Now granted i’ve had mixed results with the spectre line in the past, and so i was hesitantly excited to try out this new design. But after a couple of months of trying it out, i think i know who this device is for and so let’s talk about. It this is in oiso, and this is the hp spectre x360 review now before we get started i’d like to point out. This is the hp spectre 13 inch with the intel core i5 10th generation processor. It can be found on hp’s website for about a thousand bucks. Now hp also sells 8th and 11th generation processor models on their website, with both the 10th and 11th generation models having the new redesign, the 11th gen models also have a 14 inch model, which i’d love to try out sometime, but most of the things that i Say about this, this model will apply to the newer 11 gen models for the design. Hp is clearly trying to differentiate themselves from other laptops on the market, with what they’re calling the diamond cut design now, there’s, not a single curvy edge on this device with all of the edges being incredibly sharp, but not such that it’s difficult to hold. Sada. Frankly, this design, in my eyes, is pretty mixed, Jer, while it is visually different i’m still not sure whether i find it visually appealing or not more so than a lot of other premium laptops. The whole device is quite rectangular because there’s, not a tall aspect, ratio screen and all of the bezels are relatively small, i’m really happy.

That hp was able to shrink the bottom and top bezels from the earlier models and still retain windows, hello, facial recognition now. In addition to the windows, hello, facial recognition, there’s, also a fingerprint sensor, and so either way is significantly faster than logging in with a pin. Now the downside of this rectangular shape is the device is significantly shorter, i tako, kao rezultat toga, i found that my hands tend to lean off the sides or fall off the sides of the keyboard deck and not all fit in one, and so it could be A little bit uncomfortable over time, but thankfully there is a kind of curved edge at the front in order to rest, your palms on, osim toga, the ergonomic design is quite impressive. Now this whole device feels quite dense, but not too heavy, and that really comes into play when you flip it back, and you start using as a tablet. Sada, frankly, i still haven’t forced myself for a long period of time to use any windows device as a tablet, but if i had to, if i was in a bind or i didn’t have an ipad or something like that, i think this would work perfectly fine. Now i don’t think it’d be comfortable to hold in my hand, for a long period of time because of its thickness and weight. But i will say it’s significantly better at that than a lot of other windows devices. That i’ve triedand there is still at least one large bezel for meto grip the the device by without having to touch all over the screen, but outside of that one of the most common use cases i have for this type of device is not holding It as a tablet, but instead setting up as a tablet and so quite frequently when i want to watch youtube or netflix it’s.

A lot easier to be able to set up my device like this and have it sit at the edge of a surface rather than having a laptop jut out in front of it. In addition to being a good visual design, language hp tries to twist this into what is a good functional design language with cutting corners. Vidiš, the corners of the device have been cut back and there is a power button mounted on one side and then a thunderbolt 3 luka. On the other sideand the claim is, is now you will be able to plug your thunderbolt 3 cable into the back of the device without having it uh conflict with when you’re flipping it open and closed. But frankly, i didn’t find myself really benefiting from that. All that much, i would much rather prefer having a thunderball 3 port on the other side in order to be able to plug in cables on either side, but i guess that’s not available. Instead, we do have a good port layout, Iako, in addition to the two thunderbolt 3 Luka. We also have a dedicated micro sd card reader, which is a nice to have a headphone jack and one of the most innovative usb a ports that i’ve seen on a laptop. Thus far, i’ve seen a usb a port like this once before, and i think it was an acer detachable tablet and frankly i absolutely love it. Vidiš. It’S got a flip open bottom panel, just kind of like the a lot of ethernet ports that you’d see on laptops in order for it to expand into a full size port, and so you can still plug in whatever you want into it.

And now that most laptop manufacturers, including dell and obviously apple, are moving to usb c only. I think it’s really nice, that hp is able to create a legacy port that a lot of people still need, but now let’s move on from the design to the display. Now this has what you think to be a traditional 16×9 aspect: omjer 13 palac otkriti, which sounds pretty normal, except for what differentiates the hp spectre is the availability of an oled display. Now there have been mixed results when laptop manufacturers have added oled displays to their laptops, but frankly this is the first time i’ve actually been incredibly impressed by it. Ironically enough, when i first got this device, i didn’t look at the specs to see that it was an oled, and so i turned it on for the first time and the hp boot logo popped up and it was white on a black screen and i looked At itand i was like thatis the like deepest black screen that i’ve ever seen. Pa, it was because it was an oled now deep. Blacks is a great great positive in oled, but outside of that, just like we’ve loved the transition of lcds to oleds. On on smartphones, i’ve really appreciated being able to use an oled screen as a laptop screen. Not only are the blacks deeper, but the colors look punchier and the whole display looks a lot more vibrant and so, kao rezultat toga, this has become one of my favorite devices to watch content on because of that oled display.

Sada, understandably, there are concerns about having oleds on laptops, because there’s often more um fixed elements on the screen that might cause burn in. But frankly, i really have enjoyed using this because of the oled screen and i’m, not sure i would trade it for an lcd. U redu, now let’s talk about the performance. Like i mentioned earlier, this has an intel core: i5 10th generation processor it’s got 8 gigs of ram and a 256 gig ssd at a price point around a thousand dollars, that’s pretty standard for a kind of a premium to your laptop and frankly, in most cases, The performance is pretty impressive: intel’s 10th generation might have not been quite a big of a bump over the previous generation, like the 11 gen might be, but frankly, in day to day performance, you shouldn’t notice any slowdowns on a device like this modern intel chips are More than fast enough for most processing, at least that at least that i do in daily use now when it comes to kind of more heavy processing like the kind of stuff that i do on maybe photoshop. I found that this is a perfectly competent photo editing device as long as you don’t get into too complicated of layers. Sada, when it comes to video editing, i wouldn’t necessarily recommend advice like this when it comes to or for video editing outside of that, the daily use that i have for a laptop like this is going to be office and some advanced excel work.

Some coding and some emulationand i found that the intel core i5 8 gigs of ram handled it relatively well here, with one caveat, you know how i mentioned before that i had some problems with spectres in the past. Pa, those problems usually revolved around the cooling system and i found that those specters older models of spectres had a tendency to heat up to extreme temperatures like untouchable temperatures, and the fan would kick into high gear such that it was kind of unusable with how loud The fan was, and so that was my biggest concern when using using the spectre and the experience has improved a little bit. I will say the fan has gotten a little bit quieter than earlier models, but i still think this device has the same issues when it comes to heating up too much, i tako, na primjer, after a long period of use, i found that i couldn’t comfortable comfortably Put it on my lap while wearing shorts, because the chassis, the metal chassis just got too hot, i don’t know exactly what’s causing the problem. I mean it is a thin chassis, but there are other thin and light devices that don’t have nearly the cooling issues that the spectre line has had for me. Konačno, let’s talk about the keyboard and trackpad. Now i’ve always thought the hp spectre keyboards were decent. I think they’re kind of mid top tier in that they have quite a bit of travel, but they always felt a little bit too squishy for me and it doesn’t feel like the action on the key is at the right point, and so quite often i felt Like i was pushing down and then i’d feel resistance towards the bottom of the keystroke, now other people that i’ve shown this device feel differently and feel like they, they could uh comfortably type on this and, frankly, for long periods of time i could get used to It but it’s, not my favorite.

I would prefer maybe an xps keyboard or a surface device. The keyboard has a relatively standard layout with an extra column on the right side now, Ja sam, not sure how i feel about that extra column. It enables page down page of home and end keys, Koji, while i do use often i’ve gotten, used to not being there on other laptops. So more often than not, when i’m trying to press the enter key. I accidentally press one of these keys. The trackpad is significantly better than earlier spectres that i’ve used it’s got better acceleration and more consistent tracking. I will say that it’s pretty far forward on the device and so it’s a little bit uncomfortable if you’ve got it on your lap and you’re reaching really closely it’s a little awkward but outside of that it’s fast it’s, smooth and it’s, not massive, but i don’t Have a huge problem with smaller track pads, Ok, let’s get to the bottom line. The hp spectre is a completely respectable two in one convertible device that i am quite impressed with just across the board. Now there obviously are some shortcomings to the device and some things that i think hp should improve on, but frankly, i didn’t find anything this device anything with this device that kept me from wanting to recommend it to someone. I can fully appreciate that there are a lot of people out there that want a convertible 211 style laptop, but don’t want to deal with a detachable keyboard, and so a convertible like this is perfect for them.

And frankly, the hp spectre is is good for both a kind of tablet usage as long as you’re not trying to use it like exactly an ipad and traditional clamshell laptop usage. I think both are great use cases, i tako, ako si, a student looking for a device to cover everything, definitely consider the spectre and then the thousand dollar price point it’s reasonable enough to consider to kind of reach for if you are still on a student’s budget. Thank you for watching, inno iso. I hope you like this review of the hp spectre x360 and you get subscribed, so you can see more laptop reviews just like this be sure to leave a like, and a comment.