I have been using this tab pretty much every single day and i think its really important that we now review some of the changes that samsung has brought in and whether this tablet is still worth buying in october of 2021, the tab i say theres rumors about It being released between january and march next year, theres still a bit of a way and its gon na be pretty expensive im sure when it comes out. So is this tablet the one for you? I hope i can help you decide were gon na, go over every aspect and talk about all the updates and changes that have been brought in recently so that i can give you the most up to date and latest review of this tablet. So without further ado, please do like this video and subscribe to channel for more videos lets get into it. Tako, first of all lets talk about the physical aspect, so really any wear and tear over the past year and im really happy to say that ive not actually noticed any significant changes to the physicality of the tablet. Now that includes the screen. So i didnt put on a screen protector theres, Još uvijek, no scratches on it very good touch screen still quite snappy and fingerprint sensor is still working really good. The buttons are also fantastic. Still on the back side, where we charge the s pen, that is still working very good as well. Now i do have to say this is a lot of this is down to how the user uses the tablet and im pretty.

You know im quite a careful user, rekao bih, as in you know, ive not dropped it anywhere. Ive been very careful when im handling it um ive also kept the keyboard boot cover on it constantly. So maybe thats also made a difference and on the topic of the keyboard book cover its also doing very good. The keyboard still works very nicely. The trackpad is all good, the magnetic connection very snappy, very quick and easy to use as well charging port still very good charges, pretty much the same as it did a year ago. So really not many changes on that front and i think, on a physical aspect. Its done very well so lets talk a little bit about the s pen. Now the s pen nib, i have not changed a lot of you have been asking me this um, but ive just not felt the need to change it. I you know still feel that it works just like a normal pen and kind of as it did a year ago as well. Zapravo, so i didnt feel the need to change it um. ako, at some point i do, i will be sure to update you guys. Other than that, the s pen um, the charging is fantastic, gives a very long life, and i think what makes that better is that every time im not using it, i just put it on the charging at the back, because i think its more secure on the Keyboard boot cover anyway um but yeah in terms of that never had an issue with it kind of running out of charging thats all good um.

The button on it still works. Good ive actually been getting into using the gestures a bit more recently um. I think it just takes a while to get used to everything and theres a lot of features that maybe ive still not explored, but the gestures are very useful and ive been using them quite frequently and yeah in terms of, like actual writing on the tablet. Its still very smooth, um (1998, fantastic and really no complaints on that front because, as a medical student, my main usage on the tab is note. Taking and im using the s pen, all the time to highlight, take notes annotations that kind of stuff and ill talk a bit more about my usage later, but in terms of the s pen, Vrlo dobro, no complaints and really happy with it. So lets actually talk about my usage, so ive mentioned this, but i am a medical student, so a lot of you might be familiar with this that we have a lot of work to get through so especially this year when everything has been online um. You know watching lectures, annotating lecture, slides importing pdfs making notes some summary posters. All this kind of stuff has been done on the tablet and, if that wasnt enough, all my video calls and that kind of virtual meeting side has also been done on the tablet, and i pretty much use it all day. Like its my main, you know thing that i use and even when im watching lectures on my computer im always like taking notes on my tablet.

So its pretty much in use the whole day and i think its important to talk about battery life here, because if i am using it all day and all day, meaning you know maybe from like nine in the morning to six seven eight oclock at night with A few breaks in between im not having to charge it at all, as long as i have it on a full charge and i charge it during the night um, so a hundred percent, you know it lasts me the whole day and i dont have to worry About um running out of charging, which is really great now i have to say that video calls seem to drain the battery life a lot quicker. So on days, where i have more live sessions, i might charge it occasionally during the day as well, just to stay on the safe side, when im annotating, lecture, slides and pdfs its really not a big issue, it doesnt drain it too much um, so yeah and While were talking about my usage, it would be very wrong for me not to bring in samsung notes at this point. Samsung notes has been a really like a godsend tool. Umm, i use it every day. All of my university work is done on there um. You know im importing pdfs im, making summary posters im highlighting things if i should jot something down or take any brief notes, whatever its all done on samsung notes and ive made like folders for last years, stuff and now for this year as well.

So its all organized there and the best thing is ive synced it across my phone and my computer. So i have access to all my notes offline as long as ive synced it all up so its a fantastic tool, and one of the things i wanted to talk about in this video is the update that they brought out. So this is some very exciting stuff. So one of the big changes that samsung brought out in samsung notes latest update is the fact you can do full screen mode now. There was a lot of criticism with this tablet when it came out, especially with the aspect ratio and a lot of people were saying that the app compatibility on the tablet is not great, but i really think that samsung is changing, that i never felt. This was a big issue in the first place, but for those of you who might have thought this was a make or break feature, you can actually do full screen mode on the tablet when youre using samsung note. So you can take advantage of the full screen because it is a beautiful, its such a nice screen and its so good that were able to use all of it now now, on top of that apps, like tick, tock and instagram, you can actually also use in The vertical aspect ratio, because i believe before you had to download an app so that you could make it vertical and then it was a bit complicated because that wasnt available in some countries and its a bit of a mess.

But now after this update, you can actually use instagram in full screen. Now i havent actually tried that out myself, because i dont use instagram and tick tock on the tablet anyway, just kind of do that stuff on my phone, so ive not actually tested it out, but it is in the updateand i have seen people talk about It so it is a thing now um, which is fantastic, so i think thats, like one of the big things thats changed. So a lot of apps are now optimized to use on the tab, and that was one of the big things that everyone was saying is not possible. And you know one of the reasons that people are going for the ipad instead of the tablet. But i think that samsung has really started to change things now, and the tab is becoming an even bigger competitor for the ipad after this update, multitasking is still fantastic on the tablet. Sada, im going to talk a little bit about samsung dex here, i personally havent used samsung decks at all over the past year um. I think the main reason for that is because i do a lot of collaboration with my computer, my pc and my tablet. So i dont feel the need to use samsung dex on my tablet, but i think thats definitely something that i want to adventure into a little bit more, and maybe i can give you guys a bit more detail about that over the coming months.

Umm. I think that overall multitasking on the tablet is fantastic. You can have three tabs open at once and thats great a lot of time. I might be watching a lecture, taking notes and then noting stuff down. You know somewhere else and then its fantastic, svoj pravedan velik. That i can move them around and its super snappy and quick and just really convenient to use. Now i bought the 128gb model and ive used about 45 gigabytes over the past year, but the best thing is, i have a piece of mind there that i can actually extend my storage if i need to over the coming years. So this is not a tablet that you upgrade after a year. This is really something that you can use for a few years quite easily and stick to because, after all, its a very expensive buy and its still expensive, even after a year. So i think its great to have that kind of long term attachment with a device like this, especially for students, i think its a great buy and one of the things that maybe the ipad lacks now. I know that this is this. Video is not about the ipad, but i think it is important to bring in competitors, especially ones like the ipad, where you cant, actually extend storage and its something that you might have to upgrade almost every year or every two years. So i think the tablet on that front wins and while were on the topic of winning.

I genuinely believe that the tabber 7 plus has the best screen out there on any tablet or laptop um. Genuinely. It is beautiful. Na 12.4 palac otkriti, along with the amoled, its a perfect combination, um (1998, whether youre you know watching stuff on netflix, where you know the colors are fantastic, really nice experience or if im, just working and im, i dont know im on like complete anatomy, 22 or whatever, And im kind of navigating through things its fantastic, and i think it makes a big difference to your experience when youre using a tablet like that, and i think its really really worth the money on that front and as were coming to the end of the video. I think it is important to talk about some of the things that i think could be improved in the tablet. I know that 90 of this video is basically me saying. The tablet is wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, go and buy it its worth the money, but it is important to talk about some of the things that bug me occasionally, um one thing is not really cut strictly to the tablet, but more the keyboard book cover. I would love to see a backlit keyboard um, Stvarno, sometimes, students have to work in the dark and although my typing skills are pretty good and i can type most of time without looking at the keyboard, i would like something backlit um. That would be a nice feature. Definitely another thing that i think would be really useful is to have more ports on the tablet.

So right now we just have a c cable port, but actually have maybe a hdmi or a usb at least would be fantastic um. It would just you know, put a new level to the multitasking abilities to the tab. Umm. I think i get it. It might be leaning more towards a laptop at that point, but on a tablet i dont see why not so samsung here we are try and bring these changes in your next tablet, and that is it guys. So if you want a really powerful spectacular display tablet that you can multitask on and its fantastic for entertainment, studying work, uni everything, then i really do recommend the tablet 7 plus um. I take it about with me everywhere, its so portable easy to handle um. You know i carry it to uni and back and at home im carrying it around and you know with the keyboard boot cover and everything. I know its expensive, its still expensive, but i do think it is worth the money and um if you are confused still, even after watching this video, if you should buy the ipad or the tablet 7 Plus, then i really do hope that i persuaded you towards The right option and that this video has helped you to decide and yeah guys. I will see you all in my next video. Let me know your experiences of using the tablet down in the comments id love to hear your experiences as well and thats it.