Iptv application for download on your fire stick and your streaming media box. It has incredible live content from the us, uk and canada, as well as an excellent selection of latino, global sports and movies let’s, look at it Music, so once again, thanks for stopping by the channel and if we are meeting for the first time. What i do here is all things iptv, whether or not they’re, free or premium applications to focus on movies and tv shows as well as live television if it has iptv in it i’m on it. So if you like, what i do, please feel free to go ahead and hit that subscribe. Button and don’t forget to check the notifications now let’s get into our app what i’ll be bringing you today is an excellent application from virtual streams. Sada, if you like great content from the us uk and canada, you will love virtual streams. It’S all live content for you and it works on many. Many different applications i’ll be showing it to you today on the smarters application, but this service does have the ability to work on xc iptv as well as tv mate. It also has the ability for you to use it on a pc with a web browser, so it works quite well. Let’S go ahead and click on the live tv button and you’ll see that at the time of this recording, there is an excellent selection of content for you to choose from over 7000 channels, 73 45 to be exact and they’re, broken down into great categories.

Let’S go ahead and look at them. You’Ve got a bunch of great locals from all of your major local networks. You also have another section of regional networks which all of that encompassing is well over 1200 channels of locals. So that is a great selection. You also have religious channels, as well as news, kids and urban entertainment, and you have an ex an excellent selection of entertainment, sports and low bandwidth. So all of this on this page right here is all u.s content, so there there is a huge selection for the us market. You also have the ability for premium movies and music entertainment. They’Ve got a vip section for entertainment and sports in 4k, also for pay per view. They’Ve got the major sport networks as well as their plus section. You have another section of sports and outdoors over 49 channels there and then you start getting into the other sports networks and you can see which ones they are, and you also have college networks to choose from for football and basketball. They have a selection of sporting events. Then you start getting into the professional passes. You’Ve got your football pass, you’ve got baseball, you’ve got hockey as well as soccer, and then you have another section: that’s called wide world of sports, and that is a mixed bag. Of many different sports channels, we will go ahead and take a look at that as we progress there’s, also a wonderful selection of sports for motorsports, and then you start getting into some other content that is from different countries got a section for pakistan.

You also have british football as well as um the epl and the i follow. You’Ve got racing section and another one of the major sports networks that focuses on soccer. Now you start getting into english and australian content, so you’ve got uh. Uk sports you’ve got uk low bandwidth as well as entertainment, australian sports as well. You’Ve got canadian entertainment, canadian sports. Then you also have latinos regionals quite a bit of latino channels to choose from as well as latino entertainment and latino sports. So all of this is excellent content as well for us wonderful selection of non english speaking content, that is spanish, related from mexico, the dominican republic, puerto rico, costa rica and spain, el salvador. You got spanish sports, we have wonderful selections from argentina and brazil and chile, colombia and i’ll. Let you look at these other countries now i realize that not all of my subscribers are interested in this non english speaking content. There is a way for you to remove this content in the smarters app and also in the xciptv app. You could do that in the parental settings. I’Ll go ahead and leave a tutorial up top here later on. It’Ll show you how you can do that on the smarters app, so let’s go ahead and scroll all the way back up to the top and we’ll click on one of the sports uh. One of the local sectionsi should say and we’ll let that load and you can see that this loads as your typical xc iptv application.

Will you have the channel list here on the left? You’Ve got the video playing up top and then you have the epg at the bottom. The epg is the electronic program guide. It lets you see what’s playing now and what’s going to be coming up next, so you can decide whether or not you want to watch it, and you could see that there’s a lot of great local channels here of this particular network from many many different cities. Sada, maybe not every city is going to be here for all of these locals, but chances are there is a selection that’s near where you live at least in your region, so you can get local weather? Maybe the sports team that’s close to where you live, that type of thing you have a wonderful selection of regional networks, as well as the off networks and a wonderful selection of news too. So here we go we’re focusing on the news networks now and every single news network that you can imagine is here, and you can see that the epg has been loading on all of these channels so far, which is really really good scroll. Over now to the religious section, lots of great religious content, so if you enjoy faith based content, this is a wonderful selection for you to choose from got the kids all the kids are here. For you and again, every single kids network that you can imagine is available as well as a couple that i’m not actually not familiar with i’ve, never seen that one before so.

That might be a new network. We’Ll have to check that out later on. But all of the other major networks are here now here’s a section that they call urban entertainment and this really caters towards the urban crowd. You’Ve got of the a lot of different channels here in sd as well as hd. You have the movie channels here that are urban related as well as music videos and so on so that’s a really nice selection, evo, the usa, entertainmentand i would consider this to be the basics of the usa content and all of your major usa. Entertainment channels are here for you, you could see as we’re scrolling down you have documentaries to choose from. You have entertainment channels. You have some music channels. You even have movie channels on here as well here’s, another section they call entertainment and sports in low bandwidth. So if, iz nekog razloga, your internet is not so great or if you’re watching this on your phone, because you could put it on your phone and you’re in a section where you’re not using wi, fi and you’re only using data, this would be a great selection For you to choose from here’s all the music entertainmentand this is uh all all audio, so it works really well many different genres to look at now, we’re getting into the premium movies, and you could see what they are. Many of them have east and west selections to choose from which is really nice and again the epg is working wonderfully.

So it is great for you to see what we have going on i’ll scroll down, and let you see what we’re doing here all of the major movie networks are available now. This one here is called vip, entertainment and sports. It is a mixed bag of different content that you can choose from many different channels from all over the the world. The uk you’ve got a lot of different channels from the us as well movie channels, all different genre genres to choose from, and you have sports channels in here as well. Here’S pay per view and what’s nice about the pay per view. Channel section is that they have the live, and then they have the replays for you, sports and outdoors and again. This is usa, sports and outdoors and i’ll scroll down, and let you see what’s available a lot of different genres of sports to choose from you’ve got some motorsports you’ve got some soccer channels on here. You’Ve got golf channels and then you even have some regional channels on here to look at as well. So there is a mixed bag of different content, that’s available here’s, the one of the major sports channels, their plus section, as well as their major sports networks. So everything is put together in one selection for you with this particular network, so it makes it easy. A lot of them are available on the same day like when the game is playing that’s. When you can see it when it’s live here’s.

The other sports networks that you could choose from this is their regional section. Tako, depending on where you live, you can decide which channel you want to look at and you’ve got oklahoma you’ve got primetime southeast southwest tennessee, you get the you, get the choice: evo, the college sports again, a section of college college, football and basketball and another selection Of sporting events and again, a mixed bag of different uh pay per view, type of sporting events and same day, sporting events here’s the basketball pass. All of the teams are here, for you, here’s the football pass, and now here we’re coming towards the end of football season. This is a very important selection to have. Not only does it have the major sports network, it also has the zone which has all of the games on game day playing at that particular time with no commercials. That is the best way, po mom mišljenju, to watch the games. Here’S, the baseball pass and again during baseball season, every single game will be here for you same thing with hockey and soccer mls soccer here’s, another cool section called wide world of sports. They’Ve got 4k ultra hd, hd and sd. All in this selection and it’ll actually tell you which version of it is available, so you have a lot of multiple of the same channel, but they are different, uh qualities as far as resolution is concerned and depending on the quality of your television, will make a Difference on which channel you pick from obviously motorsports.

I love it guys. This is really cool. These are helmet cams. So when the races are on, i like that now we’re, starting getting into some non english speaking content, as well as the english football league here’s. The other soccer leagues for the uk and again all of the games, all of the teams are here for you, racing here’s, the other major sports network, that’s focuses on soccer and it has a lot of selections for you to look at here’s some australian content. So if you live down under wonderful selection of australian content to choose from as well as uk now uk entertainment, this would be their basics, all of your documentary channels, all of their sports channels. You even have news on here, naravno, entertainment channels. You have some reality channels in comedy to choose from so again a great selection for the uk market. Wonderful for my folks across the pond same thing with sports. All of the major sports networks for the uk are here, and you can see which ones they are wonderful selections for you to look at same thing for low bandwidth. Dakle, opet, if you don’t have good internet, this is the way to go it’s. One of the only services that has low bandwidth not only for the us, but also for the uk market and that’s, really important for many of my subscribers canadian content and a lot of this is very similar to the us content uh.

So they have their networks on here that are for the canadian market, and then they also have regionals as well. So this is definitely a full on service for the canadian market here’s their sports section and again all of the canadian sports networks are here with their regional selections as well. Now we start getting into the latino section and again so many different latino channels to choose from you’re just going to have to go through and take a look at it. They do have a 24 hour trial that you can take advantage of so it’s definitely worth trying it here’s the regional sectionand this is the the us that are for the spanish speaking market and you can see which ones they are and which cds, which cities? I should say are associated with it: excellent selection, guys sports again in spanish, wonderful content. Now we start getting into mexican channels puerto rico. The dominican republic in costa rica got some spanish channels to pick from as well good spanish content sports. So you’ve got a lot of sports here as well: el salvador, argentina, brazil, chile and colombia. You have ecuador and peru, and then you have south america and central america, portuguese and french greek, polish, german, italian, bolivia, romania. You got a few more here as well, so that is how this application works. Guys, there’s a lot of great content that you can pick from what i’m going to do now is i’m, going to take you on over to their website i’m, going to show you what their pricing packages are and how you can take advantage of a very inexpensive Trial offer i’ll see you in a second 12 seconds later, all right guys.

So here we are on their website. I will go ahead and leave the link in the description below, so you can go ahead and take advantage of it. It is a very nice website and it goes over everything in detail on what they offer. Let me explain to you first off about their 24 hour trial. They are offering a 24 hour trial for you it’s a two dollar trial, but it is worth it for you to try it out to see if it’s something that you like and if it is go ahead and take advantage of it. Their prices are very, very inexpensive, so let’s go over the things that they offer. What they’re doing here is giving you a couple of different packages that you could pick from to start. They also have a three month plan, a six month plan and a 12 month plan let’s go over the the the one month plan; Prvi, they have that set up for two connections and four connections. If you were interested in two connectionsit’s twelve dollars a month, if you want four connections it’s 16 mjesec dana – and it includes everything that i showed you on the video that you could take advantage ofit’s it’s, wonderfulthey use multiple servers from all over the World, so they do have the ability to make sure that their buffering is very minimal and their downtime is very low. They again they do have other services that are available and we’ll.

Look at that real quick. They have the ability for you to get this in a couple of different ways: um (1998, you could do it straight on or this other way over here. You also have again two connection and four connection, and then you have quarterly two connection and four connection: bilo: 35 i 45. You have a six month plan for eighty dollars and if you wanted to get it for the entire year, it’s only a hundred and fifty dollars. So it is a really good value, kao i, even if it’s for the entire year but at least take the two dollar trial. Try it see if you like it or if you want to just go ahead and drop the 12 bucks it’s worth it for you to look at it’s, not a lot of money. It’S definitely going to be something for you to look at and enjoy i’m sure. You will i’m also sure you’ll enjoy these videos as well make sure you take a look at them before you sign off court cutter.