Finally, here this is my huawei idea hub in depth: review Music, hi, guys it’s frankie from frankie tech good to see you guys again and i’m here to share my full review of the huawei idea hub, a very unique piece of tech on the channel. But let me tell you, after a couple weeks of use, this may be the ultimate smart home product for your needs. Now huawei reached out to me to take a look at this and at first i thought they were talking about a 6.5 inch display very similar to the kind we see on the channel turns out. It was a 65 inch massive display, but i was immediately intrigued and the unit arrived without any issues and was set up easily in minutes and now i want to take you down the laundry list about design the capabilities of huawei ideahub in both home and in Work use and why? I think this is a game changer when it comes to the smart home and the smart office of the 21st century. Let’S have a look. My initial impression of the design, sleek and white it’s got a very distinct and modern, aesthetic it’s. The kind of product that looks good in both home and the office with a sturdy frame and wheels dominating the front is a massive 65 inch. 4K touch, touchscreen display. It almost feels like you’re, using a giant android tablet, which is a surreal yet amazing experience and surrounding the display we have black bezels on the ends and a distinctive top bezel which houses the professional 4 grade.

Camera 12 linear microphone, arrays we’ll, get to that later. On the bottom, we have speakers and a space on each side for the stylus, which is attached magnetically to huawei idea hub and a home button in the center overall there’s, a minimalist style to this entire product that will allow it to easily fit in any home Or office design, despite looking massive in my hong kong apartment, now let’s look at the home screen. This is where you’ll access, huawei idea, hubs modes, swipe to settings home windows, mode and bulletin board, so you can really break down huawei ideahub into five key capabilities. Whiteboard projection conferencing, windows, mode and knowledge sharing or high board within each of these lies some seriously cool tech that enables a one stop hub for all your home and smart office needs, starting with the whiteboard. This was the first feature i tried out and was easily one of the most impressive using the stylus you’re able to convert this massive display into a super, responsive, giant, canvas for brainstorming, note, taking or even the occasional kids, doodling and drawing session. And let me tell you my daughter, loves it and here’s a closer look at all the different features you can use with the whiteboard. Now the key to the success of the whiteboard is a 35 ms ultra low writing latency, giving you a smooth ultra responsive writing. Experience at times i felt like i was using a giant ipad to express my ideas, and once done, i could easily save and email them to myself or my teammates it’s a really great solution.

Now, one of the coolest features of ideahub is the projection mode. Using the idea share app and on the same wi, fi you’re able to project the content of your laptop or your phone to huawei ideahub using the h.265 standard, huawei id hub is able to project up to 60 fps and 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps, but what’s. Even better guys is that you’ll be able to project your phone’s screen and sound, allowing you to use any of the built in apps on your phone like facetime, microsoft teams and more now, despite it being an amazing product for home, use there’s. No denying that huawei ideahub is designed primarily for office use and of all its capabilities. Conferencing is where i think this product takes things to the next level. Now conferencing can be done directly from the home screen using huawei cloud meeting, but there are also other services supported through windows mode like zoom microsoft teams, and these can all take advantage of the conferencing features. For example, this amazing baffle mode that creates an acoustic barrier between your team and the rest of the outside world. So this is the acoustic battle for a small area within this space. You’Re going to hear exactly what i’m saying and it’s going to be great for meetings, especially if there’s construction next door that you won’t hear a day. We also have other awesome features like conference mode, speaker tracking, which allows you to focus in on one person when they’re speaking and track their movements as well with huawei idea hub those days of clunky conference.

Room setups with bad video and audio are thing of the past, and once the meeting is complete, sharing meeting notes to other offices and remote locations can be done instantly, but beyond just having all these features. Ideahub also includes a full pc, desktop mode, allowing you to access any application or service you need now. I definitely have watched a bit of netflix and youtube, but it’s also been fun just using your hands to browse the web and do so much more it’s. In this mode, where you’ll also be able to access additional microsoft office platforms like teams, video conferencing apps like zoom skype and many more bringing the power of a full pc desktop solution with touch controls, there’s so many ways to bring productivity to your teams and the Office setting, but one of the key features that allows teams to share knowledge is the high board swiping to the left. You’Ll get access to three templates that can be used to share information as a welcome sign or bulletin for meetings and events, and even an oversized card for birthday. Celebrations and more now the full huawei app gallery will offer a range of apps that can be enjoyed on ideahub, both for work and fun. Huawei ideahub can easily be used for a quick gaming session with a range of i o ports like hdmi, usbc and more. It can be used for streaming, as i mentioned before, and yes, you can even attach that brand new ps5 for some console gaming as well.

So that’s it for this video and my final verdict on huawei ideahub, guys i’ve really enjoyed using this device, and i got ta say my daughter has loved using it as well and it’s amazing to see how one product can combine so many features into one sleek And beautiful package to deliver the smart office of the future, just like the iphone that revolutionized mobile phones combining features like ipod phone camera calculator and a watch, huawei ideahub looks set to do the exact same thing for the office combining traditional one use products like the Whiteboard, the projector, the monitor the camera and the bulletin board into one device. This might be the last piece of office, tech that your company will ever need, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on huawei ideahub, and do you think that this all in one device can satisfy your company’s needs? Hit me up in the comments i’d love to hear about it and that’s it for this video? If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates, thanks once again to huawei for sending out this very unique device, it’s been a blast using it, and this Is where i leave you by saying this is frankie tech signing off have a good one? I love utv she’s.