Hej, ljudi, whats up its me ellen, welcome back to the channel where we take awesome out of the box today. Lets take a closer look at the realme pad for the box. You get a simple white box with the photo of the tablet on front with some ruby branding on top and both sides. While on the back, you can find the specs and details about the device inside the box. You get the tablet. The manual sim ejector pin usbc cable and its 18 watt charger for the build. The real me pad has a metallic design, which comes in two color ways: the real grey and the one we got is real gold. Do sada, the back of this tablet is made out of aluminum alloy, with a matte finish, which makes it look sleek and premium. You can see some real me branding on the lower right corner, while it has the 8 megapixel hd camera on the rear. Carrying this on portrait mode, you can spot the volume rocker, a hybrid sim card slot and two microphones with a noise cancellation on the right side. On top, you can find the power button and two set of speakers. It has a clear left side, while on the bottom, you can find the 3.5 millimeter audio jack, usb c charging port and two more set of speakers. As you guys can see. The real me pad has a great set of quad speakers with dolby atmos, which enhances your overall surround sound experience.

The real me pad sports, na 6.9 millimeter ultra slim design, and it only weighs about 440 Grama, which makes it absolutely portable and easy to carry around now for display. The real me pad has a 10.4 inch ips lcd screen. Međutim, it does have some slightly thick bezels, but so far the colors look vivid and sharp definitely perfect for watching videos and scrolling through content. Ne samo da, but in landscape mode you can spot its 8 megapixel front camera. So this tablet isnt only made for pure entertainment, but its also perfect for online meetings and classes, pretty sure you can balance both work and play on this one for the specs. The real me pad is powered by the mediatek helio g80 processor and for its ram. It can go up to 4 Nastupa, while its storage, it can go up to 64 Nastupa, but for our model unit we got the 3 svirke ovna i 32 nastupa za. This also runs on the real me ui for pad based off android 11.. Now for the battery, the real me pad is packed with a 7 100 milliamp hour battery with an 18 Watt, quick charge and reverse charging, but of course, well have to test out its battery life on our battery test in our full review. So stay tuned. For that, for the cameras, as i mentioned earlier, it has an 8 megapixel camera both front and back so here are some sample shots, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba.

Ukupni, my first impressions on the real me pad is that its a lightweight and portable tablet that you can use for both work and play but well see how this tablet performs on our full review. So stay tuned for that and as for the price well voila for now, but well, let you guys know once its out. You guys can also watch the live stream event on the real me facebook page on october 21. So dont forget to check out on box.ph for more reviews and remember to like comment share and subscribe and also hit that notification bell for more updates. Još jednom, this was me, l and ill.