First things. Prvi, you have to turn on. One should charge the dialects just turn on the button power on enter to bluetooth, so you will hear the power on and you will also hear a voice stating that the bluetooth is also energized or turned on. So you will always see a blue light, led light, indicating that the power is on so and also the bluetooth is on let’s. Try to connect this first with several devices. So in this episode we will install or connect it with one cell phone and then a tablet and then, naravno, a laptop. So first things: Prvi, we will try to do and install it in the cell phone. So here we go so here’s our first installation, and this is the tilex xm19 and we will try to have it installed in your cell phone. So what you do first, Uglavnom, you just trigger the bluetooth symbol and then the bluetooth app will try to discover an open or available available bluetooth enabled device. So this would be your xm19, so you just bluetooth connected. Have it connected and there you go press done. So the device is now connected to each other Music. So i find that the the sound bar the xm19 speaker wireless speaker to be a good quality speaker. If you try to maximize it and if you have, if you have good recordings available, it really stands out when you use this speaker, so that’s the how to connect it with your mobile phone or your smartphone to disconnect the connection or to server the connection between The two devices you just have to press the bluetooth and it will be canceled.

The connection will be cancelled. Our next device is a tablet, so let’s try a tablet. So i have a samsung here: let’s try to connect the bluetooth bluetooth connected, so the bluetooth is connected and let’s cancel that and then let’s try to play no copyright music. So you could check the sound okay. So i have some drums and bass preset here. Let’S test one so let’s check the bases: Glazba, Glazba, so Music let’s check some drums, Glazba. U redu, that ends our testing and the connection between the tablet and the bluetooth speaker. So let’s disconnect bluetooth so that’s how you disconnectand this is how you install againyou just select once the your tablet recognize or have scanned uh available devices. Then you just reconnect again connected to your xm19 so to disconnect again press the bluetooth button, so it’s cancelled so that’s our how to connect to your tablet. Our next device is how to connect it to your laptop or pc. Tako, Ok, Ja sam. Now on my laptop. So this is the third installation and we’ll try to connect the xm19 dialect. Soundbar wireless bluetooth, speaker to this laptop that i recently bought. This will also be used for my editing for 2021, so let’s try to turn on again the dialects power on enter to bluetooth. So once you’re on your laptop, you try to go to settings and then you go to the devices so basically turn on the bluetooth connected.

The xm90 has been recognized and both devices are now paired. U redu, so let’s try to go to the internet and let’s try to play one of the videos Music. So how do you find the quality Music? Tako, basically that ends testing for the dialects, how to connect it to your device or to to remove or to disconnect the two devices you just turn off the bluetooth connection in the settings. So if you want to reconnect it again, just turn on let’s. Do it connected the bluetooth connection, so now, basically that’s how you’re going to connect it and disconnect it to your pc and that wraps our show for today? Thank you very much for watching this episode about xm19 dialects, Bluetooth, wireless speaker and how we managed to install connect it with three devices cell phone tablet and pc laptop again. puno ti hvala. This is charlie, jose, saying happy new year to everybody.