Even the education system is encouraging the use of tablets in various educational institutions. Tako, all the leading names in this business are launching tablets especially made to cater to the specific needs of a college student here at review press. We are a bunch of product researchers and testers where our aim to bring you up to date on the latest and best products from tech, essentials like laptops, tvs, cameras and all kinds of gadgets and gear. We test analyze and research new products and create a list of top seven best products based on quality price features and user feedback, so that our viewers can make the right buying decision. U ovom video. We will discuss the top 7 best tablet for students, so lets get started. Number seven samsung galaxy tab s7. On the 5th of august 2020, samsung announced the release of its newest tablet, which is galaxy s7 that will be available later this year. It is a much improved and more powerful version of the previous galaxy s6 tablet. Stoga, this will be the perfect tablet for fast paced student life. Galaxy s7 looks very sleek. This an 11 inčni tablet. It is big enough to do writing and reading as well as watching movies after a long day at college. School galaxy s7 is compact enough to carry with you everywhere and will fit in most bags and backpacks. Zapravo, it is only 6.3 millimeters thick making it lightweight as well. It has a full aluminum build with beautiful metal sides that provides a high end, feel the corners are rounded providing a sleek and modern feel to this tablet.

Number six apple ipad, Pro 2021, na 2021 released ipad pro is one of the most amazing tablets out there in many categories. It has absolutely no competition. For years there has been a gap between a tablet and a laptop. Međutim, the same is reduced to a considerable margin. All thanks to the features that the 2021 ipad pro brings bringing home the best built in hardware. Na 2021 ipad pro is an excellent solution for college students. No matter if you wish to take notes, draw graphs. Do some art surf the web and social media or deal with similar practices? This device will ensure everything is done in the most promising manner. Osim toga, if you pair it up with the official magic keyboard and apple stylus, operations will shift to a new level of productiveness. In a matter of time, number five microsoft surface pro 7: it has a keyboard, it has an s pen, a large screen and a kickstand which will make your reading and researching tasks a bit easier. What makes it a good tablet for students is the fact that its portable with the additional accessories i.e keyboard you can turn it into a laptop. Very important is the battery life 10 sati, since students are always on the go. Continuous usage makes it convenient number four apple ipad: Klima 2020. If your studies dont require you to use high demanding apps such as photoshop or video, editing or other data processing tasks, ipad air is a great selection.

It can deal with these tasks, but we would recommend getting the pro instead, if thats the case, the new apple ipad air has incredible performance, its close to outperforming even ipad pro a modern tablet with the option to add magic keyboard and use the apple pen on It makes typing and note taking convenient in class when school is over in time to relax its great for entertainment purposes due to the excellent screen and vivid colors, its also packed with a great camera to call your family and friends. Number three: google pixel slatethe device is very well capable of providing a visual treat all the 12.3 inches of molecular display, with an amazing six million pixels. Uglavnom, you are getting a three thousand times two thousand display with two hundred and twenty nine pixels each inch. Osim toga, you are also getting dual coil front: firing right, slash left speakers. These two features make the tablet great for both studies and entertainment, its on chrome os. So there are certain limitations, its more adjusted to google products. As for students who dont have specific needs, like photoshop or some video editing software, its a good choice, if you can find in play store, you can get it on your pixel slate. You are getting both front and rear cameras with this device, and they are quite great. The eight mp front camera is duo, cam optimized and comes with af slash 1.9 aperture. It will record video at 30 okviri u sekundi.

The rear camera is also 8 Mp, but with 1.12 on pixel size sensor, it comes with af, udarac 1.8 aperture and record moments at 30 frames per second number, two microsoft surface pro x. This is truly a powerful device that helped it to become one of the best tablets for college. This two on one device comes with a great advantage, which is that it is being powered by a processor designed by the arm architecture. In all fairness, there have been some complaints from reviewers and customers that 32 bit apps, sometimes dont run properly and some performance issues. A lot of people have chosen microsoft, Površina pro 7 over microsoft surface pro x. We have to agree with them. We believe you get far more for your money with the pro seven. If youre a dynamic person jumping from one task to another surface pro x will just slow you down, especially with apps like photoshop. Konačno, the usb type c ports have been made available in the surface pro devices. With this tablet number one huawei mate book signature edition. This device was huaweis first take into the world of microsoft, making this device suitable for most college students. The best thing about the tablet is its powerful intel core i5 7y54 processor with a processor speed of 1.2 (2007.). So with this two in one device, user can multitask with ease and can enjoy streaming movies and music. Other features include: it comes with a side fingerprint sensor, and this very feature has made it a user friendly device.

You can multitask with ease, as this feature allows accessing windows, desktop finishing fingerprint, authentications and unlock the tablet in with just one touch. This feature provides great security and privacy as well. That was our list of the top 7 best tablet for students.