you miss out a little bit on the highs and the mids compared to earpieces that our unnormal speaker, so we don't have a 3.5 minute hit phone jack using an adapter. The audio output quality sounds good, it's loud it's, clean, it's, clear and really what more do you want? So we got a loud speaker down the bottom and I believe that the behind the screen speakers also adding a little bit because you can feel vibrations from it. You don't really hear it too much, and it also resonates quite a bit the speaker within the housing of the phone, but it does sound loud there's. A bit of bass. I'Ll, give you a sample now of the loudspeaker on the mate proce. So before I get onto the camera samples, I will just quickly show you the application. It is straightforward, so you can see we've got control there of which lens we are using. You can just adjust this manually, the slider or tap it. So if you tap there on wide, we go into the ultra wide new 40 megapixel sensor, five times that's using three times optical and two times digital to get there to achieve it. That'S the three times, of course, portrait mode note mode, aperture pro mode here, you've got controls of the shutter rate. Exposure is oh and the metering as well too. If you want it, a video would now have 4k in 60 frames per second, which is great, that they've got this option, but it will never actually hold an average of 60 frames or close to 60 frames per.

Second, as you see with my samples now swap over to the front and facing cameras right, there, you've also got some other options on the side too, and if I can quickly show you on the more sitting, this is where you'll find the slo mo and other Settings here you can see two as well, so slow mo has a very quick sample. Now I find this to be absolutely terrible, very disappointing. Clearly, I'm. I need a firmware update. It must be that the units they sent out to all the reviewers are on a different firmware, because this is absolutely shocking, it's flashing away, this was shot with very good studio lights on and it looks like VGA quality, even though it is 1080p believe it or Not, but here are those samples now from the cameras now with the front facing camera, we get 1080p only unfortunately, and has very good electronic image stabilization when it is working. Sometimes it doesn't work for some reason: it happens about one or two times out of ten that it doesn't work. So it's got a little bit of rolling shadow when you move around here, the crop is good. Audio quality again is very good here. So, overall, this is excellent. 1080P quality. I like the stabilization I just wish. We had a 4k option as well, because when you look at, for example, Samsung and other manufacturers, they've got 4k with the front cameras as well, which would be good.

So this is the rear camera. This is 4k 30 frames per second now there's, a quick sample that put in because, even though this is just 30 frames per second in this video that you can see here that it gets really choppy this footage now. This was during my camera comparison using 4k 60 frames per second, it suddenly dips down in the framerate and starts dropping huge amounts of frames, and the footage looks really poor in stutter. As you can see, it happening now and really not good at all. It'S almost like we've got beta software with the camera. I think the review units have a different firmware now, as you can see as I'm panning around we're getting those jerky sort of stutters when you pan to do with the exposure and the electronic image stabilization I'm. Currently, in the ultra wide and I've noticed that when you swap over now so I'll going over to the one x camera, it can be a little bit awkward to do. This is sometimes just go far there. We go this one times now. You see the transition where it flashes and I notice that now the electronic image stabilization it's very good it's, not quite as good as the ultra wide. So when I put my hand up the focus, sometimes struggles there we go we've got a lock now focus transition. Is good but the focus are found with the make 30 Pro happens to be better than the make 30.

I do have the camera comparison so make sure you check that out between both of those phones so go over now to the three times again as it's. A little bit awkward to do this, you can see slowly zooming, and this is now just digital and you'll – see the transition there. We go over to three right now. The electronic image stabilization is working, but sometimes it bugs out and it doesn't work and then it's all shaky. Audio quality is very good, very happy with the audio here, good bitrate, nice and clear, and I found the audio to be better on the mate City. Pro than the mate 30 Music, Music, Music, Music, all right I'm, not a drag the ending out here, but I won't okay with this one. I just want to say that the hard way is definitely there. It'S, the software that's letting qui way down and that's, not of course talking about the huge problems they have with Google Play services having Google Play Store now there's workarounds, for that some people are actually quite happy. There'S no Google on there because they just say I don't – want Google anyway, so then go for the phone, but I would say, hold off for now: wait, for course the firmware updates, because the 4k video is shocking. The slow motion video at the moment is shocking. Now there will be I'm sure Huawei fanboys in the comments posting right now that you know I'm on a beta firmware that's, not a released phone.

In fact, this is a retail phone on the retail firmware. You can pick this up today in China. This is an input from China, and this is the exact state it is in okay, so the hardware has said: is there it is really good. Now, if you own a p30 pro like myself, I've got it right here, all the make 20 Pro. This is not a huge step up this phone. Okay, I believe a lot of people like myself will be very disappointed because you get it and you go. Oh, hang on this isn't, really a big enough increase in terms of performance in terms of what you're getting over the p30 Pro, for example, and that really needs you with buyer's remorse going. Oh, you know so really think long and hard, because it's not a huge step up performance wise. It seems almost exactly the same. The camera software isn't mature as I've showing you so we'll, have a full review of the mate 30 okay that's going to be in the channel probably next week, sometime towards the end I'm very busy at the moment, there's also a camera comparison between both of these.