Now this has the ryzen 9 4 900 h. Very potent apu has vega 8 Grafike, 8 Jezgre 16 Teme. Maximum turbo is 4.4 (2007.). It does come with 16 gigabytes of ram and dual channel a 512 gigabyte mvme ssd, and you can also add another one too. If you wish to expand upon the storage that they give. You now im not sure on the pricing yet, and chewie also advised me that this unit they sent out to me is not a final retail version. Theyre going to be changing the cooler to improve upon the thermals and the fan noise, because later on, as you see, the unit ive got here is not very good, ali osim toga, the rest of it a little bit of a spoiler here is very, very Impressive, the kind of performance we can get out of this ryzen apu and included in the box. You just get two things this right here, which is a hunt, key brand power supply thats, a common brand ive, seen it a lot before 90 watts max and then our power cable, which is going to, naravno, be dependent on the region you buy. So if you get an eu one, you get the eu plug us us plug australia. Nz, like you, get the idea, so the front of it here is plastic. This part here, weve got our power on button with status, led separate audio in and audio out, 3.

5 millimeter type c port. Now this, Nažalost, is only usb 2 Spec, so thats not great and thats another usb 2 luka. So it would only really be plugging in a keyboard or a mouse into these, then on the rear of it. Weve got our x advance. All the hot air is coming out of here, dc in for our power display port 1.3 hdmi 2.0 a and here we do have vga. If you actually needed that well its here, dva usb-a 3.0 Luka, dva usb-a 2.0 and then two one gigabit lan ports and left and right of it, we just have this, which is plastic, so its the middle, the top and the bottom front, and back is plastic. It has quite an industrial looking design to it. I dont mind it. I think it looks okay and if you undo those four torx screws on the back of it, you can then slide the top off and expose then the internals. So right here we have a dust filter so on the outside. It will eventually build up a little bit of dust. You could easily just blow that off or vacuum it off and now ill cool it right here. So this chewy has told me theyre going to be upgrading the copper in this, the transfer heat pipes and the cooler itself and also increase the bios from 35 watts on this review unit to 45 and unfortunately i really wish i got the unit.

The final retail unit, and not thisi really hate it. When this happens, you can see theres a lot of spare space around here. They could have had room for a 2.5 inčni pogon, but sadly we dont have it with this, and we can see the location of the wireless antennas. So there is one here on the side and another one on the front of it where the plastic is so that is great, naravno, for the best wireless antenna reception now the wireless card, if you do want to change it, that intel one, the wi fi Six car that weve got its just in there. You can just see it. U redu, but youd have to remove the whole heatsink and this fan assembly to get to that wireless card and swap it out and exactly like the top weve got this alloy and i really do like it. Its almost like a heat, sink heat dissipating design that theyve gone with and its in that matte gray. So if you undo all of the screws around the outside, which ive already done, you can then hopefully pry off there, we go the bottom of it and that then exposes our upgrades. That are very easy to do ourselves. To just add another m.2 nvme drive right here there is the need tech, which is our boot drive and the drive they include. Ovo je 512 gigabytes and ill. Give you the speeds later on in this review and then ill ram, Tako 16 gigabytes in total.

In dual channel – i da, it is running at the correct speed, Što je 3 200 Megaherca, so very easy to replace this. If you wanted to and then add, more storage or upgrade our ramand here is our bios, so weve got all the advanced settings open to us now. Ovo je super. Now chewy did a strange thing. They sent out a 35 watt configuration to me with the bios, so what i have done to make sure its just like the retail version, which will be 45 Watts, so weve got the same performance as i did go into the settings here. You go into amd, cbs need to go then into the nbio common options and down here smu common options and over to this system configuration was auto, which was only 35 Watts, so i have set it now to 45. Now you could even put it on to 54, ako ste to željeli učiniti, but im going to review it, as is as you would buy it and theres another option here too, that under graphics configuration. If you wanted to change this, the vega 8 configuration here, you can put it on to game optimized, and what that does is the 16 gigabajti ovna, if you have that installed, will dedicate two gigabytes of the ram just to the vega 8.. Sada, if you happen to have say 32 gigabajta u ovom, it will then be four gigabytes dedicated to the vega and, if you put 64 in itll, then be eight, i believe so thats how it works, but im going to keep that on auto.

So everything really is as factory retail version as possible, so lets go into windows. Now this chewy aussie box. It does ship with windows 10 Naslovnica. But if youre thinking about upgrading to windows 11, will it support it? To ne. Okay weve got the secure boot. We have the tpm 2.0 that we need its enabled and, of course the spec of it yep. Definitely fine not going to be a problem. If you want to run that now, i wont be running windows 11 na ovom, because it ships with windows, 10 home so thatshow i will review it. So we do have the ryzen 9, the 4900h, its a very, very potent chip here, even though okay, da, its last gen, its still excellent. Now i did, as i showed you before, with the buyer, set it to 45 Watts, okay thats, what it will be with the retail version. Chewie told me that the review unit is set to 35, dakle, to je, why i changed it to 45 tamo, as i explained before so the ram is running at well. It shows 600 but its in fact, 3200 megahertz and those are the timings cl22 typical for amd. Not great ram timings, Nažalost, so weve got the vega 8 Grafike, 8 cores maximum turbo is 4.4 and its a 7 čip nanometara. Sada, how does it perform well? This is just straight up here: the geekbench 5 score, updated the drivers and everything too for it, and that is impressive.

The multi core score very, Vrlo dobro, the single core. Da, the intels tend to do a little bit better there. They can get around 1500 um (1998, but very, Vrlo dobro. This is really fast. Its a potent chip, Ok, so its not a slouch so general office tasks and everything will be very very fast now, the storage they include with it is an nvme drive. U redu, you can see that the speeds arent the fastest, no for nvme, but still this knee tech, 512 gigabyte drive is a lot faster than sata3 and you can add another drive. You can expand upon. The storage just make sure its m.2 and its the 2280 size of mvme drive. U redu, no point buying an expensive pcie 4 one because it will not be supported. The wireless card intels ax 200. This has bluetooth 5 with it its very fast. I get transfer speeds of about 1.3. Sometimes 1.4 depends on your router. It must be, of course wi fi 6, because it is a wi fi 6 card to get these faster speeds, but it still falls back on to wi fi ac. You can use that if you dont have the new attack with your router, the hdmi port on this, even though its hdmi 2.0 Uh. It can do this. It can do 4k 120hz. Its connected up to my lg cx, not a problem, to be able to run that, but it is at eight bit as you can see there, but it was smooth.

There were no glitches. There were no problems, so thats another positive there out of this particular machine. So cinebench r23 shows us that it is very powerful. Ryzen 9 4 hundred h now compared to newer gen models that ive checked out with the 5000 serija, like the ryzen 9 5 900 hx in the minis forum, hx90 mini pc that got 12 000 Bodova. So this chewy gets 10 000.. That is actually really good, so its an excellent score here and its an absolute monster. It just shows you that this is super powerful. So theres no point me covering documents, video files, everything i threw at it. It plays just fine. U redu, so in order to make the video a little shorter, i wont be showing you that okay just to cut down on it now. This is the bad part, and we have to take chewies word for this, which really we cant. I do hope and ive asked them that they send me out a final retail version and not this what you could basically call a prototype, because they told me theyre going to change the heatsink theyre going to change the fan because look at this, these maximum temperatures Are crazy, it peaked at 110 stupnjeva. This is after me pushing it very hard with cinebench benchmarks. Uh fire strike, all of that the gaming and everything okay so its way too hot. I could not recommend this mini pc. Looking at that now, the maximum power use that im seeing right now from the wall, the socket it is getting up to pulling a peak of about 84 Watts.

Here you can see about 58, but im talking total from the wall about 84., so really its down to chewy, to fix these thermals and the fan noise, its so annoying its a high rpm constant, no matter what youre doing, even if youre, just in chrome, surfing Or an edge or gaming theres no difference. The fan. Noise is bad, terrible, so thats another thing that they say they will fix in the retail unit and just before i get onto the gaming performance, how does the vega 8 in this apu perform? Well really good! Look at this score, the graphic score here is getting right up there for integrated thats, nije loše uopće. Now the best i have seen for night raid. This is 3d marks. Night raid by the way, je 20 000 Bodova, and that was with the iris, xe graphics in a huawei laptop and it had very fast lp ddr4 x, ram thats why it got so such a good, crazy score. But still this is thats excellent, To je, a good result very solid, baš ovako. Ovdje, fire strike for integrated graphics being able to achieve over 4 000 points for our graphic score. Thats great thats. Just to show you really that the ryzen 9, 4 900 h still very potent, and this score its not that far off the 5000 serija, as mentioned that 5900 hx and gaming performance. So this is grand theft, auto 5, medium settings, medium pedestrian, variety and the view distance, and also the the density of the pedestrians here and were getting over 60 frames per second now.

This performance right now night time is really good for integrated graphics. I mean this is so close to the iris xc, with the very fast lp ddr4 x ram. So this is impressive. Now note that its holding the 1750 megahertz there at the top, so its keeping that top gpu boost clock and its not throttling down the gpu. So the vega 8 here is doing extremely well and i really am impressed with this performance so for light gaming, these older titles with low settings and maybe even lowering the resolution downdefinitely possible here on the ryzen 9 4 900 h powered rz box here from Chewie and finally, my linux test, Tako, da, it is working just fine. The wireless ax200 card connects up to my network and not a problem. Tamo. Everything seems to load in just fine and no issues running your favorite linux distros on the spec and, as you can imagine, the performance of it is excellent, running linux. Now the final verdict from me. I cannot, Nažalost, give you right now, because i dont have the final retail version. I really do hate it when companies do this when they send us something that is basically a prototype to review and were not reviewing the final product which everyone is going to get. But if they can do what they say, theyre going to do fix the thermals with that newer cooler and then the fan noise, and i would say then this is going to be a very good mini pc one two shortlist to consider differently.

But as it stands, i cant really recommend it. Yet until we see the reviews of the final retail versionand i did ask chewie if they can send me out a final model of this, so i can confirm myself if the thermals are going to be a lot better because as it stands with this setup, Which they cannot sell like this, so i kind of do believe theyre going to fix it. It cant sell it like this, hitting about 110 degrees celsius on that riser 9. That is not good at all to see, but the apu performance really great, so cpu the vega 8 graphics impressive. The way it runs, gta 5, with such a good frame rate at 1080p, really good to see there. So we can add easily another ssd in this. You can swap out the ram upgrade it to 32 gigabytes if you wanted to all the way up to 64.. That is something else, thats great to see build quality. Pa, we do have plastic on the back and plastic on the front. The frame around it is plastic, and then it has the alloy on the top and the bottom of it. I dont like the fact that we have a type c port that is crippled with only usb 2 Brzine, To je, Nije dobro. If theyre going to give us a type c port, Pa, please make it at least usb 3 Brzine, so that is thats disappointing.

Why they have done that. So i hope they can change that in the final version, but i kind of doubt it there. So if they, as i mentioned, they fixed that fan noise and the thermals, then this is going to be a fantastic mini pc if they price it right, which i dont know anything about yet pricing, Nažalost, because that information just isnt available yet so. Hvala ti.