I needed google earth version 6 2 to get real time. Gps. It wouldn’t work with latest 7 3 verzija. Za mene, don’t know why kept dropping connection. Unlike a previous reviewer, i had no problem getting this gps receiver working with opencpn on my cheapo rca windows. 10 tableta. I started up the tablet and plugged the receiver into the usb port windows 10 identified it as a blocks, Gps, receiver and installed the driver in opencpn. I open the option menu. The gear will go in the grey tool bar at the upper left corner of the screen. Select a connection then select an ad and click to look at the available com. Luka. U mom slučaju., i selected the new one com7. Za mene, yours will likely be different and shows a view at rate of 9600 versus the standard 4800 default for mio183. I then clicked apply and voila. My boat suddenly appeared on the chart at its correct location in the bars by the satellite logo in the upper right corner of the screen. All turned from red degree, no need to run the eblox program. The big takeaway here are that windows 10 will automatically download the right driver, but this driver is only for the serial to usb part of the receiver Music. Tako, it shows up on windows, 10 device manager now as a gps receiver. Something similar, it simply is a new com port named usb serial device. U mom slučaju., under the ports common lpt header, the receiver appears to spin out the needed new and 380p gsb and gpgll sentences by default and opencp and can receive and decode them.

Just fine works well with opencpn and laptop Music in general. I like the product. It does for the most part everything i wanted it to do. I think i really wanted it to allow google maps to track my gps location, not sure if that works, yet it doesn’t google earth when you first plug it in it, comes across as a virtual com port. At this point, it will work for most things. If you download the usb driver for it, it will configure itself as a usb device and remove the serial com port breaking most users like navigation software and google earth that use com port still to connect. There is a vcp virtual com port driver which will allow you to configure it back as a com port, but by this time you have done three installations to fix potential brakes by installing the usb driver. I will have to do additional testing and actually install the device on a laptop instead of a desktop as the desktop doesn’t. Pa, Novi, great price, solid construction, love, the magnet mount connects and acquires satellites very quickly. Best of all, it works with delorme topo, nothing, Nula, which i bought from the other big nail at a place because it is not available here. Everything is beautiful, Opet, Glazba. This replaced the different gps puck, which needed a different computer program unavailable after i upgraded this one is similar in appearance and function to the purpose it works.

Pa. The only reason for the four equals versus five star rating is that i’ve become spoiled by the magnet on the bottom of the prior unit, where it sits on a boat with notable side to side roll is magnetic and it doesn’t move you’ll probably have to double.