XIDU Tour Pro 12.5″ 2.5K Touchscreen Laptop Review (2020)

It is on sale on amazon for ‘9 us dollars so in this in depth, review we’re going to go over the features, specs benchmarks and also do a takedown of this laptop, so please sit back, relax and enjoy the review. Također, please subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for notifications for […]

Kocka i7 Book Review (Dubini) S referentnim vrijednostima, Igre, Termici & Remix OS Test

It looks very similar to the i7 stylus, but it does have a new keyboard dock, a new chipset, which is now the Intel skylake core, m36 wife. 30 has the same four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte SSD. It also has wireless AC now, which is really good to see the dual band wireless […]

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Review (Dubini) Remix OS version

This one here is the second one and it’s the Chui VI, Tien, plus and you’ll, see that it comes with an additional keyboard that acts as they stand for the tablet. Sada, it’s powered by some very common specs here it’s got an atom X, 3 zit, 8300. 2 gigabyte-ovi od Ovan 32 Gigabajt, […]

Chuwi HiBook pozitivan glas ponovo ispitivanje – 2560 x 1600, Dvostruka OS 2-u-1 Tablet PC

So what has changed in the model? We now have this new screen on there. That is fully laminated. It has a 2560 od strane 1600 resolution and it is very nice it’s very bright. It gets up to ‘6 nits of brightness and it dulls down to about 26 and it’s got an atom. X50 […]

Vido W10 Elite ReviewAtom X7 Z8700, 4GB, 128GB eMMC & Bežični AC

Three RAM that’s running at 1600, Megaherca 128 gigabyte Toshiba each MMC for your internal storage. Unfortunately it’s not running dual boot and it has a wireless AC that is an Intel chipset and also has a fully laminated to screen and a very nice build a very premium. Build in fact, one of the […]

Teclast X98 Plus II Review (Full In-Depth Review With Gaming Tests)

So it’s got a nine point. Seven inch 2048 od strane 1536 resolution screen that’s the same screen that is in the Apple iPad, air and the air too, and all the previous tick last x98 models. Now the design and build of it has changed slightly. I personally see it as a step backwards and […]

Chuwi Hi10 plus pregled (Cijeli in-dubina pregled)

Probably thinking hang on I’ve already seen this tablet before now. You wouldn’t be mistaken, because I did review the VI 10, which looks exactly the same. The VI 10 Plus. Međutim, this model here has double the RAM double the internal storage and it comes configured as a dual boot. So it’s got remix […]

Pipo W1 pozitivan glas ponovo ispitivanje – Atom X5 Z8350 Windows 10 Pločica PC

The w1 Pro it’s called now it’s powered both at revised Terry trail chipset, so that’s the atom x5z 8350. To je 4 gigabytes of RAM on it. Now the RAM is clocked up to the fastest maximum supported speed. Tako 1600, megahertz often as of late I’ve, seen manufacturers opting to lower that to […]

JDTab J01 Review – Android 6.0 Retina Tablet With Harman Kardon Audio

They decided to create their own custom tablet with a few other companies like Lyoko, Harman Kardon, who handles the speakers me xud operating system, and we have Foxconn D assembly and everything else. So this one has the written panel that we’re all familiar seven point. Nine inches 2048 od strane 1536 resolution has four […]

Chuwi Hi13 pregled – Windows 10 Tableta sa Surface Book

Sada, Nažalost, u ovom trenutku, barem u vrijeme kada je pregledan ovo nije model s dvostrukim čizmama. To je samo Windows, 10 kod kuće ima 4 gigabajti RAM-a njegova dual channel power bi i Intel Apollo Lake Celeron in 3450, s maksimalnim turbo 2.2 gigahertz koji je quad core ima 64 […]

Chuwi Hi13 vs Chuwi Hi12 brza usporedba – Koje biste trebali kupiti?

Ovo je najnoviji model koji je upravo izašao.: To je Windows 10 samo ovaj windows, 10 i Android na HR 12. Tako ste osvojili dual boot model koji odmah kao očigledan izbor. Postoji velika razlika između njih oboje, pa ću doći do detalja.. Ima ih. […]

Teclast X3 plus pregled – First 6GB Apollo Lake Windows tablet

So it has two three gigabyte: chips from Samsung they’re, low power, double data rate; three chips: 64 gigabajta prostora za pohranu. Nažalost, just Wireless in I would have liked to have seen while it’s AC on this. You can see the design of it it’s very similar to the x5 Pro that I reviewed kickstand. […]