6 inča. 11.6 To je. One of the largest tablets we have ever brought you but we’re not going to stop with just an incredible great big screen and by the way, because it has that great big screen. The other great part of that is you’re going to get the case. But it also means that that keyboard expands. So you have a lot more comfort when it comes to the keyboard to being able to just type more comfortably so you’re going to get the the tablet you’re going to get the keyboard you’re going to get the case. You’Re going to get over the ear headphones included as well all for a price under 150 mi smo., also going to give you a great app pack as well included. I want to show you the color choices that you have because we’ve done colors in this, that we have never done before, and it makes it look so so much like a couture look, because these are not things you’re going to see out in the marketplace. That’S what’s so cool about it so i’m going to start up here with my favorite. This one is going to be your gray. Marble right up here, absolutely gorgeous final 250.. Look at how everything matches back! It is gorgeous right in front of that is going to be your rainbow, which is just pure fun and then right over here we’re going to come up here. This is our red python. I think that gives it a really cool, couture, look and right in front of that is going to be.

Your blue. Marble almost looks like a like an abstract painting. Doesn’T it down here in front are going to be our solids. This is going to be your dusty rose and it’s interesting. It almost has a sueded feel to it. If you want the dusty rose at the final 150. Now in the dusty rose in the blue that we have. This is going to be your navy, Plava, and then we have it in your black again. This almost feels like a sueded feel we are, mislim, we’re in final quantities in all of this. So if you want this on that sale, Cijena 50 off four flex, payments, free shipping and handling, you are going to get one of the biggest tablets we have ever offered from one of the biggest names when it comes to technology. Aaron berger, you know this is one of my all time favorites, because in my book certainly bigger is always better and you know it’s hard to find tablets in this particular size range and we are reaching out to aaron now to see. Can you hear us erin? I can hear you guys, Dobro, you got me yeah, we sure do oh good, happy, valentine’s day good to see you, and you know this is one of my all time. Favorites. I love the size and i we’ve never done cases like this. These cases are such high design. I mean they really put them almost in a couture category.

U redu, you have to show everybody again. I mean since it’s valentine’s day and since you’re talking about uh cases, you have to show everyone again: the beautiful new um, the red python did you. You saw that right kind of, and i think you said, it’s kind of more of a parts of it or more of a pink. I just think that that is the brand new. You know what i’m going to hold it over here i’m, going to move it yesterday, isn’t it out of this. The gray market is new too, but that python is that’s a knockout, tako da u svakom slučaju, happy valentine’s day to everyone. Who’S watching into my good friend, alice you’re right, bigger, is better when it comes to screen. You know i often i make the joke all year. Long, not just on valentine’s day that um no one ever got a screen. You know whether it was a tablet or a smartphone or a computer and said: oh, i wish that was a smaller screen. Nobody ever said it. None of our eyes are getting better. So having the bigger screen allows you to do so much more, especially well. I should say, regardless of if you’re using this as a computer, because as alice was mentioning beautiful cases, turn this into a computer. There is a here in fact, i’ll kind of remove part of the case, so you can see there’s a um. What we call a hard connection, not a soft connection, so it’s not a bluetooth connection, even though bluetooth is built in look.

You see that it’s this magnetic connection in these four gold pins that connect at the bottom of the tablet and as soon as that happens, the keyboard is working as functional, so you can go from being tablet to going into key into computer mode just by popping It in to the folio and now you’ve got basically a quad core touchscreen computer on the go, for all intents and purposes, To je. What that this is when you’re using it in this form, you can do you know, word processing and you can do spreadsheets and you can do all of that boring stuff. And then, when it’s a free time, you can watch movies and you can play games and you can do zoom and you can do skype. Your kids can use this obviously for google classrooms. I want to point something out. I know at home, sometimes it’s hard to sort of tell the scale of what we’re doing on a screen. Ovo je 7 inch tablet screen which is sort of like the introductory tablet screen size, even when i’m multitasking notice, i have hsn.com up on this side. You could have any of your favorite websites, pinching zooming. I have a picture of max on this side again: pinching zooming, even when i’m multitasking and many tablets can’t multitask, they don’t have the quad core. They don’t have the two gigs of ram. All of those kind of things, even when i’m multitasking each of these screens is bigger than a seven inch screen.

Zapravo, you’ll see here, as i make this into one screen, as i just pull it over and let it no so now one or one program is taking over the full screen it’s about three times the size of a seven inch tablet. Now for the magic act, um it’syou can pop this right out of the case and i like to use, especially because this is a big tablet right, almost no, unless you’re a professional ball player, you can’t palm this in one hand um i like to use The g hold, which is available for you in all the different colors to make it match back now, maybe there’s something on that screen, even even though i’m in full screen, maybe there’s something you can’t see right, something for which you would usually have to put your Reading glasses, on pinch and zoom here, na primjer, let’s find one um. U redu. This is easy enough. So you see that gold. You can see that it’s a gold square. You can’t, probably tell what it says. Piše: hollywood, Glazba, hollywood dreams, slots, hollywood dreams see you can see anything now and that that really is to me. You know that’s kind of the first step, alice right, simply being able to see your tablet and see your computer more easily and being able to have a tablet and a computer touch screen quad core all in one package right and understand. When we say 11.

6 To je, not just that it’s an inch bigger it’s like tvs, because when they size up tvs, it’s like they take the edges and and make them bigger, so the entire screen increases that’s. Why this screen we’re doing so much more with our tablets? U redu, i mean literally you look at this it’s like just just a size down, and i mean a smidge down from some of the the laptops that are out there, but it’s so much easier, To je. So much more versatile it’s touch screen you’re going to get the the dj style headphones, which are amazing. Na vrhu toga, you get the case, you get the keyboard, you get everything, Ali, Najvažnije, you get something that truly is going to work for you, 128 gigabytes of upgradable memory in here and for under 150. Look at all that you’re. Getting i mean. What do you pay for a case? What do you pay for headphones? What do you pay for all of the apps we’re doing and including for you and you’re, going to get all of it with rca technology, Ok, rca quality and then today, four flex payments you get it home, 37.50 we’ll, even ship it to you absolutely free. I need to give you an update across the board because we are getting so low on quantity, Tako, if you do are in kind of a valentine’s day mood, let me tell you what this one looks. I i wish you, you did a carry case or a handbag to go with it, because it’s such a cool design.

This is going to be your red python. 400 Lijevo, if you want it in that amazing color now. This is also one of our top sellers. Right here this is going to be your blue marble. We started with over 2 000 od tih. We have final 400. Sada, if you wanted in that, blue marble looks like a beautiful work of modern art over here. This is going to be your gray marble. We started with 1400 od tih. We have the final 200. Those could go in this presentation. It almost looks like the gemstone like a malachite is what it looks like it’s. Just beautiful here is your rainbow color, which is just like a starry starry night 500 of those remaining and then right down here in the front, are going to be your solid choices, so you have the dusty rows and again, these almost have like a sueded feel To them so really very high end: Ok, we started with 700 ovdje 100 remaining, so we may lose this one in this presentation as well: evo, your navy, blue and then okay. It started with 800 in the navy blue 250 left here and then your black available as well. You get your matching headphones, an amazing time for you to really upgrade, even if you have an older tablet today, get the size that you want, get the size that you can see and get the size and and truly even the ability for this to just stand Up on its own, there are so many different ways that you’re going to be able to use this, but when it comes to look at the keyboard, size i’m actually just going to i’m going to just hold this up in front of me.

So you can really see it is edge to edge. So do you see 11.6 inča, i mean erin. It makes all the difference in the world having that extra 1.6 inches because again it’s not that it just is an extra inch. It stretches diagonally, so it really increases it, but so just lightweight and fast. The processor in this is awesome and that’s. The next thing, so i think, having the bigger screen is the first thing and then the next real key is having a faster screen so or a faster processor. This is quad core that’s, the most cores and any tablet we sell the most in any rca we’ve. Ever done, it’s the most ram, two gigabytes of ram it’s, the largest solid state 128 gig even has an expandable memory card slot. You can see that little number just ticking away if you’ve thought about a new computer or you’ve thought about a new tablet. This is our number one selling android tablet: android operating system, the android operating system. This is android 10. it’s the number one operating system in the world, so you you’re just getting the absolute best of the best today. Congratulations if you’re picking it up i’ll show you here quickly: um (1998. We only have a couple of minutes left, but how quick you can move from one thing to another, so i’m on hsn.com right here: actually the hsn arcade, pinching and zooming, and all that really simple to do then i press the little home button to go home.

I could press anywhere on the on the tablet as well. How about the google play store the number one app store in the world, more apps, more music, more games. It has the number one ebook store in the world over a million i think closer to two million now apps and games built in. We can go right into our apps, see how fast that is. We go right into our movies. All you do is connect to your wi, fi and you’re good to go or right into books, like i said, the um largest ebook store anywhere in the world, so kind of a big thing to be able to say hop into your photos. naravno, your google photos, this will connect across your google mail and your google photos and your google calendar and your google drive all of those available to your facebook, any social networking, Instagram, twitter and you’re, seeing it all on a bigger screen. You know it’s fun on your phone sure on a four inch, five inch phone, which you probably by the way. How much does your phone cost? Oh it’s, a four inch: five inch phone, probably five hundred dollars up to twice that amount right, um (1998, facebook and then i’ll show you one more streaming on. This is really nice and that’s, so i’m going to go to netflix, netflix streaming, hsn a really responsive screen, and that is a big part of the story. Not only a bigger screen, a better screen front facing camera rear facing camera, expandable memory, but a quad core processor to give you more speed and, as we showed earlier, to be able to multitask because your screen’s big enough to do that again.

It’S been one of our best sellers already of the year. These are truly couture. Looking cases that that you’re going to get and the biggest one of the biggest screens we have ever offered across the board from rca so make sure you don’t miss it again, limited in your red red 300 just about 300 in the red python.