Build A Massive Handheld Android Console With The Power To Run It All!

Sada. What i have here is the galaxy tab. S6. I picked this up refurbished on ebay for 309 dollars shipped to the door and, po mom mišljenju, it’s totally worth it. If you’re looking for a powerful android tabletand you don’twant to spend 700 dolara, this is powered by the […]

iPad Pro 2021 – Overdox Game & Settings Review

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Apple iMac G4: Restoration, Retro recenzija, Igre – Ahead of it's time

This second generation imac g4, that i purchased on ebay and it was been by far the most disgusting dirty restoration and cleaning. I have ever done on a computer, so let’s get into it. Music before i tear down this second gen imac, to give it a real, thorough, clean, i just want to […]

Best Video Editing Apps for Android (2021 Pregled!)

, mi smo., going to take a look at all the leading options after our in depth, testing and all the pros and cons to help. You decide the best option for you and we’ll wrap it up with my top pick for the best video editing app for android smartphones and tablets. Right now, Hej […]

How I Set Up a Clean Laptop

I should share this. I should document it and share it with you guys, because i’ve had so many emails and comments over the years. There’S people asking. How do you set up your laptop? What do you do? What’S, your personal preference of setting this stuff up, and i thought why not share it, […]

Najbolji 2021 Tableta? 🤔 : 6 REASONS to get the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 2021

But first let’s start with the unboxing. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro’s box comes in white with a text of HUAWEI MatePad Pro in the middle and the size of the tablet towards the bottom left. Onda, at the side of the box, you will find the specs and the color variant that you choose. Opening […]

Gaomon S630 Review & Podijela

Video for Gaomon’s latest graphic tablet: Gaomon S630. Prvi, I want to say thank you to Gaomon for sending this tablet to me. Thank you so much Gaomon, U redu, let’s open the box. Firstly, a guide for driver download And then a warranty card. This is the tablet. The size is 190 mm x, 170 […]

iPad Pro 2021 Pregled: it's great, but not laptop-great!

The internet was ablaze with rumors that we might actually see things like final cut and logic on apple’s tablets, and the facts seemed to align with that. We have the new apple m1 chip powering the ipad pro 2021 and it comes with either 8 ili 16 svirke ovna. This is literally desktop […]

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i: Laptop atau Tablet sih?

First kenalin ini, adalah, Lenovo, Yoga, duet, Seven Kenapa bilangnya tablet, yang bisa, jadi, komputer dan bukan, komputer yang bisa di tablet, Ya, Karena (1998, ini, menurut, gue, memang (1998.), lebih, diarahkan, gigi, tableta, gue jelasin, Alasannya, kenapa, berikut, ini, pertama, ukuran, dan desain, secara, ukuran, ini, luar, biasa, tipis, Kalau, Dibilang untuk komputer beratnya 08 kilo, […]

Mousepad RoundupPureTrak Talent / Zowie GSR-SE / Eve Cordura / Aqua Control Plus

Do a mouse pad round up video on a few new mouse pads that i received, i did get the eve mouse pad the zoe gsrsc the pure track special edition in the phoenix colorway and the aqua control plus in the fly colorway. I want to talk about which pad i prefer and tell […]

MinisForum U850 Comprehensive Review (DIY-Friendly Mini Computer)

This is the box minis forum desk, mini right here, minis forum bracket, the actual computer cables charger and the back side right here, desk mini series and the website and their support. And here we go here. We have already the first divider piece of foam and the first thing is the manual so […]


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